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  1. leonaves

    Queue watch

    define steward action?
  2. Okay should be all fixed.
  3. Ugh you're right, it breaks once it gets to the stages that have two tables of line-ups. Will fix.
  4. Full clashfinder: https://clashfinder.com/s/glastonbury2022scraped/ I just wrote a script to pull it all in from the site, so it has every stage and there won't be any mistakes. Whoever is doing the other one by hand is tasking ages doing all the little stages.
  5. literally just been staring trying to figure it out for the last 20 minutes
  6. Work starting on removing the crane base?
  7. Why do you think the people who run The Common are a large enough group that they have a dedicated social media person? I work in a 50 person company and we don't have one.
  8. Bear in mind this will only start working once you have the URL you want (either wednesday or thursday)
  9. It will stop, try testing it on a page even with fixed text, it'll refresh once and immediately stop. I'm not confident this is true (it might be but I'm not 100%, I have a feeling you might only be safe once you have gotten to the page with the timer, after the registration form)
  10. Also, any registrations they tried to purchase tickets for in the same order will be locked out for 10 minutes! Very important. You can screw other people by getting your own ticket and not telling everyone who is trying for you.
  11. Hard refresh clears your cache but not your cookies. You can manually clear your cookies by opening dev tools in chrome, going to the application tab and clicking this button: But the goal isn't to have new session every refresh, it's that you want multiple concurrent sessions, to spread your attempts across multiple backends. Hence the advice of multiple browsers, chrome profiles, using incognito and non-incognito.
  12. non-incognito/incognito makes no difference if you're only doing one window, but if you are going multi-window, have one incognito and one not, as they become different sessions so might hit different servers.
  13. The automatic refresh is 20 seconds I think.
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