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  1. Interesting tidbit from the FAQ: Seems a bit daft to expect people to leave from the same coach departure point nearly 3 years from when they booked it. No-one's going to be cancelling their ticket over it obviously, they'll just drive out of their way to get to their original departure point. Kind of goes against the whole spirit of the coaches in the first place, if people end up using more petrol to get to their coach departure point than they would have used getting themselves to Glastonbury.
  2. source is this tweet i believe: so still the govt
  3. I imagine they mostly go off "how big a crowd has act x" historically drawn, and then you look at how packed the Other Stage field was a Glasto in 2017, and the big crowd on the Pyramid for him last year and there's no real argument for not having him headline except irrelevant or anecdotal arguments—Liam would draw (and has drawn at other festivals) a headliner sized crowd, therefore he's big enough to be booked as a headliner, it's not much more complicated than that.
  4. Is there anyone here who didn't get tickets this year who thinks they should start from scratch this year? Interested as it seems those people should be biased the other way, but most posters here without tickets seem firmly in the "roll over" camp.
  5. Quick note to think carefully when coming to post things like "yes it's sad but it's just a festival" and "we will all have bigger things to worry about soon". Yes, for myself and for most people here, while it's gutting, there are people going to be going through a lot worse. But for some with anxiety and other issues, something like this can be a big blow to mental health, which is obviously closely linked to personal wellbeing, so let's not forget you never know the personal circumstances of the person behind the screen, and there is no need to belittle anyone's emotions. We're all on this forum because we love this festival so let's keep it positive.
  6. Good point! But easily solvable if they do choose to roll tickets—increase free age to 12 for next year only.
  7. May very well have been out of their hands if enough artists start pulling out. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd already lost taylor and kendrick.
  8. Great points on both sides of the argument IMO, personally I’ve come to the conclusion I wouldn’t be surprised with either decision, can anybody else say having read the whole thread they would be shocked either way?
  9. I think he means verify that Newsnight said that. He saw the tweet of someone talking about it.
  10. They were referencing tonight's Newsnight, the exact quote was: "This might not be for a short period, we could see big public events like Wimbledon, Glastonbury, Royal Ascot, The Grand National all postponed—life starting to look very different indeed"
  11. Would you like us to talk about something else in the "Will Coronavirus lead to the cancellation of Glastonbury?" thread?
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