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  1. Would do something like this: Friday: Happy Mondays > Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs > Yard Act > Crowded House > Editors > Blossoms > Wet Leg > Wolf Alice > Foals Saturday if Arcade Fire: Nilufer Yanya > Porridge Radio > Dry Cleaning > Arcade Fire > Squid > Noel > Macca Saturday if no Arcade Fire: Nilufer Yanya > Olivia Rodrigo > Black Midi > Squid > Noel > Macca Sunday: Yves Tumor and its band > Rina Sawayama > Diana Ross > Holly Humberstone > Sam Fender > Bicep I'd be tempted to swap Diana Ross with Turnstile and The 1975. I'd make the choice nearer the time. If it was Arcade Fire on Saturday, that would be one of the best line-up days in the history of the festival for me. Whether I bother to catch the end of sets e.g. Wolf Alice, will heavily depend on how hungry I am, how hot it is, how thirsty I am, and if I need to sit down and chill for a bit. It's great having a plan, and I'm usually a big planner when it comes to festival clash finders, but you have to be able to adapt to how your feeling on the day and the conditions you're in. Although saying that, if Arcade Fire are playing, I'm not missing them for the world.
  2. Who are they predicting the Special Guests to be on Saturday and Sunday? Depending on who they are, it would definitely influence who I'd see that weekend.
  3. I think this pretty much confirms it's coming out on the 24th.
  4. Miyn

    2023 Headliners

    Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift An all time best trio. Swap Taylor with Blur if she's not touring, she can videocall in halfway through their set and announce that she's playing 2024 instead.
  5. When does the winner get announced, and are they usually on the John Peel?
  6. I'm seeing English Teacher tommorow afternoon in Sheffield, and they're playing here tonight. It must be quite a tight turnaround. I think they're great and hope to see them on the farm as well.
  7. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    Just seen that someone flew in from Poland to come to this show, except they didn't have a ticket. That's some level of commitment. They managed to get in.
  8. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    I saw they've been selling The Lightning at the recent shows. It looks pretty limited, as I think they're just selling them in person, haven't seen them anywhere else. It's a picture disc and looks really great, and the cover is hand stamped with the WE logo. If anyone going is going tonight, and is buying merch and could pick one up for me, if they're selling them, I'd be very grateful and I'd obviously pay the price of the vinyl and however much it costs to deliver + some more for buying it for me. If they're selling vinyl, I presume it'll just be The Lightning, but if they're selling Lookout Kid I'd be interested in that as well. Thanks.
  9. As long as it doesn't clash with the two bands on William's Green, Thursday is fine.
  10. Updated the clashfinder: https://clashfinder.com/m/latitude2022/ If you click on the A-Z of artists on the line-up page, and then click on the artist, you can see which day they're playing. Only on the music names though, it doesn't say for Comedy or anything else. So I've added the Alcove. I have no idea on the placements, but I based it off monthly Spotify listeners, which isn't a great metric but is probably better than alphabetical. I saw this on Twitter, so I've put them as headlining the Alcove on the Saturday. It does seem really odd though, they've only got 761 monthly listeners, while someone else on that day (Briston Maroney) has 2,571,894 listeners. Sometimes the placings on that stage are a little random, but this seems crazy to me. I don't feel like they're going to be this year's Wet Leg (that's going to be Courting), so the tent might be a bit empty for them. I think this announcement is great, some fantastic names and 'caroline' is a great surprise. The eFests Latitude experience definitely goes something like this: Announcement 1: "This line-up is crap, Obelisk headliners are boring and the main stage is really weak." Announcement 2: "It's still not great, but some more decent names, looking better than the first announcement." Announcement 3: "There's actually some great stuff on there if you look below the top few lines, the line-up is coming together." Last Announcement: "Line-up is overall actually really great, and I can fill a whole weekend of music and comedy that I'll enjoy." I'm guilty of falling for it, even though it happens pretty much every year on here. But this announcement feels like a reward for waiting it out, and trusting that they'll book some great names. Obviously, I'm very happy with it, and glad I've got tickets.
  11. Well, well, well. It's been a while since anyone posted here, but we've got some new names. They sent out an email but they haven't tweeted about it yet. Alcove actually looks pretty class this year, I imagine I'll be in there a lot of the weekend, so you'll know where to find me. Intrigued that one of my favourite bands at the moment, 'caroline', are down to play the Theatre Arena. I wonder how that will work, I don't think I went in there last year. They've sometimes played sort of in the round, where they play in the middle of the crowd with everyone standing around them. I'm guessing it might be something like that. I'll try and post an image later, I'm on mobile right now. Here's the lineup page so you can see for yourself: https://www.latitudefestival.com/line-up/ They've posted just the new names on twitter, but you'll have to go to the website for the updated poster at the moment.
  12. Very interested in this, some great bands added. Interested in a lot on here, and Black Midi alone pretty much justifies the ticket price for me. I'll probably buy a ticket.
  13. Looks good, I'd go something like this: Friday: Wet Leg > Crowded House > Olivia Rodrigo > Black Midi > Confidence Man > Arlo Parks > Phoebe Bridgers Saturday: Sampa the Great > Squid > JARV IS > Arcade Fire > Noel Gallagher > Macca Sunday: Rina Sawayama > Yves Tumor > Diana Ross > Sam Fender > Lorde > Bicep If Arcade Fire play something like 4th on Park I'd be tempted to camp there from the start. A little off-topic, but does anyone know how the stage openings work? If I recall correctly, they tape off entrance the stages at the end of each night, and then take it down in the morning. Do they do this at a set-time, or is it fairly random but just some time before the first act comes on? Thanks.
  14. Was there an image or anything? I'd love to know more, I'm desperate to see them this year. If anyone knows if they're playing Manchester please let me know and what venue if so.
  15. Miyn

    Radiohead 2022?

    It's available to preorder. Digital release 13 May, June 17 for the physical. https://store-uk.thesmiletheband.com/ There's just the yellow vinyl on here. https://xlrecordings.com/buy/thesmile-alightforattractingattention Both yellow and black vinyl on here. I'm not sure why the regular vinyl isn't on the official site. XL recordings also mentions that you get a postcard with the record but no mention of it on The Smile store.
  16. Hope we get more than just London, surely they won't come over for just one gig? Let's get them at The Ritz in Manchester.
  17. She's probably the act I'm most looking forward to seeing at Latitude this year. Punisher was my AOTY in 2020, and her setlist is pretty heavy on that album, so seeing it live will be awesome. Excited to hear what she puts out next as it's approaching two years since that album. If she releases something of that quality again I think she could become huge, she's already sold out all of her UK shows with demand for a lot more.
  18. Just to clarify, I'm not moaning about Hip Hop artists playing Glastonbury. A lot of it isn't to my tastes, but I still think they should continue to book what's new and popular, as they've been doing it for years and although it isn't my musical preference right now, it has been in the past and might be in the future. If DC and MTS are popular, they shouldn't be denied a booking, I don't think they should be banned from playing. The reason why I mentioned those two, is because they're playing high main stage slots at both Coachella and Glastonbury, and were available to watch on the livestream. I'm not aware of anyone else that fits that bill this year that has controversial lyrics on the same level, but if there was, I wouldn't be a fan of them either. My opinion on lyrics doesn't change based on gender, race, or genre of music.
  19. Watched a couple of sets, hope they're made accessible somewhere at some point as I missed a couple and would like to go back and watch a few. Arcade Fire looked fantastic. They always look like they're having the best time on stage and at Coachella it was no different. No boring parts of the set and the new songs are sounding great, you could tell how much it meant for them to be playing gigs and festivals again, especially for Win. I could really feel it when they restarted Lookout Kid when he got emotional and said "I don't know about you but it's been a hard couple of fucking years." Although you don't get much energy from the Coachella livestreams, that moment definitely came through. I really hope they play Glastonbury now, they're probably the band I most want to see live. If they're playing a secret set somewhere, I'd be tempted to camp out by that stage for a while to get a good spot. Billie Eilish looked a little flat to me. The show looked good, but when you've got one of the biggest budgets of the year to put on a headline show it's hard for it to look bad. She seems more focused on jumping around and conveying energy rather than making the songs sound as good as possible. She was definitely miming a lot of it, or at least singing very quietly. It can't just be put down to audio issues, as when she talked mid song the vocals were at a decent level and without any effect on. While during the songs a lot of the time, you could mostly hear the backing track with compression on the vocals. I won't be seeing her at Glastonbury, but I'm glad I watched the set and saw her at 2019 as I know it's not for me now. I watched a bit of Doja Cat and MTS which I know are two controversial artists on here. My verdict is that I can't stand them. I think their music is terrible and really isn't my thing. I think the lyrics are horrendous, although others think they're a great display of female empowerment etc. Debates about it are pretty common on here, but without wanting to start another one, I do think it's kind of ingenuine when someone posts contrasting lyrics, e.g. The Beatles - Run For Your Life or Led Zeppelin - The Lemon Song. They aren't the best Beatles or Zeppelin lyrics, and I'm not a fan of them either, but they really aren't on the same level as DC or MTS's lyricism. It doesn't annoy me when people are fans of that kind of music, as everyone's got different tastes, but the thing that annoys me is that it gets shown to people that are too young to be exposed to it. I'm not on TikTok, but I've heard that a couple of their songs are pretty big on there, as well as Spotify. My sister, who's 14, knows the lyrics to some of their songs and probably heard some of them in 2020. That's the thing that creeps me out and makes me dislike the songs the most. If someone messaged your daughter the lyrical contents of a similar song to WAP, but with the genders switched, you'd be pretty fucking pissed, and you probably wouldn't take "they're lyrics to a new song I'm writing" as an excuse. You'd want some kind of repercussion for whoever sent it. But when it's written by someone fairly well-known and on a social media app, people don't care as much. I'm obviously not a fan, and I'll stay well clear of it at Glastonbury this year. I managed to watch a bit of Phoebe Bridgers, but could only watch the second half of it as the livestream wouldn't let me go back any further. From what I saw she was great, fantastic voice and presence on stage as well as a solid backing band. I Know The End was amazing, the visuals complemented the music completely, but I'm not sure if that's something she's bringing on tour or if she'll be able to bring it to Glastonbury. I've got tickets to Latitude as well, where she's headlining the tent one night, so if she doesn't headline Park on the Friday, I should hopefully be able to get something similar at Latitude. I liked how the book slowly set on fire for the last song until it was completely on fire by the end of the song. It looked like a real moment. Only complaint is that she didn't play one of my favourites, Saviour Complex. If anyone has the full Phoebe performance available, please let me know. Wouldn't mind watching a couple other acts sets if they become available at some point as well. I'd give Harry Styles set a watch, as fans seem to rate it but I've never really listened to his music.
  20. Coachella is an interesting one for me, almost always has a great line-up but the crowd it attracts isn't the best it seems, as well as the whole process of attending sounding like a pain in the ass and the wallet. If I lived in California, I'd definitely be tempted to go though. If I was attending, my weekend would look something like this: Friday: Arooj Aftab > The Regrettes > The Chats > CRJ > Arcade Fire > IDLES > Phoebe Bridgers > King Gizzard Saturday: Yard Act > Nilufer Yanya > Holly Humberstone > Arlo Parks > Inner Wave > Black Midi > Hot Chip > Billie Eilish Sunday: Olivia O'Brien > Beabadoobee > Viagra Boys > Maggie Rogers > Dave > Jamie xx > SHM x The Weeknd I'd pay great money for that Friday, strongest day by a decent margin, Sunday definitely the weakest for me. Been on a bit of a Coachella rabbit hole recently, I enjoy reading about it. I'm intrigued by the stages. Some of them e.g. a lot of the tents, look really different to what we have in the UK, they look more like a shelter than a tent in a way. I'd be interested to know why they've done that, and why we don't have them like that over here. A lot of people seem to give the attendees a pretty bad reputation, but with the line-up having some great names on, surely there's quite a few big music fans there?
  21. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    I interpreted 4th down JP as an idea of placement for a secret (or special as they've actually been announced for Coachella) set, 4th down announced normally would be crazy even by Matt's standards.
  22. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    I'm convinced that Arcade Fire have one of the best greatest hits set of all time. It would feel odd to drop The Suburbs and Ready To Start, but other than Generation A there's no songs that I'd consider droppable of that setlist. If you add in them wanting to promote their new record it's going to be even more chaotic. They really need more than an hour, they've got way too many great songs to fit in.
  23. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    I think they'd be unlikely to play Latitude as their booking strategy seems to have changed in the past few years. In 2017 and 2018 they spent a lot of the budget on one headliner, and got two cheaper ones. They booked Mumfords in '17 and The Killers in '18 which is a pretty decent get, which they seemed to agree with, as they billed them higher than any act on the bill. But in the past few years they've seemed to spread the money out over all three. They're targeting acts that are around the Pyramid sub or Other headline level, e.g. George Ezra, Lana Del Rey, Liam Gallagher, Chemical Brothers, Foals etc. So I think they'd be out of their budget or too big to play. I'd love to see it as I think Latitude is great in many ways, but I don't see it happening. They'd be fantastic as a secret set this year.
  24. Miyn

    Arcade Fire

    It'll be interesting to see what songs they play / drop for a one hour set? Anyone want to so a quick prediction of what an Arcade Fire secret set might look like? It'd be amazing to see them play Glastonbury, they'd be my highest must see of the whole weekend.
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