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  1. You are agreeing with me.....I think.
  2. Yes, but SARS had a higher fatality ratio. This is exactly what I meant - nCov19 is far more contagious and more people are becoming infected - numbers are far higher so numbers of fatalities are higher, but ratio is lower compared to SARS.
  3. Correct. There are certainly contingency plans in place at local and national level for restrictions on public gatherings in the event of a pandemic. Large festivals (any festivals) would certainly be covered by this. No-one can argue against the sense in that. SARS from 2002 on was the last time we came close to those being implemented in the UK (and it was closer than a lot think). This is different in respect of contagion, although somewhat less dangerous than SARS. The key is timelines of pandemic management - could take up to a year to get on top of this with the peak possibly coming around May time. Certainly a possibility and not to be dismissed out of hand. Not trying to troll, scare or cause problems but some seem to believe this is impossible, but it is needs to be taken into account. Yup, and masks are pointless.
  4. I watched them at TITP in 2016.....me and about 100 other old buggers. Loved it . Different demographic probably but they certainly were not a draw then and there.
  5. They don't make or sell that exact type any more. There is a new version of the Air Seconds 4 with some slight differences which is still about £200 if you were expecting £120..... ;(
  6. Just listened to that and got totally absorbed into it. Cracking tunes.
  7. Click on the shortcut arrow for link to pics and post. Had mine for a few years now and is a lifesaver. F&B in the tent, sleep like a baby and the Gear Store is great for storage and also sitting under cover when it is hoying it down. Really light and easy to pack and takes no space at all. In the pics in the post referred to mine is set well back on the tent as we were a bit short of space in the crew campsite but it will easily double your footprint should you need it.
  8. Not strictly new but Beverly Glenn-Copeland's album Primal Prayer was reissued in July 2019. Never even heard of her until she was on 6 Music the other day. Looked up this album and it has blown me away. Not quite sure how to categorise it but it starts with this and ends with this :
  9. A mere 110 years? How do they get away with that BS claim? Plenty round by me started in the 1860s and 1870s.
  10. Someone mentioned holograms before. How about the ABBA hologram show as per this: https://www.universalmusic.com/pop-superstars-abba-teaming-up-with-simon-fuller-and-universal-music-group-to-launch-new-digital-experience/ plus there is some weird youtube algorithm thing suddenly going on where this video is being pushed front and centre five years after apparently being released (check the comments). Pop - yes Left field - yes Not done before - yes Universal Music link - yes Will it be on tour - possibly: https://www.eatmytickets.com/en/abba-world-tour-in-2019-or-2020-how-to-book-tickets-online
  11. just saw Ezra Furman again last night at Deershed. Phenomenal. However, twice in two years may be enough. One name not touted is Steve Mason......electric performer, strong catalogue of tunes and a great pedigree.. He was brilliant last night.
  12. Copperface

    The Cure

    Just didn't get it, I am of that era, but just did not click. Swayed along but was always thinking what else could I be doing. Lot more rocky than I anticipated but was just not memorable or iconic for me. Sorry!
  13. I met Joff Oddie, guitarist from Wolf Alice, getting off the Castle Cary coach with his pop up tent and sleeping bag. He asked the way to the hospitality portacabin for the wristband but was just just apparently camping normally. Had a quick chat - really nice unassuming bloke.
  14. Copperface

    Photos please

    Not the Festival itself but friend who I attended with flew over the site yesterday. Took these. (all copyright to him......DM looking at you) That is his foot. Sod that.
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