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  1. Darn. Pleased, but already bought a ticket for them in October....
  2. Not long now. I think I'm still recovering from Latitude.....definitely not festy-fit.
  3. Loved Beavertown being there, but got mightily fed up with the bar to the right of the Garden which was always taking about 20 minutes to get a beer, always seemed to be running out or have technical problems, pumps breaking down and the like. Hope they get a decent replacement.
  4. Will The Festival Feel Different/Smaller/Less Than A Normal EOTR? We’re doing absolutely everything we can to make the festival as normal as possible once you’re inside. Of course, there will be small differences – you might be missing your favourite caterer or tipple – but we’ve worked hard to bring as many people as possible back with us for 2021. The magic will be there ten fold after such a long break, don’t worry! https://endoftheroadfestival.com/information/covid/
  5. Vanishing Twin have this time slot on their website: (not sure if generic or specific) Friday, September 3, 2021 9:30 PM 10:30 PM
  6. No, it'll be fine. I've used mine for several years. I've never felt cold at EotR compared to other festivals although it is on high ground and if you get a clear night it can get a bit nippy. But as someone who once went to Lindisfarne festival on the same weekend, where the wind came in direct off the North Sea, then maybe I'm not best placed to comment.
  7. Mainly 2020 stuff but obviously Hen Ogledd as well who are at EotR. He's also been doing this : https://bulbils.bandcamp.com/ All good stuff.
  8. Blame laid at the door of this: https://www.nme.com/news/music/londons-metrofest-dubbed-new-fyre-festival-following-shambolic-inaugural-event-3015635
  9. The point I was making is that the ERP events like Latitude went ahead with special dispensation while many others were forced to cancel. What's the point of that if there is no genuine scientific benefit?
  10. New Low Roar album Maybe Tomorrow.... released today which had totally passed me by. Enjoying it so far. Love the TORRES one as well.
  11. That figure only comprises residents of Suffolk who have reported or been linked to being at the festival. Obviously that doesn't include any potential cases in people from other areas of the UK. The ERP really is a waste of time and they are simply paying lip service to it. Which will really piss off other festivals that have had to cancel. I think the volunteer on the gate glanced at my screenshot of the covid QR but there was no close examination nor any cross referencing with the name on the ticket. Nor has there been any followup resuesting a test to be taken and results reported which sort of negates any pretence at a scientific assessment.
  12. This must only be a small snapshot of those who have actually bothered to report it as well. There has been little to no follow up of the ERP requirements other than if you've got it, please report it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-58025078 Up to 20 people in Suffolk have tested positive for Covid-19 after attending the Latitude Festival, the county's director of public health said.
  13. i'm just waiting for a Mothership from the Pieminister. That sorts out any level of hangover or low blood sugar.
  14. The email that came out out on Tuesday and tickets being sent out Friday has boosted my optimism.
  15. As a self confessed Plastic Mermaids nutter I've been following her in parallel with PM. Rhain (Rhian), Flo and Hester were and are the main collaborators with PM and form the backbone of the choir/backing singers that accompany PM on tour and live. Rhain normally sings the 'Saturn' intro live as well as other bits. She has a proper powerful operatic voice, diametrically opposed to what you get with Wet Leg. Think they had a song called 'Girlfriend' out last year which got wiped from everywhere (no idea why). So not actually in Plastic Mermaids but all from the IoW and work closely with them.
  16. Copperface

    Wolf Alice

  17. Had a bloody great time (apart from the 7.5 hour drive back home). Main things for me were - they screwed up large on the general camping allocation of space. I arrived early and found space but others arriving later on the Thursday and on Friday were really struggling to find somewhere to pitch up.They ended up pitched in walkways, by the edge of paths and basically anywhere that was not a firebreak. Conversely, family camping, family campervans and general campervans were wallowing in acres of space (embarrassingly so in comparison to general camping). Pink Moon etc ......many of those tents were literally pitched by the clangers, under the lights and near the generators .......I would have complained should I have been in there and paid that. Water- Green camping especially, the water pressure was crap - took me 30 minutes to fill an average sized water container. It was just a dribble. Clangers were normally cleanish and usable. Naturally there were going to be pullouts of acts and they did a good job of covering those. We expected that, but there were several holes in the schedule. Sunday night Bastille vs a Covid depleted Sons of Kemet meant an early night. Plaudits to: Wolf Alice, confident, assured and developed in six short years into nailed on headliners. Anna Meredith - mesmerising. Vlure - cracking set. Bombay Bicycle Club = not really familiar with them, but absolutely slotted it. Chemical Brothers - Party. Just Mustard. Loud and moody. Supergrass/Kaiser Chiefs - did what they do well and captured the joyous spirit of people being in a field again. Damon Albarn - Form is temporary, class is permament - what a setting! The Staves - seemingly missing one Stave but making no reference to it but putting in a slick performance anyway. The weather. Hot, sweaty and humid but we dodged a bullet with those thunderstorms. I can forgive the rest. Just great to be back. Roll on EoTR.
  18. Hah, about 360 miles the other way and on way to Latitude tomorrow! Kind offer though, hope someone takes it up.
  19. Yep, that looks more likely ......staying out of the way so as not to put her Latitude appearance in jeopardy or risk any pings.
  20. Blimey. They played last time I went, afternoon slot on the Obelisk. having said that, his profile is a lot higher now.
  21. The US raising the threat level from the UK to Level 4 and recommending avoiding travel to the UK won't help with US bands coming over: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/covid-4/coronavirus-united-kingdom
  22. Thaat's my exact solution. WA at Latitude and Hot Chip at EoTR (hopefully).
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