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  1. One of my favourite one album wonders is Stargazing for Beginners by Pale Seas. This song, good though it is seems to be not unrelated to the second one by Gustavo Cerati - Av. Alcorta, which in itself is a cracking tune. Blatant rip off...or a fluke/coincidence?
  2. Different requirements for different countries. EU countries, USA, Canada and Australia for example, who probably supply 98% of the acts appearing have no visa requirement. Niger, however, does - that is where it has gone wrong given the horrendous backlogs. https://www.worldtravelguide.net/guides/europe/united-kingdom/passport-visa/#:~:text=Nationals of countries%2Fterritories who do not need a visa,%2C Kiribati%2C Macau%2C Malaysia%2C
  3. Reports that the Sunak camp appear to have done enough vote allocation to ensure Mordaunt is kept out of the final two, and confirm that he'll be facing off againat pork market Liz. Great news for the opposition.
  4. Had never heard of them before - saw your post and went and had a quick shufty at their album Monsters...... Love that shit even though only three songs in and now have it blasting out. Shades of the Gizz crossed with Osees. Be great if they were there as need a bit more in this vein.
  5. the Boat having live music on Yeah. Used to the odd impromptu performance but is it now classed as a fully fledged stage? Bit shit if it is.
  6. He's squarely behind Truss...unsurprisingly.
  7. Freeports won't happen. If they were such a fantastic thing we wouldn't have given up the ones we used to have. They only get mentioned as one of the fantasy benefits because there are no actual benefits.
  8. All sorts of (subsequently substantiated - see Pincher) stuff in here from about six or seven years ago.
  9. She was shagging Kwasi Kwarteng. who was also involved with Amber Rudd. Not weird relationships at all.
  10. It's a fucking freak show isn't it? Just waiting for the bearded lady (non trans) and the midget clown.
  11. She was born in Wimbledon, so maybe your point is a bit self defeating.
  12. Getting very Trumpian vibes. Bear in mind Wyatt is BloJos ex so might have some insight. Might explain why Andrea Jenkyns was shouting 'He who laughs last, laughs longest' while flipping the crowd the bird the other day.
  13. I'm still sticking with my February assessment of the neo-Atlanticist Penny Mordaunt.
  14. Can we move on to moaning about the next prick that assumes office now?
  15. BREAKINGJohnson to resign today Boris Johnson will resign as prime minister today, the BBC has been told. `
  16. He mentioned John, he mentioned George, he went on about Duff (?) and some others that confused me, he even mentioned Jimi Hendrix giving a vibrator some welly (O.O) but unless I missed it, did he ever mention Ringo by name? If not, why not - does he have a beef with him? Or did he mention him?
  17. Think you misunderstood this one.......
  18. Think they might be organising the blue rinses and red faced barrel chested football lads to march on the HoC and forcibly resist what they perceive as a 'meeja' coup and a stolen mandate. Want to see some #BackBoris loon/bot wearing goat horns and carrying a didgeridoo trying to break into Portcullis House.
  19. She's brought the cyanide tabs, and is busy piling the sandbags outside the inner office. Proper Downfall vibes emanating from SW1.
  20. Ironic that sexting Tory MP Stephen Crabb is questioning sexual predator supporter Boris Johnson. https://metro.co.uk/2017/10/29/tory-mp-stephen-crabb-forced-to-apologise-for-sexting-19-year-old-7035587/
  21. Getting skewered on the Lebedev association, but didn't get an admission about the unescorted Perugia trip to the bungabunga party.
  22. Gove leading a delegation to go and gently speak to Johnson. Quietly wielding the stiletto.
  23. Mordaunt's position during PMQs is telling. As far away from the front benches as possible is symbolic and that area of the benches has long been associated with MPs distancing themselves from the Government. Conversely she has not resigned as a minister of state and still a part of this cabal so she is clearly keeping her head down ready to emerge when she judges the time is right. Had considered her some time ago and still think that the base love her but are some of the anti woke lot are put off by her views on trans issues.
  24. The Tithe Stage has a nice local connection to the Tithe Barn which ME has a great interest in and is literally a couple of hundred metres from the current JP location.
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