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  1. FL Normally do the coach station and car park/campervan passes.
  2. Just had a request from the local charity I normally volunteer for for people to help out on the 18th, shifts running between 0800 and 0400 the next day.
  3. Seems to be a lot of mathematicians/statisticians who are, quite rightly, applying mathematical theories and absolutes, even taking into account confidence intervals, but not accounting for the fact that viruses and nature can unexpectedly do weird and unforeseen things that can render any model useless.
  4. From a mate in Dublin. VID-20210612-WA0000.mp4
  5. I've seen this on here a few times: 'One thing that is often claimed, but attracts scientific scorn, is that the virus must get milder in order to spread more easily'. BBC News - Covid: Is there a limit to how much worse variants can get? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57431420
  6. Had a quick look. What lunatic fringe ....Gillian McKeith, Carol Decker and Suzanne Evans among them.
  7. No it won't. Because the vast majority of the population, and Tory voters especially, don't give a fig about festivals, and if figures are going the wrong way, the optics are shit. Pretty easy sell. Plus, the ERP goes on beyond Download.
  8. Still. I have a day at the Cider Bus tomorrow and it's going to be 24c here🍺 Not feeling particularly locked down here in the Levels.
  9. It's a serious worldwide pandemic the likes of which we've not seen for a century. And people are quibbling about a few weeks when we have the good fortune to be in one of the better positions of any country on the planet. Lost all sense of perspective and context.
  10. It's not like there's been a consistent lack of clarity and transparency which feeds false hopes and baseless speculation.
  11. There's a lot of people who were in the tranche that that had their initial dose in March and will be due to receive their second towards the end of this month who, for whatever reason, have not brought their second dose forward by between 4-6 weeks when the interval was reduced. Would not not call those peeps antivaxxers.
  12. Was always going to be when about 80% had been fully vaxxed and was always going to be late summer into early autumn even without any expected variants. Not sure why the loons are still wibbling on, getting more and more hysterical. Chill out. It'll happen. Have some patience.
  13. The target is for all adults to have been offered one dose, not two, by end July. That's unchanged afaik.
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