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  1. While you might have valid concerns, using Freemen of the Land 'I do not consent' fuckwits as a serious example of erosion of rights really starts to undermine credibility.
  2. If you are up for it any live music/festival will be brilliant after this past year and a bit. Baxter Dury, Beak> and Snapped Ankles as initial acts is brilliant for £100 ish.
  3. Not sure. Think Deershed is about 15K so not tiny, although about half the attendees are kids.
  4. Oliver Jones, who runs Deershed in N Yorks, just been interviewed on 5 Live. Said that he was surprised by the roadmap and the rapid unlocking and they were going ahead with planning for the festival. Much like all the others. One thing he did mention was that if the government stipulated a capacity limit then they would be able to cope with that given their numbers and layout. Surely any type of capacity limiting would cause a problem if imposed for festivals, especially given that most are now selling out. No idea at all if that is likely.
  5. Yep, Flyying Colours looks good, but can't get past Carpool Tunnels band name........ And without stumbling into the realms of heresy, I love the Gizz, but actually starting to get Gizzard overload with the volume of stuff they are shoving out on a regular basis.
  6. Not much that isn't known already, but shows that it's not all plain sailing yet. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-uk-festivals-could-face-widespread-cancellation-without-more-support-says-industry-representative-12226672
  7. They need to delay that Solstice gig as well. What's stopping them shoving it back a month or so?
  8. Doesn't have to be debated and it's a simple House majority to annul it so even if the provisional CRG do vote against it their vote would be lost amongst the overall vote. And voting against a reduction in restrictions is cutting their nose off to spite their face so a bit pointless.
  9. Ha... yep. It's secondary legislation and he can make it non binding as well but doubt anyone is going to vote against reducing restrictions so it's a win/win for him.
  10. Deap Vally EP out as well with a few collabs on it: "features a series of guest appearances, including jennylee (aka Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg), Jamie Hince of The Kills, Peaches and more." https://www.nme.com/news/music/deap-vally-announce-new-digital-dream-ep-with-jennylee-collaboration-2858224
  11. This is on the way and could be adapted. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56165563
  12. I forgot about him. Yeah, him too.
  13. If, later in the year, Whitty doesn't get a peerage or other recognition for the stuff he has had to put up with, and the intense spotlight he has been under, when twonks like Ian Botham, Claire Fox and Jo Johnson have been shoved into the HoL for not a lot, then it would be a travesty.
  14. "We're travelling on a one-way road to freedom' - PM" Anyone remember the last freedom moped out of nowhere city?
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