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  1. Not forgetting Lykke Li.....EYEYE
  2. Cola - Deep in View as well. (formerly of The Oughts) Not quite sure about this one yet but might grow on me
  3. New Tourist album Inside Out out today as well
  4. Surprisingly it's not...allegedly. This one is equally as nutty though. The ultimate flag shagger (obvs other things as well).
  5. Deffo something weird in the water in Essex.
  6. I just googled 'dysfunctional family' and this came up. Seems to be pretty accurate: What are 3 characteristics of a dysfunctional family system? Power struggles, excessive criticism, conditional love, substance misuse, and excessive expectations are common characteristics of dysfunctional families.
  7. Absolute mayhem. I have no idea what is happening but it's an almighty meltdown on all sides.
  8. Nothing really overly brave like that - unarmed OSCE monitoring mission facilitation in between the two sides and very risk aware and averse- now all pulled out and looking unlikely to return. Just bemoaning the loss of the massive wedge they paid......
  9. Moldovan border with Ukr, rescuing previously mothballed and abandoned equipment when we were run out of town in Feb...:)
  10. I've been working away again, very near a conflict zone, and flew back in this morning so just catching up with my upcoming festival news and stumbled into what appears to be a binfire on the main Glasto forum. No idea what is going on but not much 'spirit of Glastonbury' going down there.....All looks very petty and unimportant drama compared to the suffering in evidence where I've just returned from. Unusually, in comparison this thread seems restrained and relatively civil, with few ad hominem attacks compared to over there. (Well, looks like the odd one or two still just slagging off individuals here but that's not new).
  11. Thanks for replies. Re that map, where's the entry point into the site from the car parks? Does everyone get funnelled through family and then into general camping, or are there separate entrances direct from the car park into Catton or Gibbs? Going to need two trips to car so just trying to reduce distances and lugging all my gear plus might leave some stuff in the car and just resupply as needed. PS a Lenor bottle does me for the 3am wee!! Cheers.
  12. Further to this anyone know what the parking/camping arrangements are that are shown in this video? Seem to be a lot of cars pitched up in a field with tents. Doesn't look like a van field, just a bunch of tents with various cars scattered about.
  13. Is there a current site map anywhere (specifically campsites in relation to car parks)? Can't seem to find one on the BT website. Plans changed and now camping with a mate who won't be bringing his van. looking for somewhere not too wild, quietish, nearish to car parks and loos etc. Any suggestions. Secondary to this is that if anyone is looking for campervan pass, we probably have one available at face.
  14. My particular obsession Plastic Mermaids confirming Friday afternoon on the Croissant Neuf. No specific time. Not sure what day Wet Leg and Lauren Hibberd are playing but could envisage an appearance on the qt if they're all around on the same day given their past very close ties.
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