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  1. And another odd combination which works: Nell Smith and the Flaming Lips singing Nick Cave covers - Album is Where the Viaduct Looms.
  2. This combination works. Dawson is a magician. Album is called Henki.
  3. I know, but English is the common language used both on and off track and in the paddock, and the majority of teams are UK based. Just looks sloppy for an official press release. And I love the sport.
  4. The pedant in me is inwardly fuming at the use of the word 'principle' in this context. International sport, massive coverage, huge budgets - get a damn spell checker.
  5. The bizarre thing with that story is that he was wearing a mask everywhere on the site with no problem, but made a careful point of removing it whenever there were cameras (still or broadcast) present. Was a carefully worked strategy. Not sure if that makes it worse.
  6. Just come back from there this week. EU is technically irrelevant in military matters, so more importantly, Poland, like the UK, is a full NATO member. There are about a thousand UK troops in the EFP in Poland and the Baltics. NATO members have a responsibility to collective defence, so any aggression against Poland by either BLR or Russia means other members are obligated to respond.
  7. Aside from any threat from Covid, what might the festival do if it looked like London Bridge was going down in the period leading up to late June? Been in the news recently and might present quite a dilemma.
  8. Re the last couple of days figures: Are they not always lower on a Sunday and Monday due to reporting lag and that's always been the case? Why is so much store being put by these?
  9. Flu deaths past five years, including the really bad year of 2017/8. Take out that year and the average is well under 10k per year. Source https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/895233/Surveillance_Influenza_and_other_respiratory_viruses_in_the_UK_2019_to_2020_FINAL.pdf#page=54
  10. Paton is another HART loon. I'm sure that there are lots of genuine points but sourcing uncited graphs and information from Dave off Twitter really undermines any arguments either way. He's clearly using selective cropped data to make one narrow point ignoring wider issues and context. Someone even posted Adam someone (@essexPR? ) the other day, a TOWIE pub landlord, dispensing Covid wisdom whoever will listen. Community radio presenters with a degree in philosophy, mathematicians, GBNews....etc.people need to give their head a wobble and not take every word these grifters say without sourcing and verifying the facts. Some of them have been found out out and deleted accounts but the same stuff still pops upon here. Use cited and verifiable information such as ONS and Gov.uk otherwise you're basically doing the Covid tango on the fringe. Some of these loon Twitter dumps underline why some people still need cooking instructions on tins of soup.
  11. If a complaint is made, it has to be investigated to determine whether there are any offences being committed and/or take advice from CPS. As far as I can see, there aren't and I'm quite sure that will will soon be made clear. However, it still has to be done formally. There might be local byelaws or club policies that it violates and if so, will be referred to those responsible. it's being looked at, not prosecuted. As an aside, as a local and one who was at SJP last week, the atmosphere around the toon is great. The general opinion on the furore around the Saudi involvement is that very few of the other PL clubs have any moral high ground in this, it's simply the way things are......owners with questionable track records are rife in the PL (even at Palace see Blitzer and Blackstone) and the only reason NUFC are being targetted is that several other clubs are now cacking themselves about the arrival of more competition. Water off a ducks back.
  12. How long has it been since I last heard of Pepe Deluxe? This new album Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 is great, although they do seem to go to the far end of a fart to get the "right" sound according to the story behind it.
  13. https://newsthump.com/2021/10/18/sixty-cyclists-who-pedal-powered-coldplay-gig-yesterday-were-just-trying-to-get-away/
  14. Nope, the Tories won't stand for it........oh well https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/mps-extend-covid-powers-march-25251887 Looks like 'sexy Saj' has the power now. Lots of prep and planning now going on for November.
  15. Not at all (Pulls pin, drops grenade and walks away watching heads exploding all around)
  16. Congrats to Chris Pagel and Devi Sridhar on being recognised by the medical community for their sterling efforts so far throughout this pandemic. Accolades well deserved.
  17. Interesting question for later on down the road, especially in relation to travel. Q: If someone chooses not to get a booster vaccine, will you say they are not fully vaccinated? And does that mean they would not count as fully vaccinated in any Covid status scheme. Van-Tam says there has been no discussion about boosters in terms of Covid certification.
  18. Ha! The thing with that and retweeting donkeys like Snowdon and his dodgy lobbying 'charity', is that the IEA has long been known to be part sponsored by BAT and Philip Morris among others, so you may not be far off the mark. It is slightly worrying that some of the featured tweets on here come from loons like Snowdon, Spivey-Green, even Tom Harwood, and some seem to take them as gospel without understanding any context of why they are promoted.
  19. Plastic Mermaids on the Garden please, new single dropped yesterday and new album should be around in New Year sometime.
  20. Yup. Spot on. I've already got a couple rolled over to next year and have just bought tix for EotR but I'm seriously thinking of binning Glastonbury as I just can't be arsed any more with lots of aspects of it. EotR is my idea of the perfect festival.
  21. That group (two couples) are there every year (and at Glastonbury). Almost fixtures now. Been going all the years that I have.
  22. Just got back home after a glorious weekend and a six hour drive , and went to get the Early Birds but all gone already.... Never normally been that quick before, has it?
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