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  1. PaPerCuts - Past Life Regression out yesterday. Some great tunes on there. Dream/jangle/indie pop worth a listen. Touring England late April.
  2. Vague guess that the date might be somewhat relevant.......
  3. If he does that I worry who the hell will he bring on for Back in the USSR?
  4. Sir Paul McCartney says he is yet to plan his Glastonbury Festival 2022 performance https://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2022-03-29/sir-paul-mccartney-says-he-is-yet-to-plan-his-glastonbury-performance He said: “If I was camping – I would have to have a toothbrush and toothpaste, and we’d have to have a lighter for the fire, a guitar for singing around the campfire, a decent supply of food and water, and finally wellies.”
  5. The best ever Freeman: https://www.thewestonmercury.co.uk/news/michael-eavis-freeman-glastonbury-8787686
  6. Yep. They were pretty bad last year but I cut them some slack given the logistical issues they were clearly facing in covid times. No excuse this year.
  7. I had the added bonus of going into the account to buy a car parking pass and realising that I'd forgotten that I'd already paid for one all those years ago.
  8. Placebo were fantastic in the tent at Latitude in 2019(?), really good sound and note perfect - looking forward to them, the Lips and Shame plus a load of others.
  9. Cheers. Will travel light and get him to bring all the important heavy stuff in his van then 👍. Found an old map and the van fields look diametrically opposed to general car parking which is a pain.
  10. Remarkably quiet here considering we're only two months away from this? Anyway. Firstly, if anyone is looking to go to Beardy from North East of the venue and struggling for transport I'm travelling down solo on the Thursday returning on the Monday coming down the M1 from way, way North. Would be able to deviate off and give a lift to anyone struggling to get there and back. Loads of room in a large car so no problems there. Did this for another efester last year to Latitude so I'm not going to murder you. Secondly I'm meeting a friend there who'll be in a campervan, and I intend to park my car up in the car park then wander over with my stuff and pitch my tent next to his van. Normally do this at EotR and other festivals. Is it permitted at Beardy? Also, how far is it from the car parks to the van fields? Not seen a current map layout yet. Thanks for any advice.
  11. Copperface


    This is the other photo she posted on that feed. The guy flying the paramotor is my mate who I'm going with as normal this year. He took the post festival aerial photos I posted a few years back. https://twitter.com/CNic321/status/1507034630150569995?s=20&t=unjLSwd0j5M-gZLBaQdbsA.
  12. My good news is that all our monitors were finally brought out and now safe in Moldova but sadly lost a a local member of staff in shelling in Kharkiv on Tuesday. Still can't believe we are where we are and bloody angry about it. Still several interpreters/drivers back with their families underneath all this. https://www.osce.org/chairmanship/513280 our
  13. Talking of which, whose idea was it to let Diane Abbott out on her own in public again? She is a car crash which happens every time. If I was being generous I would think she might be ill, but no-one is saying she is, and she just comes across as inarticulate, artificial, supremely slow of mind and an absolute gift to anyone looking to distract from Tory sleaze.(almost as good as Claudia Webbe's 'Berus' committee question. )
  14. Not long, but that's a whatabout, and they aren't in office/power. And I don't think such links would be as widespread, blatant and detrimental to the UK as the Russian links are and have been over the past several years.
  15. Yup. Absolutely no loss. The only downside for me is the potential loss of a team if it goes tits up.
  16. Bit of pivot there. Don 't remember IS and Terry giving donations to UK parliamentarians. It's not just party politics though - some of it is, but there's the whole national security aspect . If you want a 'whatabout' as well, then I think the same about Barry Gardiner and his receipt of Chinese donations - although apparently the story there is that SyS were informed from the beginning about those and likely that instructions given to maintain the relationship - hence no huge outcry and nothing really happening after Christine Lee was 'outed'.
  17. Great news. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2022/03/02/statement-from-roman-abramovich
  18. Only that that they had already invaded and occupied Ukraine in 2014. And not forgetting the Nemtsov shooting, Litvinenko and Skripal WMD attacks in Britain, the Navalny poisoning and jailing, cyber attacks throughout the world, assisting the Assad regime, election interference. Think they might have been a bit more cognisant of the repeated warnings that were circulating over the last ten years about the insidious infiltration of Russian influence and money. No excuses unfortunately.
  19. For pure crowd reaction and the band responding to that, this is up there:
  20. Daily Mail link so beware, but maybe try to access it via a cached page or something; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10565931/Sir-Paul-McCartney-loses-2m-gigs-including-Glastonbury-slot-cancelled-Covid.html#comments
  21. Nice. Russian drivers banned from competing in UK Mazepin's father Dmitry provides financial backing to Haas and is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Haas are expected to sever their links with Mazepin. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/60586914
  22. Wyss would certainly be a polar opposite to the current Putin apologist in charge. Chelski needs purging. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60585081
  23. FIA fudged it again: Motorsport's governing body the FIA is to allow Russian competitors to take part in international events despite the country's invasion of Ukraine. Russian and Belarusian drivers and officials could compete in a neutral capacity. https://www.bbc.com/sport/motorsport/60581292
  24. Looks more like a land grab from the east up to the Dnieper, splt the country in two, and take the southern coast up to Odesa. Ukraine fractured but long term occupation of more than the eastern oblasts seems improbable to me. They cant sustain that militarily, let alone in conjunction with sanctions. They've gone further than I thought they would but this is about to get really nasty now, with huge risk of escalation once images start coming in of what is taking place. No idea at all about how this'll be resolved. Got to start thinking right, sod it.....immediate admission of Finland and Sweden to NATO, massive reinforcement along every NATO state border, especially the Baltic states, total isolation of the Kaliningrad enclave, crush Russia economically and reputationally, isolate every aspect of Russian life where we can, keep the pressure on and don't let up. If Putin gets away with this he'll bide time then try the same tactics in the above areas. Putin only understands strength and looks to exploit weakness. For those who think this will escalate things, this doesn't get any more serious than where we are now.
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