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  1. I've been a few times but only really because a group of friends go, but even then I haven't been since around 2018 as it wasn't my favourite of places and it's a pig to get to for me (6/7 hours), but as you say, needs must. If Lekkido and Mik A were the headliners I'd still probably seize the opportunity to get out and see some music and sink a few ciders in the rain with some mates.
  2. With Miss Whiplash? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36031743
  3. They think it's all over - some people are on the pitch..... First Minister Mark Drakeford says a peak in hospital admissions and deaths in Wales is expected in August https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-57607679?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=60d5c26a7700c04e4db488f9%26Drakeford expects 'August peak in deaths' in Wales%262021-06-25T12%3A10%3A51.156Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:9bef0772-3b19-4b07-9261-3d7f659134ac&pinned_post_asset_id=60d5c26a7700c04e4db488f9&pinned_post_type=share
  4. John Whippingdale, minister at DCMS.
  5. True, but a double edged sword.
  6. LFT and proof of vaaccination I understand. What's proof of immunity?
  7. I think we need as much procreating as possible given projections that the populations of China, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Italy ,Thailand and South Korea will all be halved by 2100. Plus the number of under-fives will fall from 681 million in 2017 to 401 million in 2100 and the number of over 80-year-olds will soar from 141 million in 2017 to 866 million in 2100. Strange stuff. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-53409521
  8. Hancock seems to be a serial offender - he is amongst good company though. This is the Whips shitlist from four years ago:
  9. More electronica soundscapes from Robert Fripp out Friday. Not normally my thing but I like this:
  10. Looking forward to Dacus/Modest Mouse and Rose City Band especially, and also Phobophobes have a new one tomorrow as well called Modern Medecine. Loved Miniature World and this sounds canny as well:
  11. Copperface

    Wolf Alice

    Just dropped onto iPlayer: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p09l0c6y/glastonbury-wolf-alice-2021
  12. Fiona Stewart from Green Man and Andy Smith from KC on 5Live now. Being interviewed re festivals. Stewart saying it is crunch time now as they have payment dates imminent but that Wales might have SD rules in place for the rest of the year.
  13. Some quite accurate comments pointing out the Cabaret scene with that creepy OBON song
  14. Yet she doesn't say 'indefinitely'. You've invented that. Rufus Spivey Green, apprentice digital marketer and part time barman at the Lemon Tree in Framlingham, and part time community radio presenter in Ipswich - I'll take the experience and observations of a senior lecturer and researcher in viral immunology at the University of Birmingham most of the time. It's a tough one. You have to ask why the full article was not linked to, and only a truncated screenshot out of context shown. Here is the full article which puts it in far more context and adds nuance. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/22/viruses-wearing-mask-england-vaccines
  15. Yes, they did. No-one would ever have been able to go to work.....
  16. I've never had it installed. My wife and most of her colleagues at work deactivated and eventually removed it as it was slightly pointless having it on when they were going into a major hospital every day, and while they didn't have the phones on the wards, they were around the virus in various forms all day. Plus, they were getting tested at least twice a week. If they'd had it activated they never would have been at work, and I'd never have been able to leave the house.
  17. Ah, I see they've incorporated the no more than 30 outside thing into those marked out spaces. Clever way of doing it, even if slightly pushing the envelope of those rules....
  18. Sounds OK! Was that one of the ERP tests events?
  19. The only thing with the ERP events is that of course they are likely to be 'safe' when every person attending has tested negative. There aren't any pilots of festivals/events with uncontrolled entry as far as I know. With either vaccination or a negative test before it's a bit of a false bar to hit. Of course, if all events were subject to the same restrictions, it is a valid result.. I saw also that the post event test return rates for the Liverpool events were something like 25% and 43% respectively and that some other method was used to draw conclusions. I am quite sure that the risk will be low by the time they come around, but not that convinced about the current ERP and its relevance to a summer when a majority will have been vaccinated. Appears to me to be a bit of an industry/DCMS fudge.
  20. No problem. I'm meeting a group there but they're coming from London and Somerset so I'm travelling alone anyway. Not much of a diversion for me. Coming back up first thing on the Monday. Just let me know.👍
  21. Not sure how I got quoted in that but I'm sure there will be a massive Liam out front.
  22. Caved in and bought ticket. Might be the only festival I get to this year if it goes ahead. EoTR in the balance . If it gets binned though I've got a festival overload in 2022 with rolled over events.......
  23. Decided to chance it and bought ticket I'm driving down solo and will passing Leeds coming down the A1 (M) on my right if you need a lift on the Thursday morning. Plenty of room in a big car if you need it. No cost.
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