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  1. I walked through the Other Stage to The Park during Rag and Bone man and it was absolutely rammed. Getting in to see Corbyn was hard too.
  2. So easy for finding people. My bro's is fairly small and on a long pole though.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen anyone freak out before in over 20 years but did this year. Girl rolling around on the floor on the path as I left Avalanches.She was shouting gibberish. Not nice. Saw someone collapsed on the railway track too. At some stupid time in the morning.
  4. Ha! am out of upvotes sadly!
  5. First Menswear now this. The man has no shame.
  6. I think the stage is set for Gorillaz to step in with as last minute replacements and wow the Pyramid crowd with a set largely consisting of album tracks and 'special' guests half the crowd haven't heard of.
  7. Boring question, anyone know? Want to give it a blast before it goes in the coolbag for consumption tonight. FYI, it's been in the fridge all night and is largely San Miguel. I was thinking an hour or so.
  8. Have you thought of taking the balaclava off?
  9. If De La Soul pop up as a replacement, we may be able to nail those Gorillaz rumours. Or if Gorillaz do for that matter.
  10. Shame - but I'll watch cabbage and Thurston Moore instead (was a clash). Will JC still come? Or was his appearance predicated on his love of Run the Jewels?
  11. Typical BBC. I'm phoning my MP.
  12. Update from 6Music for you guys who can;t hear at the festival. Matt Everett is live from the site and he reports that there is light drizzle there right now.
  13. Lammo is on 6 now previewing his show tonight - 'Radiohead special' from 4pm. Playing an archive interview from 97 about OK Computer, and a pre-recorded current one. Said he tried to press them on what they will play tomorrow; sounded like he didn't get very far.
  14. Carol is for the 8.45 update. Apparently she's seen some 'incredible hats' at Ascot...
  15. Carol's forecast matches Accuweather, which has the showers as 'light' on sat and sun as dry