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  1. Talking Heads

    I was teenage. In my defence, I did stand up for Ring of Fire.
  2. Talking Heads

    Johnny Cash?
  3. Talking Heads

    My teenage self sat in front of the Pyramid and ignored Johnny Cash mate. We have all done these things!
  4. Talking Heads

    Not really a big fan TBH, but was a great gig. Other headliners were Belle and Seb and Sigur Ros. Definitely went the right year!
  5. NME Awards

    I found the NME hard to take seriously in the 90s TBH.
  6. Talking Heads

    I saw David Byrne with St Vincent at end of the road. He finished on Road to Nowhere with a full brass band. They were marching around the stage in single file in circles. At the end they did an instrumental reprise and marched off stage. They weren't miced up so you could gradually hear them fading as they went further back stage. I've also seen Brandon Flowers live.
  7. So, who do you really want for 2018?

    If they can bang out the Camp Bestival line up already, is it feasible that Bestival is on the way?
  8. Album of the Year 2017

    Slowdive by Slowdive.
  9. So, who do you really want for 2018?

    I like that.
  10. So, who do you really want for 2018?

    Yeah, they headlined the Big Top around 2012. Followed by Freindly Fires. Sure that was after Stevie Wonder and Sigur Ros. Fun night!
  11. So, who do you really want for 2018?

    Camp Bestival line-up has dropped - hopefully Besti is on the way with some repeat business (Orbital especially).
  12. Nick Cave

    Gave Skeleton Tree a spin the other day. Tough listen. Not sure I'll be back! Does everyone else like it?
  13. So, who do you really want for 2018?

    Primal Scream have played twice before - which might make them less likely.
  14. So, who do you really want for 2018?

    I reckon the Dub Pistols, DJ Yoda and Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are nailed on...
  15. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Gorillaz seem a good fit for Bestival to me. Would be nice if they could book Justice AND (crucially) get them onto the stage next year too. The thing putting me off Boomtown is it looks too dance music/drug-orientared to me (I may be wrong). I like all that stuff - but not a relentless weekend of it. I think my ship may have sailed on that one sadly...