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  1. It wasn't a serious suggestion mate! When are you flying back?
  2. From the more realistic end of the spectrum, would love to see Lemon Jelly, who are officially still 'on hiatus', live again. West Holts would be good!
  3. Oh right, I've misremembered how it all works. Hope it comes before Friday as I will be at the Shindig Weekender!
  4. Sorry, are we now expecting the full line-up with set times to be next? I thought it would be full line-up this week, times next month.
  5. Does seem to take himself a tad seriously! Subsequently apologised at the 6Music Fest apparently.
  6. Having seen both live, Justice all the way.
  7. Ride in the park.
  8. In fairness, he's still eligible for a ticket - and a free one at that.
  9. I'd personally refrain from adopting a blanket punching on contact policy. Or, indeed, any kind of physical violence. That's just me though.
  10. Oh dear - saw Dave the Drummer closing the Temple at about 4am/am Sat morning two years ago - it was f@cking rammmed! Had watched Hot Chip earlier - quite the night!
  11. Why don't we, like the Russian hooligans, have an agreement to all start crowd surfing at a pre-arranged signal? I suggest when Ed Sheeran launches into Castle on the Hill.
  12. I went to see a fairly small band - Splashh - at the Bussey Building in Peckham recently and people were actually crowdsurfing - so it does still exist! Don't really miss it too much though. At Reading 93 (only time I went) was getting a DM in the face about every 30 seconds at the front. Tim Booth was at it during James' set last year though.
  13. it's mainly the dance music. The Temple generally has a lot of breaks, drum and bass and techno. The Cave goes more jungle (can't recall what else).
  14. Sure you will be fine - we are all in it together on that front! Also, forecast is looking good currently!
  15. Apologies - thread duplicated for some reason! Any chance you could merge please @eFestivals? Ta!