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1st time at Glasto, 1st festival for my GF, 1st time leaving our Son with family for over 24hrs, Advice? Reassurance?


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So me and my GF will be going to Glasto this year for the 1st time, I'll be 29 and her 25. I've been to DL and Leeds Festival umpteen times but this is her first ever festival!

We're also going to be away from our Son for the first time ever for more than 24hrs and I could do with some advice on how to reassure my GF everything will be fine.  He's turned 1 recently and very good when we leave him with family for work but my GF is just getting a bit of anxiety about it as he's not stayed overnight anywhere else yet. 

Bunch of questions I'll reel off: How easy is it to make friends Wednesday/Thursday? WHERE THE FUCK DO WE CAMP?! Where's the best night life? What are some good day time activities between bands? Any essentials we should bring and some we shouldn't worry about? Thank you!

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1 hour ago, Rocknrolljedi said:

Bunch of questions I'll reel off: How easy is it to make friends Wednesday/Thursday? WHERE THE FUCK DO WE CAMP?! Where's the best night life? What are some good day time activities between bands? Any essentials we should bring and some we shouldn't worry about? Thank you!

It is always hard leaving your kids, but there has to be a point you give it a go, and Glastonbury is worth it! Use the fact it is a potential one in a lifetime experience to persuade her, but anxiety is natural. Just take a phone and check in with your little one. 

Firstly, you're going to have a great time. A lot of your answers and guidance can be found here:


There is no right or wrong answer on where to camp! It depends what you're looking for! Jump on the main forum and there are loads of threads devoted to all manner of issues! I could probably write an essay answering your questions to be honest as the possibilities are endless! It is so different to Leeds and Download, a simply starting point is that there is no 'arena'. To sound like a clichė; strangers are potential friends at Glastonbury! I have had many random conversations at Glastonbury, and watched bands with strangers, shared many a moment, and you'll get to know people off here to as you post - so join in as much as you feel like! 

Night life - again SO much going on. The South East Corner tends to go all through the night, but you have Pangea/Arcadia which you can't miss for the spectacle and each area has their own late night spots - you might want to catch a band down the Rabbit Hole or see sunrise on the hill. 

Day time apart from the music - which doesn't stop by the way (there is no in-between bands!) - there is loads to see and do. Go and catch some circus acts, have a wander round the Green fields! 

There are endless answers to your questions, but have an awesome time! 


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Can't advise on leaving him with family.  You know your son and family.  But assuming you do go one problem might be getting a mobile phone signal to call home.  Make sure that your phone is fully charged as getting re-charges can mean quite a queue.

As for making friends, no problem.  Glasto is the friendliest festival I've ever been to.  Say hallo to your neighbours, offer them a tea of coffee of something.  You look out for their tent and they'll look out for yours.

Remember where your tent is relative to fixed landmarks like pylons, hedges and toilets.  No good thinking it's next to a big blue one because when you return there will be twenty other big blue tents.  Same with where you parked your car.

As for where to camp and what to do, read all the other Glastonbury threads on here.  My general advice is camp closest to the area where you are likely to be at the end of the night so you don't have a long trek home when you're tired and emotional.

What to do day time?  Loads.  Bring decent walking boots and be prepared to walk a lot.  I reckon around 12 miles a day as there is so much to see.  In fact, there's so much that fitting the music in can be a challenge.  Have fun.

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Firstly read the guide as advised above by vintagelaureate and read the forums advice topics. Next plan and to do this you need ask yourself how you will arrive, when you will arrive and where you will arrive.

The festival site is huge. Much bigger than DL or Leeds. It's stretched along a valley so there are hilly sides. And it takes 30-40 mins to go across north/south or east/west. There are ca 100 entertainment venues. You will need stamina.

Unless you arrive Wednesday morning and early, then your choice of campsite will diminish as the popular areas near the Pyramid stage and Other Stage fill rapidly.

Finally for now, be prepared for a long walk from your car to your campsite with all you're gear. You could be walking for 30-40mins to the entry gate and then another 20mins+ once inside. Also expect to queue at the entry gate for an hour or more (less is a bonus). Queue times early Wednesday of 2-3hrs have been known. 

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per @vintagelaureate the best resource is Torts Guide on GlastoEarth.. it really is brilliant.

i love one of the first links which shows the festival site size in comparison to where you live https://gsp8181.co.uk/glasto/

I dont think i have ever been anywhere that is easier to strike up a conversation with a stranger than at Glastonbury.. and you will see plenty there with babies and toddlers, which could make you think about bringing your own in future years. (ask them how they do it..!)

Probably worth getting a couple of weekends away from the little one ahead of June if you can also... (assuming that grandparents are willing) as that would be a benefit for all..

My normal newbie advice would be try to pick no more than 3 bands a day as 'Must See'.. and then dont be stressed about rushing around the site to see someone else and try and take in a headliner somewhere other than The Pyramid if at all possible..

Take some time out to sit and take it all in, have a beer (or a cuppa and a piece of cake) and chill.. That is when i often find myself striking up conversations..

The whole experience - size of the place, number of people, amount to do can often be a little overwhelming (particularly if it is your first festival)  

enjoy... it is one hell of an experience.!

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