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  1. haha - I think that's a right of passage at Probe! Pete Burns used to work there (before my time!) and was quite vocal: https://thequietus.com/articles/24272-going-for-a-song-a-chronicle-of-the-uk-record-shop-extract-pete-burns-probe-records
  2. And subsequently by now it'll - in all likelihood - be over, and hopefully, there will be lots of successes toasted.
  3. Around this time in 8 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) weeks F5 fingers will being flexed in preparation...
  4. I don't know if they could afford Rage? I could see IDLES getting a prominent slot somewhere... a lot depends on how they set up this year!
  5. I imagine that there may be a few returned; keep your eyes peeling for emails and on here for dates of any resale. There is usually one after a resale... I think...!
  6. There was one in September, if memory serves me correctly, they are often ona different date.
  7. vintagelaureate


    Ah that's interesting to know... I've got some for every Manchester date but people dropping out. Book(s) and pint(s) sound a plan! I'll drop you a message soon.
  8. Might be some bargains for @efcfanwirral!
  9. I really enjoyed the majority of Dexter:New Blood... it was an improvement on the 'other finale' but the last episode felt a little rushed. I have a whole of host of TV shows that I file in ones-I-intend-to-watch-but-may-never-get-round-to-because-the-kids-don't-let-me!
  10. Nothing confirmed, I imagine there will be a coach sale too. The payment deadline is early March, give it a couple of weeks for processing etc. I would predict resale to either be Thursday 17th/Sunday 20th or Thursday 24th/Sunday 27th. Also, I have seen a few people ask to be added, can you send your details - reg. number, post code, user name, coach (?) - to the email address glastonburyresale@gmail.com - and I will add you on when I can.
  11. vintagelaureate


    Are you going? P.S I still need to sort that book with you!
  12. It is always hard leaving your kids, but there has to be a point you give it a go, and Glastonbury is worth it! Use the fact it is a potential one in a lifetime experience to persuade her, but anxiety is natural. Just take a phone and check in with your little one. Firstly, you're going to have a great time. A lot of your answers and guidance can be found here: http://www.glastoearth.com/the-faq There is no right or wrong answer on where to camp! It depends what you're looking for! Jump on the main forum and there are loads of threads devoted to all manner of issues! I could probably write an essay answering your questions to be honest as the possibilities are endless! It is so different to Leeds and Download, a simply starting point is that there is no 'arena'. To sound like a clichė; strangers are potential friends at Glastonbury! I have had many random conversations at Glastonbury, and watched bands with strangers, shared many a moment, and you'll get to know people off here to as you post - so join in as much as you feel like! Night life - again SO much going on. The South East Corner tends to go all through the night, but you have Pangea/Arcadia which you can't miss for the spectacle and each area has their own late night spots - you might want to catch a band down the Rabbit Hole or see sunrise on the hill. Day time apart from the music - which doesn't stop by the way (there is no in-between bands!) - there is loads to see and do. Go and catch some circus acts, have a wander round the Green fields! There are endless answers to your questions, but have an awesome time!
  13. vintagelaureate


    I've also got 2 for the 30th at the same venue, and 1 (possibly 2) for the 28th - face value.
  14. I know it's DC... Peacemaker's opening credits are superb.
  15. I was there for both the Daphne and Celeste, and also The Rasmus piss-carnage. 😂
  16. I put a link to their sale in the Glastonbury Vinyl thread last week... I couldn't find the other thread.
  17. Yeah, the day move isn't great! @jyoung - I think there will still be a ticket available!
  18. Not the same but they're looking for kitchen workers, it's two months work though...
  19. Versions of it have been done before - some with relative success too! I've still got to get tips off @Losing my hair on how to smash a spreadsheet though!
  20. So, it has a long time in the making but (utter it quietly) it looks like we may be heading to an actual resale… which is handy as we’ve done the prep work twice already. 27 months ago an elite resale team was assembled and sent to the internet to gain access to a festival they didn't get tickets for. These group of renegades promptly hounded the efestival servers to the point of submission. Today, still wanting tickets, they survive as efest posters. If you have no tickets, and no one else can help, and you know how to use your F5 finger... maybe you can use... the Resale Spreadsheet. In the style of Father Christmas - I’ve made a list, and I’ve checked it thrice! I’ve been through the spreadsheet created in 2019/20/21, I’ve scoured my emails and I’ve double checked my messages. I think I have everyone who has contacted me listed below… although some of you have been extremely quiet recently. If your name is on the list - either for yourself or someone you know - can you make it known here in the next couple of weeks that you want it to stay on there as I’ve grouped together the majority as best I can but may need to 're-jig' some. if there is no contact on here, I will presume that you need to come off, as it only works when people are active. There are A LOT of groups on there, and I just want to tighten them up before I put the spreadsheet live again and with there being an element of trust involved in your groups, it’s important that people are in contact with each other. EDIT: I have edited the list into three lists since I posted this thread; one is who has confirmed their place, one for those who have 'dropped out' and the other is those we are waiting on (Last update 17/01 @ 13:55). We will have to have a cut off point for reconfirmations, so I can redo groups etc - February? Confirmed: @crazyfool1, @vintagelaureate, @Hutchmaster, @Supernintendo Chalmers, @Superscally, @Simsy, @rockandnoll, @SecretFish, @Barnabybear, @spg. @yehbutnobut, @Watergirl, @glastogirl88, @northernringo, @Jensescapade. @northernringo, @Little Andy, @Bovla Confirmed Drop Offs: @4519dennis, @BlueDaze Awaiting: @Charm, @flyleen, @semmtexx, @Hugh Jass, @JacobCMarshall, @gigpusher, @Puttycat1, @clucking, @Stalk1963, @bloom92, @SunnyDays10, @Levitz, @Strummer74, @wweerr208, @BackpackFullOfWarmBeer, @Friendly Banter, @Flysheet, @ionicmoose, @blutarsky, @plot2pot, @AAlex, @Gilb, @Modjo, @Lme94, @Fearless_Fish, @Ben_Monk, @Ovechkin, @Monie802, @sophiewally, @chemica, @mikeydredlox, @Sweet Pea, @JaiCrispy37, @Damon, @marigold83, @karlpowell, @Smash1984, @Fanbloodytastic, @YourMonkeyWrench, @Brianae, @clarkete, @TheGoodWillOut, @pauladam. @thefudgefactory, @stt11,
  21. I am but just not the RoT90s date. I'll come down another date though... get the wheels in motion.
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