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  1. Is there a reason why they’ve labelled Bimble, Stonebridge & Liquid on the map - but none of the other bars?
  2. Im quite a fan of the little urinal behind the cider bus that turns your wee into electricity. Not just because of what it does, but it’s mostly been empty when I’ve visited.
  3. Got a couple of standing for Birmingham. I noticed utilita had the prices up on their site a day or two ago so had some time to get my head around the price jump. That said, we live in the sticks on the other side of the country, so with the train & hotel costs on top - it’s a pricey ol’ trip.
  4. I think that's been my problem - I adore the The Suburbs so much. It set such a ridiculously high bar that anything else by them that doesn't give me the same feels always feels initially like like a bit of a let down. That said, I think WE is great. It ain't the burbs - but it doesn't feel like it's trying to be.
  5. It's definitely a grower. I've gone from thinking I like it, to really liking it in 3 listens.
  6. Rabbit Hole is awesome. Got the cans on and it's totally banging in dolby atmos.
  7. Just having my first listen....I think I built today up too much to now be anything but a bit disappointed.
  8. Can’t remember if it was in 18 or 2019, but the misses and I went to see Michael sing in the Avalon Cafe on the Thursday evening. It was such a warm and loving little set, it all got a bit much for me - so when he got to You Were Always On My Mind I just went, and felt really daft for it (validated my Michaels rather curious glare at me whilst bawling to his singing). Tried to wipe the tears back, looked across at the misses and she was in floods too.
  9. Apart from my first year we’ve tended to aim for anywhere near the railway track (partly for practicality, partly out of tradition now)A few times in Oxylers, mostly in Park Home…twice in Paines/SP2. We just plod until we can’t be arsed to lug our gear much further, the nearest available spot to where we’re stood is then the winner. Not much method to it I’ll admit, but it’s just somewhere to kip and its worked out fine (most) years. In 16 festivals I’ve only had one tent flooding and one attempted burglary.
  10. Oh god, I’ve dreamt of the bread from Linda’s Loaf
  11. Seeing a convoy like this always makes me smile..reminds me of when I was on holiday, sat outside a cafe watching the sightseeing tour guides all march past with different hand gestures held up, each one shortly followed by a scurry of camera-weilding tourists 🙂
  12. dogeggs


    It’s called Goose Hall if that’s of any use to you
  13. I used to get my sugar fix from that village market at Greenpeace. They had some lovely cake going on over there, but it disappeared a festival or two ago…so I’m going to keep a keen eye on this thread for top tips.
  14. James opened The Other Stage the Friday morning of 2016. Emotions were already running sky high from the Brexit result, but when they played Tomorrow I almost lost it completely. I watch it back from time to time and it still brings a tear to my eye.
  15. The Other Stage used No Doubts Hella Good for their sound checks for (what felt like) the best part of a decade during the early 00s. I must’ve heard that same 45s clip a crazy number of times over the years. Does that count, or are we talking live tracks only?
  16. Not sure if Lookout Kid is growing on me or not yet. I think I like it once it gets going. The chorus has a real Fleet Foxes vibe to it. Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.
  17. Not a ‘meet’ for me as such, but my wife did once unintentionally (and v briefly) plant her face into his belly - whilst we were on our way up to the Park. I’d seen him in the crowd a few seconds earlier, called the wife to get her attention - she stopped in her tracks (he didn’t) and spun round to me only to then get a face full of a traveling Cocker torso.
  18. 1999…for no other reason than to have prepared me better for 2000. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing through most of the festival (it was my first tbf), missed a lot and still hold regrets today. If only the teenage me could go back and redo it all over again.
  19. I really enjoyed that. Sat here with a dastardly case of sunburn and your story made a great distraction from it. I’ve never had to go through anything like that. The closest story I have is from the early 2000s. My mate and I, out of simple careless curiosity, wandered into a crew-only area on the way back from the bank ( when it used to be right up the hill behind the pyramid.) It turns out that crew only area happened to be Worthy Farmhouse itself. And despite meandering in with ease, we suddenly found ourselves trapped in the Eavis’s back yard - with some reluctant security at each refusing to let us back out through either gate. At one end the guy didn’t recognize the (genuine) punter wristbands we had on. The jerk at the other end just flat out refused to let us free. Within 10-15 minutes of walking back and forth, trying to explain what we’d done and getting nowhere - I’d just resigned to the fact we could be stuck in this state of Worthy purgatory for the rest of the weekend…as a last resort we agreed we’d knock on the door, get a right rollicking and face our consequence. Fortunately after a while of drunken pacing back and forth around the yard, we noticed the gate we stumbled through no longer had the security guy there..so we dashed back out like the pair of rats we are.
  20. These are maybe not that controversial - but it’s all I’ve got. 1. Tent stages should all be replaced. Make them proper outdoorsy stages so everyone can actually hear properly and get a better view. I’d allow tents to remain in theatre/cabaret and don’t much care either way with Silver Hayes. For all the others, actual stages please. 2. The beer choice in general across the site is pretty atrocious. Feel free to bin off Otter Ale, Tuborg or any of that other muck to allow space on the menu for something dark and malty. To be fair, I’d still be mostly getting drinks at the cider bus….but it’s nice to have a bit of choice.
  21. Completely agree…I keep thinking it’s down to my age, but in all honesty I’ve been like that since I was in my 30s…maybe 20s. I guess it’s just not for me as I just always find myself wanting to get out when I’m down there. I love the artwork, always take a daytime look at it all - then stay clear of the SE queue.
  22. The wife takes outdoor solar fairy lights and wraps them round anything on the tent that’ll hold them, tried out a new/longer set last year at Worthy Pastures and the thing was lit up like Vegas by sunset.
  23. I do like to invent my own stories when I’m people watching. In the case of your friend Timothy I’d say…. a curry-induced full trouser accident followed by something unrepeatable happening at the tent - forcing him to just go home and never speak of it to anyone.
  24. I remember thinking that will be the biggest pyramid crowd I’ve ever seen on the pyramid and probably ever will…only for it to be beaten the following year by Dolly.
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