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  1. drunk pumpkin

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    For the first three songs!
  2. drunk pumpkin


    Love seeing a Crane!
  3. drunk pumpkin


    Now that's going to need an 18 rating! Sign me up though i'd love to listen to that!
  4. I know it maybe just subliminal but as a regular 6 Music listener I've noticed a great deal more Strokes songs being played across multiple shows. As a key Glastonbury ally once the line up is announced 6 Music always ramp up the airplay of key performers. Am I clutching at straws or is there something in this as a way to spot Glastonbury performers?
  5. drunk pumpkin

    Lawks! It's only the 2019 Next Announcement Thread!

    I’d take just about everyone if those again this year
  6. drunk pumpkin

    Music played on 6 Music, is it a window into Glastonbury Line Up

    I’ve also heard much more of the Cure of late. I know now it’s just confidence bias but I don’t care! They know something!!!!
  7. drunk pumpkin

    Going off site

    I love a cold beer as much as the next man, I take a cool box filled with beer and frozen water bottles. Manages to keep the beer cold until Sunday. I do come by car and realise that if you are on a coach it's not practical. Getting it from the car to the tent is a bind but worth it!
  8. drunk pumpkin

    Music played on 6 Music, is it a window into Glastonbury Line Up

    Agreed 😀
  9. drunk pumpkin

    Resale Club 2019

    All of the latest hype with Emily just re fuels the interest from those without tickets who think it maybe a good idea to try in the resale! i love the excitement but can we just keep it nice and quiet!
  10. drunk pumpkin

    Emily interview

    Just makes me more excited for the Map. Give us the MAP!!!!!!!!
  11. drunk pumpkin

    The specials

    Watched them in 2009 on the pyramid and Terry Hall showed he has a terrible liking for sherbet dib dabs. Between most of the songs he went off stage and came back with white powder around his nose. Therefore showing his his love for the dib dab. he also sang every song off his auto cue. Still a great set though 😊
  12. drunk pumpkin

    Glastonbury Related Dreams and Nightmares

    Mine was driving down With my girls from the North West joking that I’d forgotten the tickets. Then Getting to the site, getting ready to give the tickets in only to realise I had forgotten them. Then spending the next 3 hours trying to access the site using photos of the tickets ID, FaceTime and everything else only to be told at 7pm we were not getting in. then having to drive back up north for 2 hours to then be met by my brother in law around 10pm to get back to the site and in our tent by. 1;30am. this with carrying stuff backwards and forwards to the site from the car park. Oh shit yes, that really happened!
  13. drunk pumpkin

    2019 Headliners

    At those odds! Don’t tell Slash. He’ll have a bet on it and the fuckers might do it
  14. drunk pumpkin

    Glastonbury Christmas Pressies - requested or bought

    Santa is bringing me a light weight camp bed. Will try it out over the festive period. Will work hard at being drunk and emotional before I do 😀
  15. drunk pumpkin

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    Had to spend last week at our Global Office in Boston MA (not Lincolnshire!) Whilst there a friend took me to a gig. I went to see the Tedeschi Truck Band and had my mind literally blown away. Possibly the best set I've been to in the last 5 years. I know for my esteemed colleagues of this forum the TTB will be old news but finding a new (old) band was the best Christmas present I'll get. Does anyone know if they've ever played the festival before? I know they pick their venues for the acoustics so Glastonbury may not be one they want but it would be an epic experience. If you don't know them they are playing two nights in London in April. I'd recommend a trip.
  16. drunk pumpkin

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    That was me! amazed they'd passed me by but delighted I now get to explore.
  17. drunk pumpkin

    Question about ticket delivery address

    I believe it changes once you pay the full balance. you then get the opportunity to select a delivery address. so if all six pay separately they all get to pick a separate address (but all get charges for delivery) One address one delivery cost
  18. drunk pumpkin

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    Hadn't seen that, great tune, thanks for sharing. Makes me wish for a hot afternoon somewhere on the farm!
  19. drunk pumpkin

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    Thanks for the thread link. I'll take a look through. I do agree with the lack of interest comments in the UK. I'd never heard of them. I also wouldn't of seen them without being taken. Having said that they smashed it!
  20. drunk pumpkin

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    On a different note I was asked by a fellow concert attendee if I could whistle quieter! Was quite put out that I could whistle louder then she could listen! Never had that before and it did make me chuckle!
  21. drunk pumpkin

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    I started with Live from the Fox Oakland which is on Spotify
  22. drunk pumpkin

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    Thats a shame but the Blues fits, would be a great addition
  23. drunk pumpkin

    Tedeschi Truck Band

    I listened to then before the gig but seeing them live was special. I'm hoping my dates work out so i can see them in April
  24. drunk pumpkin

    2019 Headliners

    That's my favourite annoucement of recent years. (Not stormzy but the format. Genius!) Waiting paitently for other Friday headliners!!!!!