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  1. drunk pumpkin

    2019 Headliners

    That's my favourite annoucement of recent years. (Not stormzy but the format. Genius!) Waiting paitently for other Friday headliners!!!!!
  2. drunk pumpkin

    Glastonbury Memorabilia Around Your House

    can't do with neat rows
  3. drunk pumpkin

    Glastonbury Memorabilia Around Your House

    some of mine
  4. drunk pumpkin

    The most smashed you’ve ever been?😳 (At the festival.)

    2005 and my first Glastonbury. Went with a mate, set up the tent, drank some Stella (classy) had a weed from the neighbours then off the stone circle. Procceded to buy hash balls and copious amount of mushrooms. The boys we bought them off then gave us thier stalks as they said they were too strong for them to take. (so necked them) So.... After a combination of all of the above (including the beer and weed) I have a massive Whitey then feel like the whole festival is only set up to watch me be a dick! I manage to crawl back to the tent (no idea what time but i'm sure it was very early) and i do mean crawl. woke up by the biblical thunderstorm hours later with the rain pissing into our cheap tent to find my mate face down halfway in the tent with his legs outside. Genuinely thought he was dead!
  5. drunk pumpkin

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

  6. drunk pumpkin

    Kanye west confirmed

    looks fantastic
  7. drunk pumpkin

    What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    that is miles away from anywhere, don't mind being that side but would hope for the dairy ground at worst! Park Home Ground would be preferred spot so need to get there handy on the Wednesday. We will only pitch two at the most so ideally we will find a spot
  8. drunk pumpkin

    What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    thats good to know, thanks
  9. drunk pumpkin

    What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    next year will be my first time in 7 festivals i've needed to find a pitch for my tent (camp light not being there) Also taking 2 Glasto virgins who don't appreciate the carnage of the queue and the scramble for the spot! So this week i've been trying my best to educate them on the need for a silly O'Clock start from Liverpool (2am approx.) on the Wednesday or to spend the extra and spend the night somewhere clsoe by on the Tuesday night. They still believe that they can just turn up, walk in and put the tent up!
  10. drunk pumpkin

    Map listing stalls as well as venues

    That's such an open ended answer. It all depends.......... If the weather is good in the middle of the day with good lighting and not too many stages letting out at the same time its around 25 to 30 minutes. If its at the end of the headline set with a muddy ground and lots and lots of people it can take up to 90 minutes! it gets much easier once you pass the railway line, the challenge is getting there. I've stayed up there a few times (first when it was Praxis Tents and they had Golg buggies from the gate) Best thing to do is not worry, don't do it in a straight line, stop at something intersting along the way and enjoy the trip back. You'll deserve the rest once you get back as you'll be knackered 😁 JUST NOTICED YOU ASKED ABOUT THE OTHER WAY AROUND: It can be much less (20-25 minutes) as its all down hill!
  11. drunk pumpkin

    The Cure

    How likely do we think that they'd go from Belgium on the Friday to Sunday on the Pyramid. Having reacquainted myself with thier 'popular' songs I really want it to happen. Would be a great addition!
  12. drunk pumpkin

    So...do you remember your first time?

    My first was 2005, went with a mate as it was something we both wanted to try. Absolutly loved it. Knew I'd found my spiritual home. My mate spent most of the festival being sick in various places after going large on the Thursday night with anything he could purchase! I watched 2007 on the television and regretted not going so much that I havent missed one since. My mate has never been back!
  13. drunk pumpkin

    Record number of people trying .

    Agreed, Each and everyone of us had a first time attending and loved it. We all have to start somewhere!
  14. drunk pumpkin

    Record number of people trying .

    This, just this for 2016
  15. drunk pumpkin

    Top 10 things you’d rather not see at Glastonbury 2019

    Golden circle viewing Tuborg Lager Hospitality camping
  16. drunk pumpkin

    Record number of people trying .

    2016 did for my wife after attending 7 or 8 it rained on enough occassions during the festival that the ground never improved. The run up to the festival was one of nightmares. We stayed in a caraven on the East side and i've never seen mud like it. Sunday sat watching ELO with my wife and youngest and knowing that we wanted to get to the Park before heading back to the Pyramid. It was the walk which broke her! 2017 was just me and my youngest daughter and due to exams for her 2019 will be me and two early 50's glasto virgins!
  17. drunk pumpkin

    ticket buying process poll

    found the process smooth, i restarted my mac at one stage about 6 minutes in and got through to the registration page then the booking etc with no crashes or issues. All done by 9:11. Didn't get anywhere near again though!
  18. drunk pumpkin

    Gold Membership Time

    Just became a paid up member of the site! About time to be fair!
  19. drunk pumpkin

    The "I'm Going to Glastonbury 2019" thread

    Please send me your reg details ahead of the resale and i'll do what i can on the day!
  20. drunk pumpkin

    Incorrect name for ticket

    you can't edit a registration once a ticket is confirmed. I wouldn't contact SEE just take obvious ID with you and if challenged at the gate play dumb and say you never even noticed and show them said ID. Should not be a problem as the photo will be you with half your name
  21. drunk pumpkin

    The "I'm Going to Glastonbury 2019" thread

    Successful so delighted, after about 10 minutes i had the feeling that my Mac wasn't playing so i took the decison to reboot and start again. Best decision ever as i got through within 60 seconds after that. Not sure if it helped but it made me very happy. I'm sure it was @parsonjack who shared this tip so i really hope you had success today!!!!!
  22. drunk pumpkin

    The "I'm Going to Glastonbury 2019" thread

    Delighted to be going the farm again in 2019. Feel very blessed This will be my 11th and the excitment never goes away. Gutted for all on here that didn't make it. Those who did I'll see you by the Brothers Bar!!!!!
  23. drunk pumpkin

    Did anyone get any screenshots of the new booking page?

    Agree with this, I'm sure See could sell out in 5 minutes or less if they wanted to. I want a long drawn out process which rewards persistence and dedication to preperation. What i'll get is an F5 frenzy where luck of the press (and nerves of steel) will will out. i just hope it goes on until i get my tickets 😶
  24. drunk pumpkin

    My best tips for ticket day....

    Not trying for coach tickets as i'll be on a plane back from France Good luck to all applying
  25. drunk pumpkin

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    Paul Simon was shocking. No real banter, no real passion and far too many new songs. Shame really as i'd been really looking forward to seeing him