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  1. drunk pumpkin

    Gate D Status thread 2017

    nightmare! stay safe all.
  2. drunk pumpkin

    Gate D Status thread 2017

    any more D gate updates please
  3. drunk pumpkin

    Gate D Status thread 2017

    looking forward to tomorrow's.....There is no queue, everything was fine, we breezed in, it was like a carnival, I didn't see one issue or hear one cross word! I can dream!
  4. drunk pumpkin

    On site observations

    Wednesday is looking like a scorcher! take extra water people!
  5. drunk pumpkin

    Car Parks & Routes 2017

    Good to know its not just my finance team that drive me insane! it must come with the role!
  6. drunk pumpkin

    New security measures in place

    I'm making the call to now attend from Thursday onwards. This could change when i start watching the process on Wednesday morning in the beautiful sunshine and see all the smiling happy people enjoying the extra physical contact of being strip searched in front of the gate!
  7. drunk pumpkin

    Car Parks & Routes 2017

    Great work thank you!
  8. drunk pumpkin

    New area in Saxon markets

    Agreed, if there is a new area with stages or entertainment of any stage then they have done a mastiful job of keeping this a secret!
  9. drunk pumpkin

    Would you be happy for armed police to be at Glasto?

    Bottom of your garden under the compost heap?
  10. drunk pumpkin

    Line Up Changes

    thanks for all the updates, Very useful!
  11. drunk pumpkin


    Just look at the 2nd camera which only fully paid up members of this forum can access (not me )
  12. drunk pumpkin

    Question about UV

    Possibly my favourite topic of the week. All the negativity with everything going on in the world its good to see we can focus on some good old fashioned bollocks!
  13. drunk pumpkin


    Back to staring at this in full screen looking for new bits! Love seeing it coming together! YAY
  14. drunk pumpkin

    Tickets here!

    I love the Pyramid image! VERY EXCITED NOW!!!!!!!!!
  15. drunk pumpkin

    New Area

    You can see the other stage is currently being put together on the Webcam so thats not moving
  16. drunk pumpkin

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    6pm today! i can feel it in my bones!
  17. drunk pumpkin

    T day

    Not true! 'Bashing' is recommended and needed for a smooth process! Just don't hit it too much vigour (F5 that is)
  18. drunk pumpkin

    T day

    hope it works for you, all of mine go to a holding page now
  19. drunk pumpkin

    T day

    How would they know? If they stop the app from working then that's OK, how would they know I'd used it though to get to the page? Would they go to the trouble of checking all purchases OR is it possible to flag such purchases made with said APP?
  20. drunk pumpkin

    T day

    Kalifire that's great thank you! My iPhone is there as a back up if all else fails! I will hopefully owe you the beverage of your choice come June!
  21. drunk pumpkin

    T day

    I've just down loaded the Auto refresh app (great shout thanks) I just need to figure out how to use the bloody thing! I have no technical ability! Any ideas greatly appreciated. I'm hoping its the best £1.99 i've ever spent!
  22. drunk pumpkin

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Nope, just checked and still not working!
  23. drunk pumpkin

    Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    Top list! My new dog walking, Gym running, wife ignoring, work avoiding activities sorted right up until I can get Worthy FM on the car radio (that gets me very excited!)
  24. drunk pumpkin

    glasto 2005 087

    From the album: 2005

  25. drunk pumpkin