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  1. 2nd shout out for Confidence man. I'd listened to them prior to the festival but had no idea how good they are live. Real highlight of the festival for me. Someone else that were fantastic were the Rumble-os on the bandstand Friday night at 10.40pm What a noise! they had a trumpet/keyboard player and she was amazing. Will definitely look out for them in Liverpool
  2. Top ‘shithousery’ from you as always. It wouldn’t be the same without @The Nal great work! see you on the farm
  3. 1 hour and counting cant bloody wait
  4. Best thread of the year competition has been won hands down. Informative, fun, engaging and up to the minute valuable updates and no bloody arguments! great work one and all but especially @deebeedoobee wear a special had and when I see you ciders are on me! heading down in 1 hour. Can’t wait
  5. I’m planning. On coming down the m5 to J23 then heading across on the A39. I’m hoping to see blue campervan fields signage after Glastonbury itself
  6. Love this news. Looking forward to getting the van parked up and the beer open
  7. I agree its a great location. Stayed there in 2017 with my youngest daughter. We used a pre erected tent set up by Camplite (great service which no longer operates at Glastonbury) We didn't find it to noisy or anything (and we got to bed by 1pm most nights and slept) So centrally located to everything we needed
  8. THIS! 2019 there were enough at lots of stages. I expect this to be worse this year.
  9. drunk pumpkin


    I watched one in 2019. Bill Murray zombie movie. Started about 1am. In the Scooby Doo mystery machine! it was a great way to finish a long day! nothing for me this year
  10. It still gets brought up consistently. Especially when tickets for anything come. Only fair really as it was horrendous
  11. My campervan east arrived with my tickets
  12. 2017 I managed to get all the way to the gate before realising i'd left the tickets on my desk (picked up tent booking and left the second envelope) My brother in law drove down from Liverpool with them and we met half way! Bloody nightmare
  13. thanks for that. I knew that would be the answer if I'm honest. I think I'll give it until 10am then walk down. All giddy and excited!
  14. What time do you go to the gate? is there a huge queue first thing. I'm in CV East arriving Tuesday this year. I want to be on site early without lots of waiting at the gate!
  15. @parsonjack you are always a fantastic help! much appreciated!
  16. One of the most amazing elements of the site and love going to see it every trip. (wherever it is 😀) Can one of you clever people give me the history of this magnificent beast?
  17. Can anyone share what the shuttles to CC are like On the Sunday afternoon. My daughter needs to get back to London so is looking to jump the train. thanks all
  18. Can some one call me just before Tony Christie sings Is This The Way To Amarillo! thanks 😊
  19. Just listened to the latest episode on the plane back from a work trip. Great work @Gnomicideand @GlastoCastloved it. Keep them coming
  20. It’s the mess they make of the urinals. Idiots throwing cans and blocking them up causing over flows. But agree with the OP more reinforcement to have a bit of respect ✊
  21. drunk pumpkin


    the entrance was there last year for worth pastures
  22. i travel extensively for work all over the world and sometimes multiple timezones in a couple of weeks. i always do my best to get on the right time zone on day 1 by staying up as late as possible (to get on the time frame I want) you should stay hydrated throughout the first day and rest as your body tells you but dont sleep too much out of the cycle you want I always find the first day the hardest and if you get through that you are on a winner. Glasto is much the same. push the first day to its max, lie in even if you are wide awake and take the second day easy. OR...just crack on and dont worry 😀
  23. 2017 I took my youngest daughter who was 13 at the time. After watching the Foo's we took a blanket and an inflatable tube seat up to the green fields. Her with a hot chocolate me a couple of beers. We found a small stage, sat down and watched the world go by for about an hour. She still talks about it now!
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