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  1. Positive thoughts going your way. Hope everything is ok
  2. To be honest it was a needed hair cut and I did wait until as close to the festival to make it my festival hair cut. Not that special 😔 but still another step closer 😀
  3. That’s really good to know. Delighted that this is the festivals approach. thanks for sharing the info
  4. I wouldn’t turn up with the trolley full as it will probably be turned away. Also be careful with that type of trolley and don’t over fill it, the farm has very large ruts which can destroy those hard wheels and leave you stranded. you would be better off with a sack trolley but again I do t know if you will get it on the shuttle!
  5. I’m pretty sure You can only get dropped off at 1 point with the other coaches. you then need to end through gate A and make your way up to the tipi village. There is a property lockup by gate A if you want to do it in a couple of trips. i did it in 2017 up to the top of Pennards for Camp Light. its not a great walk but doable!
  6. I’ve always put cling film over mine and displayed it that way. Makes for another piece of tat to keep
  7. Kylie Miley or Lizzo. Year of the lady! Oh and hopefully Idles or Red Rum Club on the introducing
  8. there was some comic value. My mate in 2005.... The least prepared person at a festival. we had a ball though! glasto 2005 095.avi
  9. Everytime i see a strange topic started by a new member I straight away think its our friend Paul/Olliee looking for a reaction. They've made me so synical
  10. Such a fun discussion. I said it earlier I do love a post from Paul/Olliee 😂😂😂
  11. love this! @glastoloverpaul has to be one of my favouite topic starters!
  12. This is more like it! Great picture and great update! Its bloody grim up north so delighted Pilton is getting some good weather! I'll now get back in my box! Carry on!
  13. And 9 hours since a ground related comment!
  14. Can i just point out that its been 7 hours since the last post in this thread. This is totally unacceptable! I need updates people, updates!!!!!!
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