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  1. The shame lives with me to this day and probably will for ever
  2. 2017 Travelling down on the Wednesday with my two daughters, stressed with work loads of things going on, trying to do everything. I managed to pick up one envelope containing booking confirmations but left the other envelope containing the tickets. We joked on the way down about forgetting tickets as i continued to feel the envelope in my shorts. Got to the car park and was stopped for a random car check. Discovered i couldn't find the tickets but had confirmation email and other bits. Went in to PED Gate A, ticket office, spend more than 4 hours with helpful peo
  3. Mistakes not to make: Don't turn up to the site while your Glastonbury tickets are left in Liverpool (nightmare)
  4. Back in 2016 i stood with my daughter early in the day by the top of the other stage (bands hadn't started) and watched a group of around 20 undercover police talk about the plans for the day and the process to follow. Made me very nervous and i wasn't up to anything!
  5. drunk pumpkin


    This group should run the country! There is fuck all that gets past the Efest Glastonbury Group
  6. Mine actually was what sort of Porn!
  7. Apparently there is but it's been delayed until probably 2021. It look like it will be smaller and lighter with maybe an improved frame rate. All would be good improvements. Its like any tech. we can keep waiting for the newer version or take the leap. Honestly for personal use I might wait!
  8. I’m no expert at all but I am trying to learn about the tech as I see a place for it in my work. google cardboard is basic compared to what’s available now. It will all depend on how immersive they want to make it and how much freedom they plan in. I wouldn’t be surprised that you need something like the oculus quest headset. It’s an amazing piece of kit for the money and would make the experience fantastic
  9. Looking forward to this now. It will sooth the hurt a tiny bit and help draw a line under the 50th.
  10. I'm going to stay in glorious denial and continue to hope its on! Sod reality its currently shit!
  11. Which ones have gone in September? i still have a couple. One in Manchester and one in Liverpool
  12. Delighted that it would normally happen in a fallow year. Do we know when it's normally announced?
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