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  1. Yes but they'll turn up very late sound shite and finish early! I would however still be there
  2. i also can't see IDLES wanting to be an exclusive. It seems to go against what they stand for
  3. Over the years i've camped on site and glamped at almost every option, worthy view, tangerine fields, love fields and one i dont recall the name of as well as both campervan fields and the last two on site. The first using camplight on pennards hill and last year camping in Baileys. Off site adds A LOT of walking to the day and prevents nipping back for a rest. most of them are still just a tent (could be a nice tent mind) with a little more space. The bonus of a shower is a good one but in all honesty not a deal breaker. if i was to rate them i'd say a campervan wins for comfort then on site camping with a good camp bed, pillow duvet or bedding of choice. Getting set up on site is the only poor point but once done is great. Being able to go back and rest for an hour or so is the best option. The heat last year (was amazing) made a rest in the afternoon essential for me. If the wife comes this year i'll use a campervan. If its just me and my daughters then i'll camp on site and save myself the money and the extra walking! Hope this helps
  4. it was brutal this year! Was convinvced I'd missed out as hit the non avaialble for over 10 minutes. kept trying and managed to back an East Campervan Ticket!
  5. scrap that! i kept on trying and got one!!!!!!!
  6. Missed out on everything! No campervan tickets left anywhere at 7:13
  7. Great insight Thanks for all those sharing
  8. It was Red Rum Club. Great set and the stewards acted very quickly and responsibly
  9. i was a magnet for them this year. Had about 8 set off next to me at various point of the festival. The one in the BBC introducing was a bit stupid! So I moved
  10. Two for early John Peel slots for me would be Red Rum Club Sport's Team Both made thier debuts this year and both smashed it!
  11. would love to hear more examples of how people found the process. I'm lucky that next year I have tickets but would look to do this if I hadn't.
  12. good read! Love the confidence
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