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  1. That’s not strictly true. Especially in the US. I know of medical centres offering spare capacity vaccine to medical reps to ensure it’s used. this is only a very small step away from private individuals being able to pay and jump the queue. if rock stars want it they will get it
  2. tested positive on the 3rd. All 4 in our house caught it from the 30th Dec- 4th Jan. Went right through us all despite trying our best to isolate. I'm still feeling a little rough with fatigue and have had other associated issues such as swollen lymph nodes. I've had the worst of it in my family so i'm not complaining, Loss of smell/taste is a strange thing and hope it doesn't last much longer.
  3. Its a great show. A little slow to start but well worth sticking with it. i'm saving the latest series as a fall back when i have nothing left!
  4. Thanks for sharing but not for the content. That 5 seconds of Macca has really depressed me! i'm off to lower my percentage score a lot
  5. I'm happy regardless of who headlines the main stage. I just want the festival to take part. IF there is no ability for the 'Mega' stars to appear does that make it less attractive to the BBC and other global media outlets who pay to show the coverage. Could this be a factor in the festival taking place?
  6. Also to add to previous posts all offering good advice to wait! for these tickets it’s worth waiting until April when the balance has to be paid. Yes you run the risk of losing your deposits if you can’t make the festival. But by then you hopefully will have the full time table and know if the festival is definitely on ( it is)
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