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  1. Renewed, and a pleasure it was too!
  2. I'm sure Michael said that there wouldn't be major changes in 2020 because they made so many large changes during the fallow year, I would expect tweaks to Glastonbury on Sea and we know the Beats hotel will change and that bloody big crane will evolve but i don't expect much else
  3. Thanks_ Just like everyone else i cant stop smiling and feeling very grateful! For the film they originally put 3 of us into the tiniest american police car and none of us could see anything. I very politely asked if there was any other choice. We then started looking around (the film had started) and amazingly the van was free. It was a real highlight
  4. I also was there on the Thursday night sitting in the Van from Scooby Doo! The film was so bad but the experience was great and one i'll definetly repeat next year. One of my promises to the ticket gods was to re watch this film on my next work trip if i was successful. Delighted that i have to sit through this rubbish again on Sunday!
  5. Congratulations and I so want to know what the comment was
  6. I just hope they make more of the Thursday. With all of the ‘festival favourites ‘ rumoured to want to appear it would be great if we had more on.. I’m pretty sure the licence won’t allow for it but we can only hope
  7. my friend who i took this year had decided he couldn't make it next year. He still got up this morning and bagged tickets for 6 of us. As he was paying i got through and bought 6 tickets for anither group. I've already dropped off a case of beer to my mate and had a case of beer dropped off to me by the other group! I'm still very very happy!
  8. 2 lots of 6 purchased by 9:15.
  9. I’m in. Very happy 😃
  10. i want people communicating with each other, complaining that its too hard, giving up after 10 minutes, going back to bed. I hope there are thousands of them sunday
  11. we went on the thursday night to watch the Bill murray zombie film. Sat in the van from Scooby doo. it was a great experience and finished the day off well.
  12. I'm not sure if my group will be six this year. If it isn't i'm very happy to add any solo people to the group and help out
  13. My lovely daughter bought tickets for my Christmas present for the London show. I'm hoping this commitment is a positive for the ticket gods!
  14. can't be the same as worthy view as no facilities. Unless they are some how connected to the Tipi field Would love to get one but will settle for a ticket and a bedroll under a bush!
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