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  1. Anything from Arcade Fires 2014 set..but go for: - Reflector - Keep the Car Running - Wake Up
  2. SloopJohnB

    Best DJ Set

    Baggy Monday’s....Stonebridge....every year 😂
  3. I used to subscribe to her mailing list again....RIP Flash
  4. Whilst gutted, if it’s the right call for the festival to protect its longevity and minimise the financial impact of a late cancellation then this is the right call
  5. I think we’ve been trolled 🤨
  6. Upon consideration.....I’ll be giving it a miss this year. First time in quite a while....enjoy everyone
  7. Flu kills around 500 people a year in the UK....nothing to worry about....media hype
  8. You must have an embargoed list?
  9. What’s all this presale / general sale nonsense about....tickets have been on sale since the last festival.....ridiculous
  10. I saw them play Avalon many years ago
  11. SloopJohnB

    2020 headliners

    Could the remaining male headliner be Liam Gallagher and not Kendrick? I know he played this year....hang on....scratch that....just realised that EE said they hadn’t played before As you were ?
  12. SloopJohnB

    2020 headliners

    Kendrick - 0% Macca - 90% Taylor - 40% Plenty of opportunity to see stuff elsewhere so I’m good with that ?
  13. SloopJohnB

    2020 headliners

    Stone Roses / Oasis super group.....with Chris Martin playing piano ?
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