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  1. Yes....it was pretty grim at weekend, but it’s warmed up a lot throughout today. BBC weather has it dry throughout....Festiweather has it wet....I’m backing the beeb
  2. I missed Countryfile....what did they say?
  3. Ha....you’re probably right....2pm is far more civilised though 👍
  4. Too early for me....Baggy Monday’s on Friday 🙂 up for a meet on Thursday or Friday
  5. They self confirmed that they are in Calling Out from 2300 to 0300 Friday night
  6. I don’t think they’ve ever released times in advance....running order yes, but not times just do what we do....one program between us and photograph the pages 👍
  7. When you buy the program....for £10!
  8. I’ve listened to a couple of Doves albums in preparation.....I used to be a fan but they are pretty dated I’m afraid
  9. SloopJohnB

    First KC

    It’s a great little festival, yes....but it’s nothing like Glastonbury
  10. Always amazed me that,,....that and the football pink with scores in when you left Old Trafford 🤣
  11. Have I imagined that you could pick up a Q Review on the way out on a Monday years ago?
  12. Always too early for me with a late Baggy Monday’s Friday night 🤪
  13. I was thinking about Fleetmac Wood too....but will probably end up at Doves with the majority of our group
  14. SloopJohnB

    First KC

    There’s a couple of pubs in Hackthorpe but not very accessible as they are on the Emperor Field side and only accessible through the artist entrance. Not much else around I’m afraid
  15. SloopJohnB


    The Dirty Bastard steak sandwich from the Welsh Oggie stall was lush 😋
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