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  1. All stacks up doesn’t it....no resale in October knowing that they may move the date in January.....3 x British headliners to ensure availability both dates....we done for sniffing this out @eFestivals
  2. Any recommendations for something nice to eat? Would probably prefer a pub so that I can spend the evening....it’s looking wet on Thursday 😳
  3. I’m heading down to Glastonbury camping this weekend. Really looking forward to it as I’ve never been to the town nor been up to the Tor. Any idea if things to do when it’s raining would be appreciated....don’t mind getting too wet
  4. The person who runs the KC Twitter accounts as clearly returned from furlough. The usual spam “hands up if you can’t wait to be in the fields” is back 🤨
  5. Anything from Arcade Fires 2014 set..but go for: - Reflector - Keep the Car Running - Wake Up
  6. SloopJohnB

    Best DJ Set

    Baggy Monday’s....Stonebridge....every year 😂
  7. I used to subscribe to her mailing list again....RIP Flash
  8. Whilst gutted, if it’s the right call for the festival to protect its longevity and minimise the financial impact of a late cancellation then this is the right call
  9. I think we’ve been trolled 🤨
  10. Upon consideration.....I’ll be giving it a miss this year. First time in quite a while....enjoy everyone
  11. Flu kills around 500 people a year in the UK....nothing to worry about....media hype
  12. You must have an embargoed list?
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