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  1. If it’s any consolation it’s pissing it down in Penrith 😬
  2. Is anyone else confused by last nights announcement? All limitation on indoor and outdoor gatherings are lifted on 19 July, yet there are still test events running? 🤯
  3. Andy Smith was on 5 Live earlier saying that they needed to make the call now as they were about to enter contract with suppliers to the tune of £1-2m…..the lack of guidance and backing would make that impossible for anyone!
  4. Melvin Ben has said on Twitter that more details will be announced next week but he is very confident that Latitude is on. I reckon KC will wait till next week and confirm….we’re on 😬
  5. That’s what he said on Radio 4 (don’t judge me) this morning!
  6. Melvin Ben was on the beeb this morning. He says that as far as he is concerned parliament has approved the lifting of restrictions on 19 July and so he has no plans to cancel Latitude…..I’m feeling more optimistic already!
  7. Womad looking shaky….that’s the week before KC isn’t it?
  8. If it’s a 3 week build, I really can’t see it happening unless there’s some kind of assurance / insurance from government…..which isn’t forthcoming is it Maybe we’ll know more in a coupe of weeks. Keeping everything crossed!
  9. It’s difficult to see how there can be confidence enough to start the site build against the backdrop of a possible, albeit unlikely (?) delay? When would the build start?
  10. I wouldn’t want to be in the organisers shoes tonight…..it’s a huge call either way isn’t it!
  11. You want be able to access Tangerine Fields with the live in vehicle pass….and I don’t think there are any showers…..not sure about accessibility I’m afraid
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