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  1. Also to add to previous posts all offering good advice to wait! for these tickets it’s worth waiting until April when the balance has to be paid. Yes you run the risk of losing your deposits if you can’t make the festival. But by then you hopefully will have the full time table and know if the festival is definitely on ( it is)
  2. Glastonbury has headlining slots galore! If he’d take a lesser stage than the pyramid say the other, which in turn is still a bigger slot than many other main stage festivals. Plus TV coverage that may persuade him!
  3. Do you think Liverpool region has been placed in Tier 2 because of the mass testing. Kind of... Look how beneficial it can be to comply with us! Good boy Liverpool Good boy!
  4. Realised I can’t even read a poster! metronomy was Friday it was quiet! Saturday went to MGMT on John Peel. Now that was busy!
  5. Makes me realise how lucky I’ve been that I can’t remember where I was on particular years
  6. I had to check the poster! Goldfrapp west holts then Metronomy on the park both were so quiet we got to stand at the front of the stage (on the side)
  7. Never watched them either! although I don’t remember where I did spend the night!
  8. Good shout and there is parallels with BE as both at the time were hot properties. stormzy still felt more established though through the collaboration stuff he’d done
  9. It’s the range that lets her down for me. I don’t doubt she’s super hot at the moment. which headliner previously had the smallest back catalogue I wonder?
  10. She can’t be big enough to headline?
  11. I truly don't mind. I'll happily stick with this years 3 but frankly i'd also take AM or even Muse. I'd watch Macca, maybe Kendrick (need more listening) and I've seen Taylor in Manchester on her last tour (took my young daughter) Great show but I wouldn't do it again. That night gives me a chance for an early start in the South East corner so all good!
  12. Thanks for the detail. Its great to hear from a source that I can trust (no spin) Fantastic that we may have multiple options. I may start praying to the weather gods again soon for June!
  13. It's Pfizer! Maybe Bill gave them the nod!
  14. The line which stood out for me in the NME article (thanks @eFestivals for posting) was the comment on dates not being fixed but we are still looking at June!
  15. I totally agree that there is zero chance of mask wearing being enforced. It could be a recommendation from the festival and personal choice. Honestly i wont want to wear a mask in-front of an outdoor stage. Could consider it inside though if that was the only way.
  16. We know they will be looking at every possible solution to ensure the festival takes place. I don't believe they would go down a ballot route. It's all in or nothing. I can see them asking for health declarations (symptom free 7 days before) or don't attend. Maybe even discouraging the more vulnerable groups to give it a miss next year. I can also see them temp checking on entry (even randomly) More sanitiser stations and lots of covid information everywhere encouraging hand hygiene and safe distancing (or use a mask) when in a crowd. I'm optimistic for next year but in truth thats as much driven by desperation as anything else. Getting through the winter, a decent level of vaccine and we will see. Then hope the government is supportive!
  17. Never thought i'd see this referenced on the forum! I am however very happy it was. Good analogy
  18. The shame lives with me to this day and probably will for ever
  19. 2017 Travelling down on the Wednesday with my two daughters, stressed with work loads of things going on, trying to do everything. I managed to pick up one envelope containing booking confirmations but left the other envelope containing the tickets. We joked on the way down about forgetting tickets as i continued to feel the envelope in my shorts. Got to the car park and was stopped for a random car check. Discovered i couldn't find the tickets but had confirmation email and other bits. Went in to PED Gate A, ticket office, spend more than 4 hours with helpful people trying to find a solution with everyone convincing me that it would be sorted and we'd get on site. I finally got to the person with the power who categorically said NO! Phoned my brother in law who kindly drove down to meet me and we met around half way back up towards Liverpool. Came back to site got to pre booked tent with Camp Lite (thank god I'd booked that) around 2am Missed all of Wednesday Felt a prat! I will say that the security team at PED Gate A were fantastic and helpful, and sympathetic. They even agreed to mind our gear until we got back
  20. Mistakes not to make: Don't turn up to the site while your Glastonbury tickets are left in Liverpool (nightmare)
  21. Back in 2016 i stood with my daughter early in the day by the top of the other stage (bands hadn't started) and watched a group of around 20 undercover police talk about the plans for the day and the process to follow. Made me very nervous and i wasn't up to anything!
  22. drunk pumpkin


    This group should run the country! There is fuck all that gets past the Efest Glastonbury Group
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