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  1. New sneak-in video from Zac Alsop:
  2. Think I'm on about my eleventh Self Esteem show now and she continues to get better every time. I thought before Glastonbury that I should probably give it a miss as it's been the same set for quite a while now (since PP came out) but I obviously didn't listen to myself and ended up seeing both the JP set and the Greenpeace set and they were both knock outs. Would love her to win the Mercury - though a lot of it was in jest, she was somewhat vocal about feeling that Compliments Please should have been nominated when that came out. Glad they're come around now to see how important an artist she is.
  3. It’s about an hour wait in the pre-boarding area based off our timing. But you could easily skip all of that queue if you know where the train is departing from. Currently on Platform 1 for the 12.15 and you could easily walk straight onto the train if you came off the Elizabeth Line as there’s no barriers anywhere.
  4. Thursday 8-9pm https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0018xv6
  5. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/memorial-lotus-burn-in-the-park-at-this-years-festival/
  6. grayfitz


    Whenever I've seen it doing the rounds in the campsites it's going maybe 3mph? Feels like the bit in Father Ted with the milk float and the boxes.
  7. Not a chance in hell it's £8 a pint.
  8. I'm watching the Big Weekend set on iPlayer now and my god.. this would have been amazing at Glastonbury
  9. Main sale, London, no CV/extras Dispatch email came in an hour ago.
  10. I've got a spare if you want to DM me! Edit: Sorry, just realised some others earlier in the thread asked for spares, so I'll honour that instead of offering it to the most recent request.
  11. Worked in Camden for 6+ years and I reckon the three best value pubs are Quinns, The Good Mixer and Tapping The Admiral. All three places have pints that hover around £5-5.50.
  12. Usually when we've got first timers in our group we let them take the lead on the Wednesday as we explore the site. It's tempting to try and pull them from place to place with the promise of all these little areas/venues being amazing, but I think the full effect is lost when it's promised - naturally stumbling upon them is the magic bit.
  13. Top of Page 4: https://cdn.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/GFP2017_Sunday-1.pdf
  14. https://www.aegpresents.co.uk/home/lcd-soundsystem-presale-sign-up
  15. Back home now. Overall I thought it was an excellent day, only criticism I’d have is the sound bleed between stages. Dry Cleaning were impossible to hear against the sound from the Bad Vibrations stage. Otherwise no real complaints. Highlights were Porridge Radio, Lynks and Self Esteem.
  16. We've had them for a few days now. https://clashfinder.com/s/waf21/
  17. If you’re going back into Central London, go to Bethnal Green. The walk is about the same time as to Mile End but you avoid all of the traffic control/queues outside the station. You can walk straight into the station at Bethnal Green.
  18. Tiña > IDLES > Porridge Radio > Squid > PVA > Lynks > BC,NR > The Murder Capital > Self Esteem > Shame What a day.
  19. Absolutely made up seeing those additions. This has slowly been building into one of the best line-ups in London all summer. I saw Self Esteem and Lynks in Sheffield the other weekend and both were amazing.
  20. There was a BBC article on what would have been Glasto weekend in 2019 saying Mumfords were due to play a lunchtime Pyramid set no? Could see that being carried over to 2022 with Foo's instead.
  21. Got ya! Sound like they're ones to keep an eye on then!
  22. Can I ask something about Wet Leg? How are they on the bill of a fairly big festival when they've got one released song? What was the rest of their set?
  23. Drop 2 today was a lot easier for me, I was only after 3 things that a smaller store in Camden had in stock compared to Drop 1 where I had to go to Rough Trade East at the crack of dawn for everything I was after. Arrived at 7.15 for a 8am open, 5th in the queue. Was in and out in 10 minutes and home by 8.45!
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