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  1. waynewdk

    Few Questions please

    Thanks for all the replies people, great help
  2. waynewdk

    Few Questions please

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone can answer me a few questions please, this is the first time to Leeds fest, normally do Glastonbury 1: How good is access to drop of points should we get a taxi over, we live in Bradford you see, anyone done this? Price? Queues? 2. We are on a day ticket for Saturday we are thinking of arriving 11-12 dinner timish. Will we be queuing long, otherwise we will set off earlier 3. We don't have camping and we know you can't take alcohol into the arena, but will we able to have a few in the queue and even maybe take a couple in to drink before we get to the arena 4. After all the bands are finished, is there after party DJs are these inside the arena, also is there any outside the arena will we be able to gain access on a day ticket 5. If we was to get the shuttle bus, it states the last one runs at 1:40am, can we just turn up like 5 mins before, or do we need to be queuing up like 2 hours before 6. Are there taxis waiting 7. Is it easy to get to the bars, and is it something like £5 a pint? 8. Finally, do they announce the times of when sets start and finish, do you get a schedule on entry, or timetable thanks for your help in advance
  3. waynewdk

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Seen this bit of kit, not allowed at Glastonbury, but looks great
  4. waynewdk

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    How do people put photos up,got some of food, someone said it has to come from a page like Facebook, but I uploaded my profile picture much easier some how,got a few food pics on my phone
  5. waynewdk


    Top of the pyramid stage has a light on
  6. waynewdk

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    I saw these on a gadget show last night HotCans, anyone use them before http://www.hotcan.com/bangers-beanz.html
  7. waynewdk

    Run the Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

    Checked there songs last night, im looking foward to seeing them, sounds a little bit like Dre and Jayz
  8. waynewdk

    Kanye west confirmed

    Think the Guy is a right spanner sometimes, but he has some decents songs, liked Jay Z last time he was there, and i think Kanye will put on a show.
  9. waynewdk

    T day

    No site dint go down, well nothing out of the ordinary. It was a fast sale, but last year we had a 20 min where the site was down so that added to the time
  10. waynewdk

    T day

    got through at 17 mins past and got 6 tickets, had 2 tabs open and the 2nd went to reg page too, tried to get on here to see if anyone needed any help but it was saying server too busy
  11. waynewdk

    T day

    Just decided today that im going to try get tickwets again, keep hearing songs on the radio from last year, I know ill regret it if i dont try, so all aboard the Glasto train
  12. waynewdk

    5,000 tents discarded

    Could have been more. I had my head down I was in a bad way. Definately someone on a megaphone, as he said "right can we now move over to that area there please"
  13. waynewdk

    5,000 tents discarded

    walked through Pyramid at about 7.30am on the Sunday morn on the way to the showers. There were about 40-50 volanteers all litter picking around the tv box, with a guy co-ordinating them by mega phone.