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  1. waynewdk

    Worthy view refund

    Cheers tried that way cheers, found a number on there just now and it says they ain’t using phones as communication, and directs me to the routes I’ve already taken, will just have to leave it a little longer, thanks
  2. waynewdk

    Worthy view refund

    Morning, does anyone have a contact number for See tickets please, I need to get a refund for my Worthy View tents, but when you visit their website, I can only fill a box in with a description, and I’ve not had a reply, I’ve given them a few days. I’ve I could find a number it’s could be so much easier, thanks in advance
  3. Although this quote doesn’t help your lungs, it sounds like it will be much more harder to spread via surfaces, in the summer like June Professor Hunter said: 'Heat does kill viruses. If you heat something up to about 60°F (15.5°C), it's likely to die in minutes. Similarly UV light will inactivate the virus and we do know if you look at the survival of these viruses on surfaces, the death increase as temperate increases. 'But you can’t rely on that to protect you. Your lungs are about 37°C degrees, and with a temperature it’s a little higher. If the virus was killed by heat, we wouldn’t get ill.' Dr Head said: 'There has been plenty of discussion around whether coronavirus cases will decline as we head into the UK spring and summer. 'There are also plenty of cases in south-east Asia and the Middle East, where there is high heat and humidity. 'So, we do not yet know if cases will decline as the summer comes, but I think this is unlikely to happen. '
  4. Italy suspend all mortgage payments
  5. Ha yeah, just a ittle bit of a positive read, not much though 😂
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8093573/Here-10-morale-boosting-reasons-Britain-shouldnt-plunge-coronavirus-despair.html
  7. The main reason Italy will have a high rate is that they have the oldest population in Europe
  8. Just noticed that that Italy has less cases than South Korea, but nearly 5 times more deaths, a quick google tells me Italy has the oldest population in Europe
  9. Im guessing they will delay it until spring or when ever the current seasonal flu begins to clear up beds, also they will want time to make new pop up facilities, get new workers on board, new ventilators made ect. Delaying it longer than spring and we could have it at it’s height by next winter, which will double up with the seasonal flu. If they can’t stop it, they some how need to have people get it in batches, and providing people can’t get it again, then breaks in the population will appear where it can not go any further, bridges will be burned. I’ve only read that one person has caught it again, whether that’s true or not I don’t know. Wrong quote
  10. Or Chuck Norris, to be fair it would be the other way round, sanitizer would be putting Chuck Norris on its hands
  11. That’s total cases 18 have recovered, don’t know how many are critical, this link has some good data, others countries show how many critical, it may be early for the UK as no results in that box but other countries there is, its live too so keeps refreshing https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  12. A live tracker https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
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