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  1. waynewdk

    Other Stage 2020

    Watched 1975’s on the Pyramid maybe 2014, in the sunshine, i thought it was a good gig, only knew 2 songs then, more now, I liked it in the sun to be fair, Chocolate is a good sunny vibe, on stage he acted a bit rebellious. If they do play and Taylor Swift does too, that could dictate the day the 1975s play or even dictate whether they play Other stage or Pyramid, as they were rumoured to be dating at one point, and he said something about her in the press, that made them fall out, if I remember correctly.
  2. waynewdk

    Other Stage 2020

    What do people think of J.Cole American rapper, it’s like rap v jazz sort of, just watching him on MTV now
  3. Stayed in Woodies couple of times and it’s been rammed by Weds midnight, you can hear people taking the last bit of space, through the middle of the night, squeezing into the gap between the tents with enough room to have 3rds of the tent erected, leaving us with no space to sit down or even get out of the entrance
  4. Leona Lewis - Let the sunshine ( Labrinth) https://audioboom.com/posts/372316-leona-lewis-let-the-sunshine-live-lounge
  5. Liam Gallagher to headline Leeds Reading
  6. Liam Gallagher to headline Leeds Reading
  7. Pussycat Dolls reuniting and start a tour in April, not my thing
  8. Saw Kesha when she was there before, I don’t mind her, but she was bad, the worst act I’ve seen in my 4 times to Glastonbury
  9. I’d take rain and mud anyday over extreme heat. Once your pissed you don’t really notice the rain or mud, but with the heat, u can’t even get in your tent or sleep, I’m already warm from alcohol fever, but it if you had to swim from out of your tent that would be a different story
  10. waynewdk

    2020 wishlists

    Done a wish list before here’s a few more Erasure Crowded House Go West Enigma
  11. Remember watching Crowded house in 2008, very good! Nice day if I can remember correctly, I’d go watch them again, I really like 3 of their songs , Weather, Don’t dream its over, and Fall at your Feet
  12. Just had a quick listen to a few songs having never heard them before, first impressions a little bit like Beastie Boys but a bit harder, less electronic, less rap
  13. waynewdk

    2020 headliners

    Was it Rage Against the Machine that went up against X Factor winner for the number 1, maybe at Xmas
  14. waynewdk

    2020 headliners

    My headline history 2008 Jay Z - ✅ Kings of Leon ❌ The Verve ✅ 2011 U2 ✅ Coldplay✅ Beyoncé ✅ 2014 Arcade Fire ❌ Metallica ❌ Kasabian✅ 2015 Florence and the Machine ❌ Kanye West✅ The Who ❌
  15. Maybe they are trying to get in early to get all the punters before Bingley Fest announce their return, making it worthless too do, Bingley Fest took a break this year as the council said they couldn’t afford it, the local rugby club spotted an opportunity, and used the same dates
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