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  1. Was watching a highlight video of the festival, and it showed the entrance with sniffer dogs
  2. Not been to IOW, but the arena normally has a big fence all around and contains all the entertainment, and only way in is through a checkpoint, no alcohol inside as they sell it. At the campsite it is ok, sometimes there’s a couple of small stages in between the arena and the camping area where u can usually listen to music and have a drink
  3. That should be fine, most festivals let you in with loads of alcohol, as long as it’s not deemed exessive, where you could open your own shop in your tent, I’ve done a few festivals, and taken about 30 cans per day, spirits, sours and boxes of wine, if they say owt break it down for them, say it’s for 6 people over 4 days
  4. Anyone doing fancy dress? Heres mine
  5. Kasabian are brilliant live, flares are banned but when ever I’ve seen them live,! a spontaneous lighting of flares go off,!normally on the chorus to Fire, wrong but looks great with a back drop of flags and a red glow , like everyone marching to war
  6. Ohh sound good, weathers looking great, wellies or no wellies, precipition chance nearly at 0% all weekend,
  7. 3 mins by car,( add for traffic) 27 mins by foot 1.4 mile
  8. Not been before, but we parking in Portsmouth, and will get Vectis buses about after the ferry. £30 weekend ticket, if Its just one journey a taxi may be best, we are staying in Sandown so will be bussing it to Newport and walking in, then maybe a bus back. Depending on availability and time, if not then a taxi
  9. First time at IOW for me but been Glasto 5 times, and from experience, there will be people from the previous 2-3 acts all there still, 50% may move on to other act as each act finishes. It’s at this point you try to move foward as fast as possible, after the next gig do the same again, then you should have a decent spot, it’s always easier to move from the sides in along rows of people rather than go through rows and rows
  10. Don’t know if they change layout each year as it’s my first year, but looked at this video and the map, so looks like it’s the same layout this year as the video, as it’s almost identical. Also I’ve noticed on a video, a beer token stall, is the arena all tokens, never used these, whats the positives and negatives of these? How do you use em? https://youtu.be/83W_OegEMLo
  11. Thanks for your help, planned all my bus routes now with the Southern Vectis bus routes, there quite frequent, should save a bob or two, going 2 sail to Ryde, number 3 bus down to Sandown, then number 8 bus back and fourth to the festival,( well to Newport bus station, then walk the rest) then back to Ryde port on the Monday morning via the number 3, if not too busy and late will try get the number 8 back to the hotel, if not it’s me and my mate in a taxi, maybe share with another group.
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