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  1. Same question at Worthy View. Very odd.
  2. I'm serious. Tangfastics are integral to my festival experience.
  3. Yep, not on the prohibited items list. Surely not that difficult to change that. Does this include haribo packets!?
  4. Did the Oakenfold rumour come to nothing?
  5. With the flurry of movement in the last 24 hours, thought I'd bump this
  6. BigMarv

    Tim Burgess

    What are we expecting from Tim Burgess? He’s appearing more than once (Greenpeace / Williams Green…). Will it be full band? Solo/acoustic? DJ? Juggling/Magic?
  7. Four Tet has been played quite a bit today. I really struggle to get the hype though.
  8. BigMarv


    efestivals hit with a cease & desist? 🍿
  9. Random Glasto playlist offered me: Foals - The Runner TLC - No Scrubs Moloko (Roisin Murphy) - Dumb Inc Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle so far
  10. DJ Mixes over. Just had a stroll at lunch soundtracked by: Fatboy Slim, Jessie Ware (actually a SBTRKT track), Jesus & The Mary Chain, Way Out West amongst others Currently: Elbow - Snooks (Progress Report) 🙌
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