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  1. Our glamping provider has also rolled over our booking to 2021. I hope they're still in business then after, I assume, taking a huge knock due to losing their entire season.
  2. The expected decision but the correct one. Thank you to the Eavis' for clearly trying as hard as they could to put on a show.
  3. Thank you - thats comforting to hear. Our flights are with BA so happy to hear they've been good with you. With the flights, we'll likely still come back to the UK in June (if allowed) but the glamping was the thing I was most concerned about. Companies like that are so seasonally driven that I hope they can survive it.
  4. Won't be much fun. We were going to spend a few days in Italy during the Eid holidays but obviously that's off too. It's fine, though. Like I said, bigger problems at the moment and there's plenty on our Netflix backlog!
  5. Just going to add my own 'ouch' as a member of the international contingent. My wife and I were travelling back home to the UK for Glasto this year. Flights were booked (£800), glamping booked (£1,220 - please spare me your glamping opinions) and deposit+coach (£250) for a total of £2,270 outlaid so far. I hope we can defer all of that money until next year but let's see. That said, it is absolutely the right decision to postpone/cancel and I'll maintain that opinion even if I lose that 2 grand. Am I desperately disappointed? Yes. Glastonbury is my mental health escape and this summe
  6. I love that everyones getting excited by a post from someone who's down the pub.
  7. No but don't let that stop the fun.
  8. Welcome back to panic central, everyone, AKA the corona thread. I hope we all enjoyed our vacation in the next announcement thread.
  9. I'm having wild swings between being really frightened and then thinking its overblown. I guess the only thing that proves is that I know bugger-all?
  10. That last point is my feeling too. Some of us (I know we're a minority) fly from abroad for the festival and I'd prefer to know sooner rather than later if flights etc. need cancelling/amending.
  11. Chatting to a colleague in China this morning and they were feeling much more positive. Only 20-30 new cases overnight and the vibe is that they're starting to get on top of it. I felt a bit better after that conversation - the rest of the world will have learned from how China has reacted and the onset of summer should start to help, too. The Man City v Arsenal game is postponed specifically because some of the Arsenal players may have had contact with the owner of Olympiakos who has now been diagnosed with covid-19.
  12. Without wanting to go off topic, that is a seriously cool job (long suffering Nets fan here!). What do you make of LBJ saying he'll refuse to play if there's no fans in arenas?
  13. I was definitely on the 'Glasto won't be cancelled' side of this debate but the Coachella postponement and the Italy lockdown have very much spooked me today. First day I've felt genuinely, truly concerned about Covid19 and what that means for Glasto 2020.
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