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  1. What is everyone off to see this weekend then? Always enjoying opening my ears to the suggestions of this forum.
  2. Gerd Janson, DJ Koze, Avalon Emerson, Todd Terje and Daniel Avery would be a good start
  3. Hopkins and Hot Chip clash would really hurt as both probably in my top 5. Same for Chems and Streets. All points east might have to be done to ease the clashes
  4. Yeah really interesting but not exactly any scoops!
  5. He will surely be there no?
  6. stocky3000


    £35 + booking fee. 2 tickets was a touch under £80 all in
  7. I really like Mick's Garage as a space. Plenty of room to move about and a good vibe. Was very impressed with Eclair Fifi too, thought she paid a great set. Would likely see her again at Glasto clash dependent.
  8. Off to see Eclair Fifi tonight as tickets were cheap at Mick's Garage. First time for both. Any reviews?
  9. Foals tour announced this evening, might give an idea of the size of the venues they are expecting to play or if there are gaps for APE etc etc.
  10. Is it likely that Cardi B will play Primavera fly back for Bonaroo and then back for Glastonbury?
  11. New Printworks season announced today. Wonder who we could expect to see? Potential of Bonobo doing an outlier night like he did in Manchester a couple of months back?
  12. I could certainly see them taking there RTRN II Jungle outfit to takeover a stage in the SE Corner
  13. First announcement for each of the festival days before next payday I would imagine
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