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  1. Thom Yorke has to be in a strong position for the JP Saturday night with the new album coming out next week?
  2. Thursday night will be very busy I would imagine, so have chosen to stay around the Silver Hayes side of the siten. This keeps the option of Seinfeld, Avalon Emerson, Mall Grab, Hammer and Mella Dee open depending on how busy WOW, BH and Blues are
  3. Do you think I will I be able to to make it for Haai at 2am if I go to hot chip?
  4. What happened about Avalon Emerson?
  5. Playing live on the thursday wow wasnt expecting that. Is it me or does Thursday feel more substantial than any year previously?
  6. Maybe they have... "Having celebrated ten years of The Park at the last Festival, the year off has allowed The Park team to come back with many changes, new creations and locations; from the newly-updated Park Stage and Stonebridge Bar "
  7. This is cool - lots of surprises to come I think
  8. Just checked RA and he is playing in Europe on the Friday
  9. Gerd Janson with another top BR. RA says that he is in Oxford on the Thursday and then in Europe for the Saturday Sunday. Really hope he turns up.
  10. In previous years, Arcadia has been the last to announce because we knew it was the spider. Surely this year they will want to reveal the design before it gets built bit-by-bit on the webcam. Why not drop the lineup with the design
  11. The temple didnt open until 10pm last year and I would imagine it is the same this year
  12. So we are expecting: Block 9 on Tuesday Wormhole on Thursday And one other?
  13. I was hoping that hot chip and Jon Hop wouldn't clash and instead would clash with Chems so then would free up Chems for Glasto. Bit of a (selfish) shame
  14. +1 for the big thief album, amazing stuff
  15. Can you please point me in the right direction?
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