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  1. Yeah the smile album is killer but I once again am annoyed at myself for istening to all the singles that were released in advance - took the edge off it somewhat. Must show more restraint.
  2. Any word on prices for the O2 yet?
  3. Special Request is doing a takeover on Stone Bridge - given their ties you'd imagine she is involved in that
  4. Well.... This is interesting... A Di Ross x Tame Impala Collab album produced by Jack A (of course) Some pretty crazy collabs too
  5. I originally was of the view that W1 was much stronger than W2 but since the first announcement I think this may have changed. W1 (OUT - Brockhampton, Turnstile etc) W2 (IN - YYYs, The Smile, Phoenix etc)
  6. Probably makes him a strong bet for boomtown presumably aswell then?
  7. I know that Wembley have increased concert license with Brent council this year. The most concerts they will have ever had in a calendar year
  8. https://clashfinder.com/m/waterworks2021/?user=0tbd10.e0 Updated times here, no replacements
  9. Surprised they haven't released anything on this yet? Do you have any update?
  10. I had never really thought that about Haai on the multiple times that I have seen her before (including that ludicrous Genosys set!) but when she played the ridiculously short 45 min set at Printworks on Friday night I did think it was very cheesy with the drops and all a bit naff. Will put it down as a one off... along with the rest of that event... @bennyhana22 know you are one for meticulous planning - who are you looking to see in the day at Waterworks?
  11. Going on Friday - really not sure who to expect. Looks like Éclair Fifi will be there but no other ideas
  12. Copped my ticket for week 1 yesterday - my first primavera!!😄 Have they released the ciutat lineups yet? I cannot see them?
  13. I am a bit annoyed that they have taken their time with it. Been trying to convince friends that it is a good option with Glasto and Primavera off the cards. But with APE announcing alongside a load of other day fests the money to spend on a big weekender is dwindling
  14. Interesting that they had a prominent slot at APE this year. This tour would suggest that they are not rolling over the lineup for that.
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