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  1. Interesting that they had a prominent slot at APE this year. This tour would suggest that they are not rolling over the lineup for that.
  2. https://musicfeeds.com.au/news/music-festivals-out-until-coronavirus-vaccine/
  3. If Primavera is trying to move to August maybe that will give them confidence to pull a similiar move considering the number of shared acts?
  4. There would also be a greater number of sets in darkness which would be a cool twist.
  5. Shame Kiwanuka has had to pull-out. I wonder who they could get at such late notice - if anyone and they just end up reprogramming the night.
  6. Looks like it has already dropped off? I cannot seem to download it.
  7. How do you do this with the no purchase necessary option?
  8. I have heard the Kooks but it sounds so ridiculous that I can not believe it. Would fit the comment about community on the previous pages though.
  9. LDR announced by Emily - surely that makes her less likely for this now? Promoters wouldn't let EE announce if they knew they had 40k tickets to sell?
  10. Not having some outdoor element but still having the festival in the height of summer feels a bit of a weird one to me. If you are going to run an entirely indoor festival, do it at Easter or something when you are not competing with another 10 festivals in London alone.
  11. stocky3000

    Guns N Roses

    Already announced a second night so demand must be pretty high.
  12. Can you remind me how you do this?
  13. Maybe FKA twigs after playing in London last week?
  14. Bon Iver out - playing Aus and NZ end of June
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