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  1. The brief wasn't to do Glastonbury based work, they're just previous pieces the artists have done and submitted.
  2. grayfitz


    There’s a lovely 5 minute section about 20/25min in covering their Park gig and how important Glastonbury is to them.
  3. Citadel is done - Lovebox looks to be going to a 3 day festival.
  4. grayfitz

    Other Stage 2020

    First single of album 2 came out last week, so it'll be released by June 100%.
  5. I picked mine up from Waterstones yesterday lunch, and when reading it last night I thought to myself 'I better tell my family I've got this - because I bet one of them is thinking of getting me this', so I message my family WhatsApp with a photo. This morning, my sister text back saying it was in her basket, ready to be ordered. They know me too well.
  6. I saw him come out a longdrop by The Park on the Wednesday - pretty sure he'd just shit.
  7. Could it be old Big Weekend sites? Swansea hosted a couple years ago.
  8. Gone from 9 down to 2 this year, but I'd like to think it's quality of refreshing over quantity within the group.
  9. I've come down with a bug all of a sudden, so I have an Adult ticket for Green Man for sale. Face value, pick up from Central London. https://www.twickets.live/block/768953765189011,1
  10. Probably too recently, but I remember making this back in 2016.
  11. I went on Saturday (Florence/National day) and they did this at one point. Toilets behind the main stage I had used earlier in the day had been switched to womens, with the barriers shifted.
  12. Good day though - Friendly Fires and Dream Wife were highlights.
  13. There was a mass exodus after Bastille - would say about 1/3 of the audience left.
  14. I don’t know if it’s because I relied on Clashfinder more than the BST app for timings, but was beyond chuffed to discover Self Esteem starting on Summer Stage just as I was leaving the pit from The National. Really great day yesterday, Let’s Eat Grandma were another highlight.
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