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  1. Wolf Alice or London grammar for Billie
  2. Just going off the efests rumour page, I know nothing
  3. Pet shop boys also listed SR for Friday on the other, surely we can’t be getting treated to both?
  4. I won’t pretend I am big Billie Eilish fan now, I only know bad girl or whatever it’s called, but she absolutely huge right now and a great booking for glastonbury.
  5. Fantastic to hear some juicy rumours thank you Efests, just got a tingle of glastonbury excitement that has been missing for a long time.
  6. Will they make the film available for purchase after this weekend? sadly not able to watch
  7. 20% off the ticket price from the Guardian code is GDNEMAIL20
  8. Thats a shame always wanted to go, at first i thought glasto pulled to early but evidently not.
  9. I would love to see Hall and Oates at Glasto but i think they are to big for West Holts
  10. Had a great April Fools opportunity there !
  11. I don't think i have the stamina for both !
  12. Same night as Eurovision what madness
  13. Todd Terje and the olsens on WH Patti Smith when the Dali llama came out Rolling Stones 🙂 happy happy happy
  14. I was at The Mothership returns on West Holts where everyone should have been
  15. Guns N roses , Taylor swift and Lady Gaga for 2022
  16. * The undoing * The serpent * Schitts Creek * Rewatching - breaking bad * This country
  17. I find that hard to believe, Holidays were allowed last year if they were within the travel corridor and this summer a large amount of people will be vaccinated. But i am no expert, just seems like the headline is based on a line taken from Paul Charles saying it as a worse case scenario.
  18. i would hate to be trapped in a bubble like that
  19. To be honest i am relived it was cancelled as much as i hoped it would be on i just dont think it would be the same. Have a long time for rumours and speculation now which is all fun, 2022 to quote ME will surely be the best yet.
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