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  1. Same time as Bruce springsteen Dublin tickets go on sale.
  2. What would they sing? with a little help from my friends?
  3. He could guest with Years and Years as they have done before? but unlikely.
  4. Earth_pig

    Billie Eilish

    Watching back the 2019 glastonbury other stage set it seemed fine and she got good write up in the music press. You would imagine it would be a step up. https://m.facebook.com/Arcti1-168482644001569/videos/billie-eilish-live-at-glastonbury-2019-full-setdona-al-canal-si-quieres-ver-más-/1136206796714203/
  5. Earth_pig

    West holts

    Excuse my ignorance who is this?
  6. Earth_pig

    Billie Eilish

    Oh sorry this has already been mentioned.
  7. Earth_pig

    Billie Eilish

    I wonder if she will have guests as she had Damon A , Khalid and Hayley Williams. Probably Chris Martin.
  8. Earth_pig


    https://www.nme.com/news/music/aerosmith-cancel-las-vegas-residency-dates-after-steven-tyler-checks-into-rehab-3232726 We wouldn't have got Aerosmith anyway, get better soon ST.
  9. Il be watching this for my glasto build up week, the first time I saw it was before my first one and remember thinking this place looks like another planet. As well as reading bits of the book, few BBC sets and that YouTube one with Michael and the Villagers jostling over planning permission (if anyone remembers the name of that)
  10. Earth_pig

    West holts

    Libertines Sleaford Mods (WH) TLC (WH) Billie Eilish Is my Friday + bonuses
  11. Earth_pig

    West holts

    Lol at the family's watching Sleaford mods to get a good spot
  12. Il take libertines as today's announcement. Excited for this just have to be up and ready!
  13. Brothers cider competition got me thinking it was west holts
  14. It was a twitter comment on the thingy all she said was poster in March, full lineup I'm June
  15. Do you think the poster drops add much to anyone who isn't a glasto nerd? When I post them in our WhatsApp group will get a quick oh cool I'd see x and X is good but they dont get examined so much like here.
  16. With 30 days to go it seems a good time to cram. Hoping to lose half a stone and improve my fitness by going on a few long walks a week and using the work gym.
  17. Good lads, Harry Styles is now just waiting for one of the headliners to get tonsillitis so he can save the day to.
  18. I don't think she is big enough a deal to derail the whole festivals plans. But I do like her.
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