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  1. Or some big dumb EDM dj playing in the afternoon
  2. And Libertine’s supporting Florence made for a fun Friday evening.
  3. Agreed some good stuff hidden in the smaller fonts
  4. Expected some HOT news as the topic is HOT, leaves tepid.
  5. Flos great, saw her at bestival, glasto and supporting the stones, maybe she will be doing that again at glasto 👀
  6. Franz were great live at Bestival, hope they are Glasto.
  7. Ahhh I see ! got excited for rage at glasto for a moment
  8. Where rage come from ?
  9. Earth_pig

    2023 Headliners

    Friday: AC/DC Sat: Taylor swift Sun: George Ezra
  10. Whichever egg head made this didn’t know wireless festival isn’t in Finsbury Park an anymore, it’s in Crystal Palace park.
  11. Going to have to hope the crowd carries him, that was hard to listen to.
  12. are QOTSA still gonna be there ? after the Josh H stuff ?
  13. I never thought I’d see the Dalai Lama at glasto so why not Obama.
  14. if Adele wanted to do it I’m sure they wouldn’t say no
  15. I’ve never had a Coldplay glastonbury so I’d happily watch them.
  16. Almas not normal on bbc i player, brilliant stuff.
  17. I went to see the courteeners in Leicester with a friend who likes them - gerry was supporting and the crowd were going mental.
  18. Fans of taskmaster - the new zealand editon is very good and available on youtube. Note i am talking about season 2 of taskmaster new zealand ive not seen the first.
  19. Agreed, Taylor swift first album was full blown country crap
  20. I was most horrified when the Who headlined in 2015, chemical brothers were ace though on the other stage.
  21. I guess it doesn't help her if everyone sees it as a swift replacement, Swift was 2020 and the pandemic has changed things up, i can see why the comparisons though.
  22. Actually quite excited/intrigued to see Billie Eilish more so than Taylor (unpopular) opinion, will check out some live videos. 2 decent albums, bond song, awards and potential 3rd album or singles by next June a strong booking.
  23. I think I will be at Paul and find alternatives for the rest, exploring the other stages is important so I’m fine with it.
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