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  1. Greenday make sense for the John Peel and they are touring with Amyl and the sniffers who are playing JP Same day.
  2. https://www.gwr.com/strike
  3. Castle cary has survived the strike
  4. selfishly I hope peat and diesel is quiet so i can get to the front - sunday on avalon.
  5. Earth_pig

    Best Bars

    I like it because it feels like a proper pub albeit one you might find in lord of the rings. Cosy and friendly atmosphere and good drinks.
  6. Earth_pig

    Best Bars

    I used to like the beat hotel for its cocktails interested to see its replacement. Avalon Inn is fave though. I'm not sure it was there that did cold pimms but I'd like to find that again (not a tory).
  7. I hope this gets sorted it must be horrible. Paper tickets are such old hat now they need to move on with something secure and digital.
  8. close vote. Got to be PSB they will be a rare occurrence to see if your not going on this tour and it will be brilliant i hope. Bicep ive seen them pop up at many a festival and tour.
  9. Out of interest what things are still needing cash apart from buying from other punters? greenfields
  10. Ive actually packed my bag everything minus underwear and socks. Fuck me its heavy, i thought i did better this year.
  11. and if we went on that train of thought then efests is failing.
  12. There are festivals here in London that have a hugely diverse crowd . If your going to have noel gallagher / Paul mcartney / crowded house etc on the big stage then you will attract those fans regardless of the smaller stages. I don't know if it's a failure just people choosing to spend money elsewhere.
  13. Got the decathlon double self inflating mattress, comfortable enough and easy to use. Little fiddly to get back into the back on first attempt.
  14. It just looks like he's making a comment on the crowd which to be fair is majority white and wondering why that is. Its not saying the festival is doing anything wrong.
  15. agreed! I also think its pretty clear she doesn't always mime if you quickly went on You tube.
  16. After all this build up a little apprehensive which is weird mixed with the excitement from for the last few years.
  17. When the spider toured i went to the London show, had acts on in the daytime building up to the headliners who had the Flames etc
  18. The first two twitter replies made me laugh
  19. Took delivery of my alcohol delivery and some summer shirts.
  20. Deffo Harry Styles then
  21. Paulo was really disappointing (to me anyway) at knebworth. I appreciate I was pissed and he was a support act but initially I was looking forward to him more than liam. He seemed liked he didn't want to be there, sure it would be better at Glastonbury.
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