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  1. Radiohead did a song for spectre and it was way better than Sam smiths that they went with.
  2. Saw them at Bilbao bbk, left me cold and I own a few of their albums, others seemed to be enjoying.
  3. Earth_pig

    First Gig Back

    Couldn’t make foals so Chic on the 18th in Margate (good times)
  4. Earth_pig


    Managed to get a couple of tickets for Saturday in august it went smoothly. I almost cancelled as it’s expensive but went for it.
  5. Eltons rons last tour date listed is in Spain in May *2023* and also some Helsinki dates left to announce so realistically could announce dates in 2023 if not glasto next year.
  6. The white lotus on sky Atlantic is excellent, watching the characters crack is great to see.
  7. Who is the right Bazza? If it’s not the one playing glastonbury 2022
  8. Barry actually busy on Saturday and only free for the Sunday, perhaps two legends? Someone or his age might not be touring again two years on the trot to free him for 2023, or it’s just a coincidence.
  9. Edit he is free Sunday and he does do two shows in a row
  10. Hi guys has it already been mentioned that Barry Manilow (Bazza) is touring the U.K. June 2022. would be great in that Burt slot
  11. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Neil, sorry to hear this, hope they manage the pain.
  12. Sorry I don’t know how I posted this in the wrong place
  13. Foos secret act but beegees set
  14. That band who won Eurovision 'Maneskin' are at a festival in Oslo on June 24th and then they don't have anything else listed.
  15. Earth_pig

    First Gig Back

    What am I talking about - foals day at all points east is first
  16. Earth_pig

    First Gig Back

    Chic on sep 18th at Margate dreamland. Then sleaford mods and the charlatans in the winter.
  17. Haha just to say I would not watch the 1975 in any circumstances
  18. saw Gorrilaz at the o2 arena 2017 when Noel G was a guest amongst others, was far from a sell out then to, loads of space but a good gig.
  19. Lizzo has a single coming out Friday, she would be a decent sub or other headliner.
  20. 1975 just need a few new songs and a slick social media campaign to be back to where they were. Its a bit premature to be putting them on the scrap heap IMO
  21. missed everyone talking like they actually know the bookings haha. All part of the fun, especially when it’s obviously foals subbing
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