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  1. It was a twitter comment on the thingy all she said was poster in March, full lineup I'm June
  2. Do you think the poster drops add much to anyone who isn't a glasto nerd? When I post them in our WhatsApp group will get a quick oh cool I'd see x and X is good but they dont get examined so much like here.
  3. With 30 days to go it seems a good time to cram. Hoping to lose half a stone and improve my fitness by going on a few long walks a week and using the work gym.
  4. Good lads, Harry Styles is now just waiting for one of the headliners to get tonsillitis so he can save the day to.
  5. I don't think she is big enough a deal to derail the whole festivals plans. But I do like her.
  6. Except for the 5 albums after that 😉
  7. Well he liked my tweet but probably because I said it's my favorite area (true)
  8. Yeah i reckon a DJ who thought of a new name for the festival or maybe Jarvis Cocker.
  9. Nah but some people will be priced out of Glasto if they haven't already been .
  10. You need something to mix up the crowds a bit though, may not be popular on here but elbow Sunday evening slot will go down well I imagine.
  11. I reckon Ed Sheeran for a Sunday secret.
  12. I was actually looking forward to her mainly because she makes me laugh on twitter.
  13. Looks great and more reason to belive full lineup soon.
  14. Earth_pig


    I don't know anyone but Richy Ahmed but I love the area.
  15. Earth_pig

    The Park 2022

    Fleetmac wood, Rob da bank, confidence man, jarvis cocker, 2 bears and warmduscher I'd watch.
  16. when all hope was gone here comes the park
  17. Yeah most people are just working on the gate for there tickets and want to get people in as quickly and smoothly as possible. Never had a problem and my photo looks nothing like me, next year il change it!
  18. Last time I went I took my passport because I look nothing like my photo and still haven't changed it and I was worried. I didn't need it, but I was able to store my passport for the festival in the lockers after giving a small donation but I don't think the donation is mandatory.
  19. As long as it comes with a week to go the full lineup/times can wait, no rush. Imho
  20. As someone had already mentioned, west holts poster
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