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  1. It's very meek you don't need to be into politics to condemn an illegal war. But also I'm not aware of the ramifications of a stronger worded statement though I doubt she's on putins watch list. In short though it wouldn't have harmed for then to hold off for this year.
  2. 2 litres of spiced rum and few bottles of cranberry 1 litre white rum mixed with 1 litre malibu 1 bottle of single malt 12 cans of dark fruit (Il share my spirits)
  3. Oh please if someone has a delicious cider a link to get it would be much appreciated.
  4. I would do that but I'm off camping next weekend to try out the new tent so wanted it for then.
  5. When we say big reveal are we talking times as well or just that giant poster?
  6. Earth_pig

    Kendrick Lamar

    Still undecided I am a rap novice, could be a glasto moment not to miss but may be wasted on me or I could see pet shop boys for a guaranteed but predictable good time. On the day decision.
  7. Is the onsite co op open Wednesday?
  8. If arctic monkeys just did Tranquility Base Hotel then then the capacity would be fine.
  9. Is the co op at the festival open Wednesday?
  10. But I tend to just have a bum bag.
  11. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/10l-country-walking-backpack/_/R-p-156339?mc=8383593&c=GREY_BLUE Got this one for the day it's comfortable can hold enough.
  12. Was less of a pattern before the days of programmed tweets
  13. I agree great lineup usually only spend Thursday at glade but probably more this year.
  14. I'm assuming Gok Wan is a DJ but with Steve Davis playing I wasn't sure.
  15. Earth_pig


    Noooo I've not visited yet
  16. Earth_pig


    They should definitely make that crane base into a cool sculpture that could stay.
  17. Went once when I was visiting glastonbury Town it was a bit awkward not knowing if someone was going to tell you off / where you can walk and this was November time, much better time in glastonbury town and on the tor but did have a nice carvery in Pilton village.
  18. Earth_pig


    Listened on the way to work this morning, excitement building.
  19. I love the rabbit hole track
  20. Eva Lazarus is very good and perfect for the common.
  21. I'd be very happy with Franz doing it like floor filler suggested. Doing a greatest hits tour and are good fun and lively live.
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