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  1. My two friends who I was going with can sadly (annoyingly) no longer go, I never mind going on city breaks by myself but this will be my first festival going it alone, if anyone fancies a pint at any point please let me know! I'm generally quite good company (First weekend)
  2. For future reference mate venues have to legally be able to provide ear plugs when there's gigs on, so just ask at the bar if you forget again 😃
  3. Couple of those after drinking cans of lager gets you bollocksed though, only properly enjoy them if it's hot
  4. Guys I really need those crates of beer. Do trolleys actually effect other people though? Or is it the shite that some people put in them that's annoying?
  5. Have to be Sympathy For The Devil for me, was my first Glastonbury and was in my absolute element watching this near the front. Jaggar wooing, bird spitting fire, Richards solo, red smoke drifting everywhere, didn't know where to look and I loved it.
  6. Could be the funniest thing I've seen posted on this forum haha
  7. I would have 100% have preferred Thatchers but it's a huge step up from mallets (it is different and not a rebrand)
  8. Thank f*cking god it isn't Mallets again, never had such an awful pint in my life.
  9. I think Nandi Bushell would be a shout. In like 10 years
  10. What an absolute ball of positive energy he was on and off the stage, HUGE part of my teenage years, proper gutted by this one.
  11. The atmosphere at The Killers one was 10/10
  12. Thursday. Nicely settled in from the Wednesday, stories from the wednesday to get you through the first hangover, the rest of your group arrives, the gang is finally back together and telling the same old stories but it feels like gold. Wondering around finding the odd band, discovering random places for a drink and a catchup before the day takes a downward spiral after a few too many brothers ciders. Head up to the glastonbury sign and watch the sunset with thousands of other people. Bliss.
  13. Gacheezbo

    2023 Headliners

    I really enjoyed 2013, but thought they were arse when saw them at a festival in 2018, after 7-8 songs me and my friends just went to the bar to watch instead. Then left during first song of encore. Was pretty woeful
  14. Where was this from? I know my group would be more keen to get a carton of wine than pints before headliners, less likely to need a piss and lasts way longer, absolutely ideal
  15. It's a good thing haha
  16. Yeh I'm all over that transition like a bloody rash dabbing down on did i do it right
  17. Literally said this to my mate, part 1 wouldn't sound out of place on 'Pressure Machine', but as you say - I fuck with that.
  18. Yeh I enjoyed the Frank Turner album this morning, can see this track being top of my spotify wrapped for the year. Couple more to listen to today!
  19. Gacheezbo

    Taylor Swift

    The definition of “it ain’t that deep”
  20. Can't say I was a massive fanboy or even knew his real name, but I grew up on Bat out of Hell through my mum, rinsing it on my first mp3 player, and I Would Do Anything For Love was playing in the background in so many home videos. RIP to an iconic performer
  21. Dominic Cummings v Dana White at catchweight
  22. There were a couple of singles I really liked from the first, but yes I feel very much the same about this one, maybe I'll try again this afternoon but yep, I couldn't really tell you anything about any of the tracks on reflection
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