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  1. I'm not sure which one we camped in the last time tbh as it was just whichever gate the coach dropped us off at but it was the quieter one
  2. We went in 2012 and didn't get searched although it was Thursday evening we arrived so pretty busy. Had friends arrived Friday evening who were also ok. It's renowned for being strict though so we may have been lucky..
  3. Does anyone know if there is a camping stall at SGP? Weather looking good for next weekend...bring it on!!
  4. Heading to SGP for my second time. Last went in 2012. Always amazes me that there is no more chat about it on here. It's an amazing festival...it really is beautiful with so much attention to detail. Slightly stressing about searches but we all got booze etc in the last time. Hoping the weather holds up after surviving a very muddy Glasto
  5. I know they upped festival capacity by a good few thousand people a few years back and in 2013 which was my my last festival before this one everywhere was noticeably busier not just the naughty corner and we queued for things and couldn't get in tents where we previously had no issues. A lot of my friends won't go to Glasto because of this. I steered clear of this area until Sunday night when we headed down around 9pm and it was fairly easy to move around probably because a good percentage went to Coldplay then left the site. They really do need to look at the numbers though. Even if I missed out on tickets I'd rather enjoy the ones I did get to without being in dangerously crowded situations
  6. It was pretty good for the festival itself! My first one in 2005 had a biblical thunderstorm which flooded the site and washed away a load of tents and 2007 it pretty much pissed it down for 5 days so yes it can!! I didnt bother trying for a ticket in 2008 as got washed our of 3 festivals the year before. Despite the mud I'm so glad the festival was this weekend and not the weekend before. Glad you had a brilliant time :)
  7. It's just too busy though and you can't get to things like you used to. I'd still risk not getting a ticket to make the experience a LOT more enjoyable and actually be able to see things I wanted to rather than spending hours in queues. I had a 3 year break because of this and while I had a brilliant time at the best place on earth and will be trying for tickets next year the crowding is just downright dangerous at times. Good luck with tickets next year though :)
  8. Totally agree with all of this. They should never have increased the capacity a few years back. It's just made queuing and crowding a nightmare in a lot of places which didn't happen as often before. Again I'd rather miss out on a ticket once in a while but have numbers back to pre 2013 or whenever it was they increased capacity. I always went up to the naughty corner every night in the past but stayed away until Sunday because of the overcrowding. Went down about 9pm til 4am and had a great time but only because so many people left the site early. Also agree on having Wednesday and Thursday tickets. I fondly remember just being able to rock up on Wednesday and have the whole place to yourself but those days are in the past and whilst I know it was down to the muddy conditions this year I would have rather arived on Thursday and not had to have been on the coach for 12 hours then been able to set up camp in daylight. Still had the time of my life but the festival needs to have a good think about this kind of thing. Massive congratulations on your engagement!!
  9. It was my boyfriends first time there and I can honestly say he had a massive grin on his face from start to finish and said he wants to go back every year of his life which was a very good result. He didn't even get to see a lot of things this time so still plenty of exploring to do next time :)
  10. Wednesday we didn't get there until about 10 am then Thursday was a write off for me due to doing my leg in on the way in. This meant going at a slow hobbled pace for the weekend resulting in me seeing only a fraction of what I normally do which was really disappointing at the time. Still I was one of the lucky ones that at least got a golden ticket and that was my 7th visit so have to be grateful for that. The mud didn't put me off thinking it was the best place on earth
  11. 2005 for me personally felt worse for mud after Friday (but maybe that's just because it was my first one) and 2007 was just horrific due to the non stop rain although this kept it sloppier. Problem for me this year was having to do the walk of death twice through it in the dark from Gate A to South Park. I travelled light bit friends who were first timers (and weren't to know what to expect) brought a lot of heavy stuff resulting in a painful groin strain which then made the whole weekend a lot more tricky. Great to see so many people helping each other out when getting stuck though and it's still the best place on earth :)
  12. That could have well been me giving the earful..6 of us gave one guy a massive boo a bit further down then I gave another guy a proper earful just at the back corner of the Glade across from the Glade Lounge. It's not like there aren't plenty of toilets so no excuses!!
  13. We've got friends who went on a coach and got in without traffic. Probably just pot luck
  14. One of the reasons people started heading there so early was because of mahoosive traffic jams think in 2009. Used to be able to walk onto an empty site before then
  15. Hoping for a sunny one there this year!!!