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  1. Seetickets Coach travel

    Have you used the confirmation number from the email you got in October as this is different from the final payment confirmation number. This worked for me and had to be checked on the mobile site
  2. Which campsite? thread

    I read on GlastoEarth that apparently what has been known as Dairy Ground in the past is going to be Paines Ground and vice versa as someone got them the wrong way round years ago. I've camped in what used to be Dairy Ground in the past and this is where I plan on heading this year again which is now relabelled as Paines Ground for 2016 on the map
  3. Coach arriving around 3pm - Which camping field?

    Just read that Dairy Ground is changing to Paines Ground and vice versa so it's going to be Paines Ground by the looks of things. Must let mates know
  4. Coach arriving around 3pm - Which camping field?

    Nice one, think we'll head there again then
  5. So...just got my coach times from See and we have a 10am departure from Manchester which I reckon should give us an arrival time of Wednesday 3pm. I've always been on site for gate opening so have previously camped in Pennards (which I know will be full), Park Home and Dairy Ground. Does anyone have any experience of arriving around this time or later on the Wednesday? Any idea if Dairy Ground would usually still have space or should I consider other fields?
  6. See Coach times up?

    10am departure from Manchester for us. Not as early as I would have liked but hopefully get a better sleep than we would have done if it had been mega early. Never arrived that late before. Hopefully the rest of our group will be arriving earlier to get us a good spot. Regardless we are going to Glasto and thats the main thing
  7. Swedish Log Candles

    i defo would like a couple of these to pick up on the Wednesday
  8. Was that fair?

    My Facebook feed is full of very happy people today. Defo having lots of people trying helps. I got through on my laptop but my brother had already managed to get the tickets so we were lucky.i think it's as fair a system as can be. I've often found it easier in the re sales so don't give up hope
  9. Biggest downer at Glastonbury

    Partying for 4 days in the days leading up to the festival meaning I was already on a massive comedown when I arrived at the festival. Still had good moments but I definitely wasn't on form. 2013, Walking from one group of mates camp in Pennards back to our camp and seeing loads of security and about 20 police around one of our tents. Security opened the tent after hearing a balloon and caught them as they were powdering their noses. 4 mates got taken away and got cautions but let back in to the festival. Our coach that we hired not turning up to take us home. After several hours Lmanaged to grab a seat on a friend of a friends coach (which was also late) which dropped me off about 5 minutes from my house. The rest of our lot weren't so lucky and had to make their own way home.
  10. Got a coach ticket post

    9 of us got tickets from Manchester. We got 6 at our house.Thought the other 3 missed out then turns out our mates Mum got them.Happy days still gonna try on Sunday for my brother and other mates but glad to have ours sorted early doors. Missed the last 2 Glastos so mega excited to be returning. This time with 7 Glasto virgins
  11. Resale

    Think we got one here, it says your payment has been processed but confirmation number??? anyone know if thats all we need at this stage?