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  1. I'm sick to the back teeth of Elrow now tbh
  2. My first Glasto was in 2005 so a good introduction to how the weather can affect a festival. Luckily we were camped up in Dragon Field so didn't get so much as a drop of rain in the tent. Had such a good time that I returned in 2007...that for me was my worst festival in terms of weather with the relentless rain although one of my favourites all round. I was a wuss and didn't return though in 2008 after attending a couple of other festivals that year with similar conditions. Last year our coach broke down on the way from Manchester and by the time we got there it was about 10pm on the Wednesday. Despite me saying to the Glasto virgins in our group to only take what they could carry this most definitely didnt happen (nobody can prepare you though). I had to trek from Gate A to South Park and back 3 times in the very sticky mud which resulted in a rather painful groin strain which then made the rest of the festival a bit tricky to get around in. Despite the mud though 2007 was hands down the worst for me in terms of the conditions.
  3. Absolutely not!!! They do need to look at capacity issues though
  4. I absolutely love Secret Garden Party such a beautiful detailed festival. Lots of full on glittery fancy dress, fun random things to get involved in. Music wise defo more suited if you are into dance music although they do have some bands on. The Saturday night firework shoe is something else!!!
  5. I was lucky and got my coach ticket on Thursday but had a good few people trying for 6 this morning and no luck whatsoever. I've got tickets before for people in the resale and sneaky resales so will be trying then for this same 6 and will pitch in for Efestivellers too. Keep the faith!!!!!
  6. Thank you...I'm going to have a read for future reference. This sounds similar to something that happened a few years back with servers. I'm rubbish with technology
  7. For future reference what is a Host Hack? Had that info from here this morning but didn't know what to do with it?? Got my tickets Thursday but gonna have to try resale for mates
  8. This happened to me yesterday. I hit the back button to the page where I entered the registration numbers and then proceeded from there. I did get the white page at one point but think I just went back again. I got lucky anyway and am off to Glasto
  9. I also got tickets yesterday sat in a traffic jam using 4g
  10. That's a relief
  11. So...I have bagged coach tickets but I used my Mums debit card which is registered to a different address and it didn't ask for her name. Will this be an issue? I've had confirmation
  12. Anytime I've gone the driver has just handed out all the tickets so just get hers then meet her at the gate when she arrives on Friday. Does mean you'll be paying for a coach ticket for her but that's what I'd do
  13. I've done it a few times. This year we got tickets half way through the journey. Ended up with a flat tyre plus got stuck in loads of traffic but we had a legend of a bus driver. He was playing air guitar to ACDC and going up and down the aisle while we were in a jam. Coming back was a bit of a free for all and very badly disorganised but we got on a coach and got home so all good.
  14. I'm not sure which one we camped in the last time tbh as it was just whichever gate the coach dropped us off at but it was the quieter one
  15. We went in 2012 and didn't get searched although it was Thursday evening we arrived so pretty busy. Had friends arrived Friday evening who were also ok. It's renowned for being strict though so we may have been lucky..