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  1. Which cinemas are you thinking of in Brum?
  2. They were shit, but their piss throwing fans were worse. The Specials were brilliant the night before. Really enjoyed The National in 2017 too.
  3. Ah fair one. Wasn't sure whether they'd be enough to sell that one out at normal capacity.
  4. Or neither of these is headlining, and that's still t.b.a.
  5. The Brixton shows were, IIRC, originally planned to be two completely different setlists so I guess it's not inconceivable that they might do HV in full one night, would love to hear it. Probably my favourite of theirs.
  6. Ian Prowse, formerly of Pele, has some duo and band dates announced for the rest of the year.
  7. He's great live, you'll not regret the cost of a ticket.
  8. That whole album by The Meters is excellent. Recommend.
  9. It's deliberate, trying to play down the expertise in their field and making them seem an inconvenience stopping people getting back to normal. That way, if there are any delays, those labelled 'nerds' and 'brainiacs' will cop the blame rather than the wonderful politicians who are rushing to free us. Avoiding blame is even more important with local elections coming up. Happily will be one of tomorrows stats as first vaccine shot was today.
  10. Can see any festivals that may happen this year being filled with pretty much only UK/Irish acts. If only because the profit they're making on each compulsory isolation at £1750.00 per 10 days will be too good to end as soon as it could be. Putting those costs on a band coming in will make it unworkable for a lot of the smaller acts who make up the majority of festival line-ups.
  11. That first glimpse of the site from the shuttle bus. The tent being put up and the first can cracking. The first pint from the Cider Bus. Chai from the Lizard tent in Green Futures. Edited to add: I guess being able to pay the balance in 2022 will be pretty sweet too.
  12. That's harsh! The o2 refunded the whole lot for the London shows.
  13. The way I read that is that these venues/festivals are facing a 2 1/2 year period without income.... that clock started in March 2020, for things to be back and running by the end of next summer at the latest meets the 2 1/2 year timescale. They'll be looking at it in regard to the end of August events in Glasgow. It's not so different to what we're all expecting anyway.
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