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  1. Well, any natural causes that will get rid of the long term sick and disabled would seem to be in line with normal Tory policy so...
  2. Dark Star

    The Who?

    I've mixed experiences of it. If I can get there early enough and get a decent spot it's absolutely fine. I'm not one for going to and from the bar during a show so the steps/sea of people don't bother me. However, having been late arriving to stuff and stuck at the back I can see how bad it can be. What other venues hold the same amount of people, other than the currently out of action Colston Hall?
  3. Dark Star

    Ian Brown

    Would be tempted to see him, it's been a long time since saw him do solo stuff. Whatever year The World Is Yours came out is the last time I saw him, the old o2 Academy in Birmingham (before it moved). That 05 set on the Other was great. The new album is awful though.
  4. The chai from the Lizard tent is amazing. Another vote here for the late night stuff going on in Small World, Lizard and other stages. Love how quiet it is over there too.
  5. £100 for one way from Newcastle? That's a bargain compared to the £74.00 direct fare from Exeter to Glastonbury, a supposedly 2 hour journey (it takes just over 75 mins by car).
  6. Time for a "Former Headliners" stage?!
  7. Playing Exeter on 24 June also.
  8. 2-2.5 hours I'd expect. The Cure played 2.5 when they headlined a couple of years ago. Finished pretty much bang on 10.30. Given PJ are having support acts again I don't see anywhere having sets longer than 2.5 hours.
  9. Dark Star

    Alternative Xmas

    As well as Fairytale, Shane MacGowan is also responsible for this one.
  10. Sadly I think you're right. My first Frames gig was in the acoustic tent in 2003 I think... It is. Saw them September 2018 in a circus tent at Ballintubbert House which really is in the arse end of nowhere. Glen played the night before, two days of awesome music, the House had an outside bar in a chalet thing which opened on to the orchard, just the perfect spot.
  11. I think it's a deal requirement to play BST these days? And really, Alternative Nation, there's more truth in The S*n than on that joke site.
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