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  1. Dark Star

    Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    Blur in 1998 were pretty fantastic, debuting a couple of tracks from the forthcoming 13. Bob Dylan was special but more the event than performance. The other standout for me that year was Taj Mahal. The Music stepping in for Zwan on the Pyramid in 2003 in the sunshine was pretty special. Jimmy Cliff in 2003 on the Pyramid. Orbital's last ever gig headlining the Other in 2004. Television in the John Peel in 2004, or was it 2003, I forget. Brian Wilson in 2005. Standing in knee deep mud to see John Fogerty in 2007 was far and away the highlight of that year for me. Neil Young - Pyramid 2009 - sure the false ending to Rocking In The Free World is still echoing round the trees. Toots & The Maytals - West Holts 2010 (so gutted they didn't get there on time last year) Duane Eddy in 2011 - West Holts IIRC. Hacienda Classical last year.
  2. The whole experience includes getting you and your stuff onsite, setting up camp. Simple solution is don't take more than you can carry. Extra vehicles etc on sites is just a no go. It's muddy enough from just people when wet. And having a Deliveroo type thing on site to bring food to your tent, another experience killer. How often have you gone off to get food only to buy a different meal because it looked/smelled too good to pass up?
  3. Dark Star

    Nine inch nails london show.....

    Did exactly the same, was able to get tickets in the balcony. Trying to get 3 together was a mission. The sale for the Royal Albert Hall could be a tough one.
  4. Dark Star

    Nine inch nails london show.....

    It's not the most reliable...
  5. Dark Star

    Nine inch nails london show.....

    Think the Barbican works the same way, as does Town Hall/Symphony Hall in Birmingham, with members having access to all tickets in advance. No availability for Nine Inch Nails as of now. Whether some were held back for band pre-sale and general sale date remains to be seen I guess.
  6. Dark Star

    Neil Young

    Might have to have a read in Smiths, unless they've done that shrinkwrapping thing again.
  7. Dark Star

    What made you smile ?

    The whole thing, spent in the best company I could have wished for, can't pick any one moment as it'd do the rest down. This thread has my eyes leaking again.
  8. Dark Star

    What do we do now!!??

    Started making plans post festival in the pub on Monday afternoon... looking at a canal holiday.
  9. Dark Star

    The size of the crowds

    That was ugly, almost need a one way system setting up around there at peak times.
  10. Dark Star

    Shepton Mallet traffic standstill

    They must be if they're covered against race discrimination in UK law. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/discrimination/protected-characteristics/gypsies-and-travellers-race-discrimination/
  11. Dark Star

    On site observations

    Too many roids trying to bulk up at the gym most likely.
  12. Dark Star

    The 'Journey to Glastonbury 2017' thread.

    Should be a relatively easy one, I hope. Train from Exeter to Castle Cary, then the shuttle bus to site!
  13. Dark Star

    worried about youngsters and drugs?

    I'm wondering if Neil is just worried they'll decide to start and use up his supply?
  14. Dark Star

    "Really big secret"

    Was a £20.00 per car deposit, refunded on arrival with your confirmation email. Cars all booked out already.
  15. Dark Star

    Liam Gallagher

    Toots & The Maytals for that time slot. Will Varley was the only other alternative, and I'll get loads of chances to see him again.