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  1. Certainly hope so. The one I'm looking forward to is the debut from The Mysterines - Reeling. Think it's out in March.
  2. Dark Star

    The Reytons

    They keep coming up on the next suggested on Spotify after Mysterines, who I've been listening to a lot. Need to investigate further as like what I've heard.
  3. Hoping they might turn up at the farm, 3 nights in a row may not be so hard if only doing a 45 minute or so support slot.
  4. Holding your nerve on these Coldplay tickets until day of show should see some bargains on Twickets. £40 probably secure a GA ticket, especially on midweek dates.
  5. See Tickets has no queue at moment. I looked just to see how many more added today. Reckon 5 is the limit?
  6. Rock In Rio... stage already in place, large crowd. Fits with their attempts to be as eco-friendly as possible. If their live show could also follow the silent disco format...
  7. Dark Star

    Nick Cave

    Festivals and some of their own headline shows in between, wish I'd seen the announcement of Verona. The venue there is stunning.
  8. Do it! There's some reasonable Premier Inn deals for Friday through Monday for £120 or so in places like Hackney, or further out up the Northern Line. The Ballroom gigs finish early, so you could even get the overnight Megabus back to Manchester and save on a nights hotel bill.
  9. Dark Star

    Nick Cave

    I enjoyed Ghosteen as an album, but the live performances had the intensity that, for whatever reason, were not so present on the album itself. Playing those songs in theatres was definitely the way to go. Ending with Ghosteen Speaks was a masterstroke. Balcony Man was, I think, dedicated to the balcony dwellers everywhere. Crazy amount of balcony sections in Cardiff. Looking forward to the summer tour with the Bad Seeds, and wondering where they'll play over here.
  10. Dark Star

    Nick Cave

    Went to the Cardiff show last weekend, last minute decision based on me looking at spotting a front row ticket had appeared on the venue site. Such a great show that they put on. The Ghosteen and Carnage material was really well suited to these size venues, and great to hear a couple of the "hits" (for want of a better term) too. No spoilers because there's still a few dates to go, but may come back and post more once the UK run is over.
  11. Dark Star

    First Gig Back

    First gig in 503 days was Ian Prowse (formerly of Pele) acoustic at the Philharmonic in Liverpool last Friday. This, and the full band gig the next night, were moved into the main room by the venue for safety. Slightly distanced with an empty seat between each "group". Both nights were brilliant, walking back into a venue again on Friday was such a great feeling. Was amazed at how little mask wearing there was on trains which were full and standing. It was like the before times!
  12. The public would vote for this lot irrespective of anything at this point.
  13. And the Olympia too, perfect venue for her.
  14. Gone all the way through this thing, not one ping on the app... this evening as I left the office a notification... self isolate until 23:59 on Sunday. Talk about late notice on day 8, was due to visit my mum as she's just come out of hospital but as she only had one vaccine (was hospitalised when GP would have done second shot and hospital would not provide) but it's a good thing it came through when it did. Weekend of lying on the sofa watching TV for me then. Crazy to think that, in a week or so's time, there'd be no obligation whatsoever for me to pay attention to the app (and indeed an employer would probably want me not to).
  15. The Who have been mentioned already, but their 2007 set for me was right up there among the most boring I've ever seen by anyone. Arcade Fire that year didn't really connect. Went with a mate to see Babyshambles on the Other Stage on year, can't quite recall which, and they were dreadful. BB King got mentioned, and I can understand why, as much as he was a legend he was also clearly very frail and certainly didn't deliver the quality of set I'd seen from him before on a couple of occasions. Great to see some love for the John Fogerty set in 2007, but for that I think I might have gone home on the Sunday morning.
  16. Which cinemas are you thinking of in Brum?
  17. They were shit, but their piss throwing fans were worse. The Specials were brilliant the night before. Really enjoyed The National in 2017 too.
  18. Ah fair one. Wasn't sure whether they'd be enough to sell that one out at normal capacity.
  19. Or neither of these is headlining, and that's still t.b.a.
  20. The Brixton shows were, IIRC, originally planned to be two completely different setlists so I guess it's not inconceivable that they might do HV in full one night, would love to hear it. Probably my favourite of theirs.
  21. Ian Prowse, formerly of Pele, has some duo and band dates announced for the rest of the year.
  22. He's great live, you'll not regret the cost of a ticket.
  23. That whole album by The Meters is excellent. Recommend.
  24. It's deliberate, trying to play down the expertise in their field and making them seem an inconvenience stopping people getting back to normal. That way, if there are any delays, those labelled 'nerds' and 'brainiacs' will cop the blame rather than the wonderful politicians who are rushing to free us. Avoiding blame is even more important with local elections coming up. Happily will be one of tomorrows stats as first vaccine shot was today.
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