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  1. Checking in ? fingers crossed for everyone in April
  2. jb1

    Absolute idiot...

    Think I saw this. If it was the same group that I saw (gold cape girl in the middle of the field a fair way back) I was particularly shocked as the crowd was so sparse, getting to the loo and back could be done super fast.
  3. jb1

    The Cure

    Agreed! Absolutely brilliant ?
  4. jb1

    Miley Cyrus

    Thought it would be a bit average, but was blown away. Loved the covers (wow that voice on those songs..). Thought the way she did the songs more guitar based than normal with her band also worked excellently. Smashed it.
  5. jb1

    Best flags

    Not a flag holder myself, but don’t understand people getting high and mighty about it. How on earth could that be controlled even if it was banned? If it was done on entrance then that brings up a whole new load of issues.. get over it and watch the gig around them, this is Glastonbury. Favourite flag for me was one involving peter crouch doing the robot alongside Theresa May, or the Sir Richard Attenborough rave one.
  6. jb1

    The Cure

    Okay, so I didn’t think I’d even end up seeing them and I only did after some convincing (‘see the festival out together as a group’ etc). God damn. That was good. Far back but our group enjoyed the dancing space. Looked like everyone around us did too. Few questions for you more experienced folk: 1) Why did that sound so perfect but other acts don’t always? Multiple comments among my group on how great it did sound. 2) Why do they not play lovecats? Not an avid fan in the past so not sure what the reasons are. Seems odd, although part of me does thing it is a different vibe from most of what they played (I don’t know them as well as most of you lot keep in mind) Anyway.. apologies if this is drunk rubbish. Still awake in tent (mutual support of our driver home who is naturally not going out). But genuinely interested and massively enjoyed that set. Safe journey home all.
  7. jb1

    TBAs 2019

    Ah shame! Nice detective work
  8. Vintage Trouble, Weezer, The Raconteurs, The Strokes, The Amazons. That said, still tonnes on the lineup I’m happy with so not complaining at all.
  9. jb1

    TBAs 2019

    Could one of the William’s Green Thursday gigs be The Amazons? Was surprised not to see them anywhere on the lineup.
  10. jb1

    Gold Membership Time

    Thanks and nice hats..! I have seen and admired them while lurking. Will be sure to give you a wave on the farm
  11. jb1

    Gold Membership Time

    Just signed up for an account and bought gold after many years of lurking (I know, should have done sooner). Thanks to @eFestivals for creating and running this thing. Lost count long ago of the number of hours I’ve spent reading the forums and checking various festivals’ lineup pages. Apologies for not contributing sooner.
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