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  1. Going to the toilet during lessons.

    What was the consensus there?
  2. General News Discussion

    I don't imagine it'll leave much of a mark on things. Most people reading that will read it will just take it as confirming their already held views (PC gone mad, religious bigots, delete as applicable) and move on with their day, while a few might have a rant about it on Jeremy Vine's show
  3. Football 17/18

    It won't be though. It'll be however long it takes to decide if the goal should be allowed plus the 2 minutes to get back underway. It's not like the players are going to go and stand patiently ready for kick off while they wait for a decision
  4. General News Discussion

    If they have to take 4 paragraphs to tell the invitees that it's not OK to grope the staff then I think that says something about them
  5. General News Discussion

    Very small sample size of one I'll admit, but my incredibly racist, Brexit voting, Enoch Powell quoting, Paul Golding re tweeting brother thinks Trump is a twat
  6. Prime/Netflix me

    Half way through American Vandal. A beat perfect piss take of the True Crime stuff that seems to be about 3/4 of Netflix output. It's abut a kid expelled for drawing dicks on 28 teacher's cars. It's a very funny, very clever and spot on parody of Making a Murderer and Serial type stuff but annoyingly, because it's so well done and I love those shows and podcasts, I really want to know who did it.
  7. What is the best Transportation Facility in London?

    Bloody typical. London gets everything while the rest of us have to make do with buses and trains
  8. Films

    Reading some of those, I reckon some of them are almost happier that they get to hate it. And more importantly, get to tell the world that they hate it
  9. Films

    Excellent rant. Agree about the casino bit Also, it's impossible to read without doing it in Issac Hayes' voice. And adding "You're damn right" to the end of it
  10. Films

    This, basically. It's too long, but then what self important blockbuster isn't?
  11. The Walking Dead

    During the fight with the zombies in the woods with that feller he met at the gas station (?) when Rick scared him off
  12. Things that annoy you ?

    I'm saying that Birmingham council didn't rename Christmas as Winterval. It's a myth that gets wheeled out every year even though every year it also gets pointed out that it's a myth. A damaging myth at that.
  13. Prime/Netflix me

    But make sure you know NOTHING about The Good Place before watching it. Other than that you should. Watch it, that is
  14. Things that annoy you ?

    Did you post that to support what I was saying?
  15. Things that annoy you ?

    See, you've just done exactly the same as my colleague Winterval myth No. Birmingham didn't cancel Christmas that one time even the Telegraph say so And despite one of their columnists repeating it at least once a year, even The Mail admitted they were wrong back in 2011