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  1. The Walking Dead

    Also, man on back of truck with high powered machine gun, could barely hit the road. Daryl one handed on a motorbike with a pistol, perfect shot
  2. The Walking Dead

    He really is going to miss his magic homing tiger.
  3. Michael Eavis and his social housing project

    There's something really satisfying when someone who knows what they are talking about calmly, clearly and in great detail, explains to someone who knows nothing just how wrong they are
  4. General News Discussion

    It's like when Justine Sacco went to South Africa
  5. The Walking Dead

    Ah, now, to be fair, someone we didn't care about died too. I'm sure I wasn't alone in having completely forgotten who he was
  6. General News Discussion

    It'd more likely be people working for the president, protecting "their guy" (and therefore themselves).
  7. The Walking Dead

    This site gives a very detailed breakdown and reckons it's 20 months. No idea (and no desire to work out) how accurate it is and it stops a few episodes short of the end of season 7. Seems even the obsessed nutters doing it lost the will to carry on
  8. The Walking Dead

    Has anyone stuck with Fear the Walking Dead? From what I've read it seems the 3rd season got quite good. Or at least, it got better. I gave up after the first, and nothing I heard about the 2nd made me question that. Just wondering if it was worth giving it another go
  9. The Walking Dead

    I read an article just before the new episode that mentioned 18 months. Although it did also say that the makers themselves were confused by their own timeline. If I'm being honest, I stopped paying attention to details and logic and such a long time ago. I figured if the writers didn't see the need too then neither did I
  10. The Walking Dead

    I think it's about 18 months isn't it
  11. General News Discussion

    I mean it's so hard to tell isn't it? If it is parody then he is spectacularly committed to it. I've seen him linked a few times before as an example of how nuts a brexiter can be
  12. General News Discussion

    I need to work out whether my Granddad relinquished his German citizenship before becoming a Brit. My guess is he probably did (came over in the late 1930s) so my back up plan is to claim asylum.
  13. General News Discussion

    They'd better not give my job to a robot. 20 minutes of it talking to my customers and we've got Skynet happening.
  14. The Documentary Film Thread

    Having watched the first two, I think I'll be OK with just the 10 hours. Plenty to digest in that. Weird that they are doing that though. Agree with Neil about the time jumps. I knew a bit about the lead up to war, so found that stuff really interesting, then suddenly you're in 1968. Very minor criticism though.
  15. The Documentary Film Thread

    Spotted earlier it was starting on BBC4 tonight, although they seem to be doing 2 episodes at a time. I think this would benefit from the more traditional 1 episode a week. As you say, you don't want to binge it. Suppose I can just do that myself