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  1. Similar. Drive down Sunday. Usually stay in a nearby hostel (I work for YHA so get a free stay), then easy drive onsite via a supermarket on Monday. Then stay in another nearby hostel on the Monday so I have time to recover before the drive back up north.
  2. You wouldn't even have time for jet lag to kick in for that. If I remember rightly I arrived about 5/6 days before (with a days delay because fights out of Queenstown were canceled). By the time I got to Glastonbury I was just starting to get over the jet lag but was exhausted from not sleeping properly. Pitched the tent, had a lie down to chill out, maybe 6pm. Woke up 12 (maybe more) hours later. Felt absolutely amazing for the rest of the festival. Even on the night shift.
  3. 'kin hell, mate! If I'd attempted that when I lived in NZ I'd have still had jet lag from the first leg when I was flying back. The one time I flew back for Glastonbury I gave myself a month here
  4. Never managed to get earlies at Glastonbury (Oxfam) but did manage at Latitude last year. Not as good because it's only one day and it's not Glastonbury, but better than nothing. Just hope that's not all my early shift luck used up.
  5. 92%! Fucking hell. The cost of living crisis is the only thing keeping me in my current job. It doesn't pay that well but it includes accommodation where I pay very cheap rent that includes bills. I'd need to earn a hell of a lot more to make that up.
  6. Was the fridge meant for Johnson to hide in?
  7. I've been thinking it's like a slightly rubbish tv show which keeps sucking you back in with crazy new revelations and cliffhangers. It's The Walking Dead essentially.
  8. My deputy manager and his fiancée (who also worked with us) showed an interest in going one year so him and my manager were joking about maybe not being able to give that many people time off. I knew they were joking and I also knew that not realising how hard it was they probably weren't going to sort a ticket anyway but I took the opportunity to make my feelings known "Well, I guess then we'll all find out how much this job means to me" Not been mentioned since and some years they come to me to book it when the new calendar starts
  9. So she is real then? That's a start at least
  10. Yeah, but we know how extra careful he likes to be with this stuff
  11. Annual leave booked. I mean, it's never in doubt. In previous years my manager has come to me to confirm before I've even asked, but still, nice to get it sorted anyway
  12. An old boss of mine basically had zero shame. Was genuinely fascinating to watch close up
  13. All just part of his master plan proving how much smarter he is than the rest if us 4D chess innit.
  14. My job might be shit, but at least I'm not Paymaster General
  15. Just finished the latest Cobra Kai. Brilliantly bonkers as ever. Fair play to the cast for (mostly) playing it completely straight.
  16. Just waiting for "Fuckers never invited me"
  17. Well there's your problem. Surely anyone still a member of Johnson's government lost their last shred of that a long time ago
  18. Supposed to be, but didn't work quite a few times.
  19. There'd be January sales though.
  20. No one missing for covid reasons. We've only had two confirmed covid cases this whole time, (one in the summer and one just before Christmas) with a workforce that various from 25ish in the off season up to 40 odd in peak season. And encountering tens of thousands of people during that time. If I was conspiracy minded...
  21. Maybe tongue in cheek, but depressingly accurate. As much fun as it was to see them take a kicking in the polls, the fact it was for throwing parties rather than, you know, everything else about them, was just shite. And then the swing back just a few weeks later. Who are these people? So bloody fickle.
  22. If she'd just reposted his tweet with the word 'Prick' and nothing else, and then done that repeatedly, then you might have a point
  23. Why go to a party when you can just sit at home in the dark and get drunk by yourself
  24. Yeah, I had quite a bad cold just before Christmas. With the exact symptoms that seem to match omicron. Did take a PCR (negative)even though I'd had negative LFTs. Didn't want to be the guy who meant that housemates and colleagues couldn't go home for Christmas.
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