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  1. The guy in my local chippy was very impressed by my Glastonbury T-shirt. Shame it was the one from 2013.
  2. It was to do with cows. Hence why they wanted the traders to use the compostable bags. It was the farmer who owned sticklinch who insisted on it. No idea if anyone came back to claim, but I worked the last shift on Wednesday and security came round with a big bag of them and dished them out amongst us all
  3. If I get the annual leave sorted I'll be doing Womad this year. Re the original question, one of the joys of having Oxfam priority (and why I'll never give it up) is that this isn't a problem for me.
  4. Post away. be interesting to see
  5. This was way worse than I remember seeing before. Previous years and at other festivals it seemed like the message had got through about how important this is but this year there were loads without.
  6. I just cut them off. Not especially sentimental about stuff like that. Plus, as useful as the EPO is during the festival, that little bit of plastic just becomes annoying after
  7. Finally made it home. Reading these while waiting for my food from the chippie and I am in bits.
  8. Yep. I arrived a bit late to Pet Shop Boys and had to get through a fairly densely packed crowd to get to my friends. Asked nicely, made eye contact, smiled, wiggled, got through really quickly and easily and had minimal impact on the people I was getting past.
  9. No idea what it was like elsewhere but where we were for Macca had plenty of space. Busy enough there was an atmosphere, but enough space that 10 of us had plenty of room for a dance. Sort of inline with the left hand screen, just at the 2nd row of repeaters.
  10. I'm just assuming he got hacked a few days ago. Once he regains control of his account things will return to normal.
  11. Fuck me that was true. And as far from the oxfield as it's possible to be. Think they're in different time zones.
  12. I was working in Sticklinch on Friday over night. Security were kept very busy. They found a big grappling hook in the field at one point. Think they'd already caught the person who used it.
  13. Crowd was fine at Truth Stage. No problems at all. Brilliant set too.
  14. Obviously don't know the figures, but I've worked Ped gates on Sunday before and a hell of a lot do go home early on Sunday
  15. Friend of a friend works on the pyramid. He didn't know. And he usually would. Very few people were in the know
  16. philipsteak

    Sober times

    Took a few of those with me. Very tasty, not great warm though. This was my 8th or 9th sober Glastonbury so really not a big deal for me now (the idea of being drunk just seems so weird, and the idea of having a hangover seems horrific). I'm lucky in that my friends don't make a big deal of if. Some are impressed that I go nearly as hard as they do. Still going 22 hours after getting up for an early shift on Thursday and seeing the sunset this morning after my evening shift Sunday. Felt every step of that walk back up Muddy Lane though. Well done to anyone who managed their first sober one. Hope you still managed to have an amazing time.
  17. Yeah I think he got told we're paying you lots of money for your fields, deal with the crisp packets.
  18. Hiked up Wansfell this morning. First time I've been able to do something that big since I had Covid in April. 480ish metres, climb of about 440 or so. Still got out of breath, but normal out of breath rather than Covid out of breath. Bodes well for next week
  19. And he's really playing the hits this year.
  20. Go back to bed. Probably be fine again when you get up
  21. I'm reading this nine hours after you wrote it. Looking forward to seeing how much snow we'll be getting based on the 153 new forecasts that'll be out by the time I catch up
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