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  1. Things that ur happy about

    how a rather random email I sent to some sisters on the other side of the world about their long-departed brother gave them some comfort on the day their mother had passed away (which I didn't know about).
  2. General News Discussion

    It depends on the year. I think (from memory) I've gone over £20k just once. There's never been "MUCH more", and my employees have always been paid more than me. How about yourself, Mr Three Foreign Holidays A Year?  
  3. General News Discussion

    This tax year, very definitely.
  4. The Dirty Independence Question

    If you want it to stand on its own feet, why are obsessed with a version of indy where it's impossible for it to stand on its own feet?  
  5. Euro referendum Glasto disenfranchised?

    I'd guess that's been decided, but I've no idea what the decision is. There's no real need for an over-night count cos nothing changes immediately, so I'd guess the count would happen the next day.
  6. The Dirty Independence Question

    care to show me the date for the scheduled elections between a yes vote and I-day? What's rubbish is your claim that something else was available. Nothing was, there was only the SNP path to indy, and that would define the structure of your new country. And we all know where that path would have led too. The proposed I-Day is fast approaching, but the funds to pay for the dream just aren't there.    
  7. The Dirty Independence Question

    Comfy has nothing to support his viewpoint, so has to report to posting blatant lies. I'd like Scots to fight for the country they're a part of, not fight for special privileges for their corner at the expense of everyone else.
  8. The Dirty Independence Question

    In the real world that was the only option. The SNP gave you no choice about that.    
  9. Euro referendum Glasto disenfranchised?

    And of course, if we don't like the direction of the EU, we as citizens of the EU are the people to help bring about a change of direction. The idea that we just abandon something we don't like is nuts. It's like saying "I'm giving up voting" because you might not like that the result goes against you sometimes.
  10. The Festivals angry neighbour....

    Nice post bamber. The Land Is Ours. Here's something written a friend of mine - who died about a decade ago, and this is about the only remaining reference to his existence (which only hammers home how transient we all are)..... all about how private land ownership is stealing our birthright. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/diggers350/conversations/topics/93
  11. The Dirty Independence Question

    Flawed thinking. Laughable thinking. Decisions are not better because of where the person is sat when they make that decision. If they were, that could only be because of something exceptional about where they were sat. The best decision comes from the best consideration of the issue, which has absolutely fuck all to do with location. You like exceptionalism in Scotland, but that just says how daft you are.
  12. Euro referendum Glasto disenfranchised?

    Your consistency in thinking 'bad democratic systems' is fair enough. What isn't fair enough is to complain about the lack of democracy in the EU while not being able to put our own house in order. We only have the right to the high moral ground if we're standing on it ourselves. And it's worth noting that those who most-complain about the 'lack of democracy' in the EU are usually the same people who are utterly against making any democratic improvement within the UK. Their complaint isn't really about democracy - that's just a handy stick to beat the EU with, to fool those not paying attention - but about them personally not holding all the levers in power in their own hands via which they can force their own ideas onto the rest of us. The very last thing their complaint is about is 'democracy'.
  13. Euro referendum Glasto disenfranchised?

    100% inaccurate. The British press and the tories do us an awful disservice over this. Before the last Euro elections, each of the two major EP political groupings put forwards their president candidate - all known in advance. Those candidates made tours and presentations in most member states, laying out what they'd do if elected. The winning grouping got their candidate elected - Junker.(sp?). The UK was pretty much ignored by this process tho ... because we've made ourselves 'outsiders'. While one of our major parties (Labour) are part of the centre-left-ish EP grouping, the party in power (tories) are not members of the centre-right grouping, having decided it's better to throw in their lot with nutters and fascists. The UK can be a strong part of the decision making. The UK chooses not to be part of it.
  14. General News Discussion

    I'm earning less than minimum wage. By any sane basis that counts as "a terrible low sum" I'm not complaining about it. It's 100% my choice to keep doing it, and I have a free choice to do something else more financially rewarding. It's simply a real-life example of how not all businesses are coining it, and how 'profit' can mean all sorts of different things. The fact of my mortgage lives mostly on my wife's salary and not my own, tho I still manage to pay my half-share just as I always managed to pay my rent by myself in previous circumstances (which was more than my half-share of the mortgage). It's done by going without other things which many others class as the basics.
  15. Prince doing Hendrix @ Isle of Wight

    because a lot of prince today is bad heavy metal...?