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  1. Next Announcement thread

    I won't know for sure until it appears, but I have good reason to think its scheduled to be announced at 10.30 tomorrow.
  2. General News Discussion

    the only people who get the advantage of those free fees are the people who take them up. There's other ways to help the poorest than by channelling most of the money towards the richest, which largely is the effect so far. OK, fair enough - tho the funding for non-Uni courses has been another place where the money for free Uni has been taken. Whatever the reasons for why Uni intake spread in Scotland is so poor, the effect so far of free Uni has been to channel money towards the better off at the expense of the poorest, and the pragmatist in me riles at that. And in a Scotland where so many seem to spend so much time whining about the problems Westminster has heaped on it, that seems a rather strange priority.
  3. Virus alert

    The short answer is: if it was that easy I'd have gone already. It's a far from perfect situation, and I have to work my way thru it the best that I can.
  4. Are we In or Out?

    some say they're in, and others say they're out.
  5. Virus alert

    I can only tell them it's not acceptable. It's simply not possible to stop, unless efests only ran ads booked directly with them - which wouldn't earn enough revenue and would see here have to be shut down. I have got someone on the case now, so hopefully he'll get the problem identified and stopped soon.
  6. Are we In or Out?

    Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is the thing to watch out for. There's a lot (most) of what Blair did I disagreed with, but one thing I don't disagree with him about: no one will thank you for making them poorer. I admire your optimism that "a worldwide leftward drift is possible in the next generation" tho i don't really see any hopeful signs, I see more of the opposite. Tweaking at the edges will be about it, I reckon.
  7. The Dirty Independence Question

    We went round this a week or two back. Someone round here found reasons to condemn. 'Tis quite funny how Sturgeon's frozen Hosie out, tho.
  8. Are we In or Out?

    Solely by the EU? By that I don't mean that good cause's sole income. I mean is the chunk of money that's come via an EU funding initiative come solely from EU funds? (as opposed to really being something like "you can have this 20% if your own govt puts in the other 80%) I'd be interested to know of some examples, if your answer to that is yes.
  9. Virus alert

    i notice that there's lots of mentions of virgin as a home provider (for wifi), and I'm not able to replicate the problem on my mobile devices via my broadband from another provider. So i'm wondering if anyone having the problem that's using wifi which isn't virgin cable? Previously these issues have been targeted only at phone network users, so maybe they're now being targeted at virgin users.
  10. The Dirty Independence Question

    The story isn't "SNP baaad", it's "SNP the establishment" and "SNP just like everyone else". To laugh in the face of those who once proclaimed them a different kind of politics. It's another one of those 180 degrees u-turn things that is now standard stuff for every snipper, them cheering the very things they used to condemn. (I'm looking forwards to Michelle Thompson being cleared to criminality for more of the same )
  11. Next Announcement thread

    I can tell you I'm not. I'm Not sure what Scott's up to after his (radio 1) Big Weekend, tho I'd guess a well-deserved day off. What I know he's not doing is looking at the official line-ups. Sometimes we get them slightly early, tho with Glastonbury then 'slightly' has never been more than about an hour as far as I can remember. I doubt we'll see it before anyone else tomorrow.
  12. Are we In or Out?

    I'd say you've got a little logical fail going on there, at least from one angle. If you buy into the 'union' idea it automatically becomes the 'best for the UK' even while your own wants might not be always be the winning idea. It's around that angle that my own support for the EU comes, despite it being a million miles away from The World Ruled By Neil. I find hope in the idea that an extreme idea gets less likely to 'win' as you make the group bigger that it has to win over - and in humanity's timeline will flatten out some of the wilder variations. It's my own belief that the only 'socialism' that'll work will be the amount of 'social' that 'the people' will support in enough numbers. If Marx was right then we'll only get there by violent and destructive revolution, but if he wasn't then us people need to get our act together - with the emphasis on 'together'.
  13. Are we In or Out?

    PMSL at the first bit - which is your second bit. If the UK govt doesn't want to grant money via the EU, it simply refuses to chip in as it's obliged to for the EU to part with its bit of the money. That's how the system works. There is only EU money if there's also UK money. And the bit that comes from the EU used to come from the UK, but the power was transferred (along with the UK money to fund the bit that comes back again). In your version of the world, the UK decided to give the EU a power it doesn't want the EU to have, and also allowed the EU to define how the UK spends its own money.
  14. Are we In or Out?

    Not state provided healthcare. It's specifically excluded and has been since February. True ... but which is stronger? The 500 million people of the EU, or the UK's 60M who keep voting for tories?
  15. Are we In or Out?

    The UK didn't ever grant money to charities & good causes before the EU? FFS, I despair. We might have shit govt, but if they're really as shit as you're imaging and want everyone but the rich to die, do you think they'd be happy members of a club that did these sorts of things that helped the poor to live? If the UK govt didn't support the projects that "the EU funds", do you know how they'd stop the EU funding them? It would be by refusing to make up the rest of the money, which then makes the project ineligible for any EU money. It's a breeze for the UK to stop - and save money from - if the UK wants to stop them.