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  1. this year - already - we've had the attempt at a relaunch and the confusion his mixed messages caused (which now seems to have been given up on again), and then the serial rebel attempting to whip the party over the most controversial vote most current politicians will encounter. Neither have done his rep any favours, and both have lost him support. And while I agree with Corbyn that Labour had to take a party line that backed brexit, that's lost both him and labour an awful lot of support - and particularly from many of the 'new enthused' members.
  2. oh, i say that because I'm presuming glasto fully-filled their allocation. From my emails with emily, and from what she said to me last night, I only got in because someone cancelled, which freed up a space -which i was favoured enough to get.
  3. I presume that foos didn't fill all of their 400 spaces, which left room for others to be let in. Whether that was by design or not, I've no idea. They do a fair number of smaller shows, so maybe they always leave some space for walk-ups?
  4. The writer probably thought a rumour he'd heard was confirmed info, and any checkers were probably thinking others would do their jobs probably and so cover their own slackness. Friday night, lots of things to be distracted by - including a foos stream - etc, etc, etc. Just normal humans, who sometimes fuck up.
  5. I'm not a big fan, but that doesn't stop me from seeing they're (normally) a step above the average rock band. I've seen them 10-ish times before, and I thought last night was the worse. Not dreadful or anything, but mostly short of having the 'special' I've seen them have previously.
  6. apparently, there were 700 in total. And that was split as 200 glastonbury 'tickets', 400 foos 'tickets', and I guess the other 100 was 'guests' (the queue I was in). Many of those with glastonbury 'tickets' and on the list had committed to attend something that night one or more weeks ago, so it was never going to be band-fans-only.
  7. all the TV coverage fine detail stuff (bands) is done after the announcements, as far as i'm aware. And anyway, there's a huge separation between TV production and the news department who would have done that article.
  8. An awful lot of those members have now fallen out of love with him again, for one reason or another. Even a sizable chunk of those who voted for him first time didn't the 2nd time. As for Labour membership, there was a big growth, but where things are now is another thing ... and masked by the way they don't count someone as a lost member until quite a time after they've stopped paying their subs (on the basis that it might only be a temporary lapse, a fair-enough thing to do). The problem is another good-enough candidate. With Jezza mostly surrounded by the not very good, there's not much space for the decent to break into.
  9. there's what the Labour Party has always stood for - getting elected to make a difference - and then there's Jezza's ideologically-pure version of what it should be. The two aren't compatible. As for 'fight amongst themselves', the problem there is Jezza. When IDS was tory leader and there was a vote of no-confidence in him by the MPs he was meant to be leading, imagine how you'd have ridiculed him if he'd said "they're not giving me a fair chance, I'm staying". All of the arguments can be made for who got Labour to where we are now, but none of them change the real position - where the electorate know that Jezza doesn't and won't ever have the necessary support of his own MPs, and the party become unelectable as a govt because of it. Nothing of that can start to be fixed until jezza has gone. Even the stuff about changing the direction of the party for another leader doesn't wash, because jezza (in the position he's in) doing it only ensures its overturn with the end of his leadership, whereas a new 'left' leader now could still carry some of that forwards.
  10. I don't think there was a large proportion of journos, but they weren't all 'hardcore fans of the band', either.... plus, with plenty of glasto affiliated people (staff, etc) they've probably seen every band going, anyway. Last night was fun, but I thought that was the worst I'd seen the foos. They were plodding at times, the band were deferring to Dave too much in how they were playing, and Dave vocals got a bit iffy too many times ... but I guess that's maybe how they are when they've not played for a while. Dave mentioned they'd had an amount of rehearsal, tho perhaps it wasn't much more than a quick run thru a few songs. I happened to speak to someone who knew the man who'd put the whole thing together, and they'd been first told about 'a big show' 6 weeks ago (they were only told who a week ago), so presumably it was 6 weeks ago the whole thing was started to be put together.
  11. I think it's reckless, cock-up, low journalistic standards, whatever. Take your pick. I don't think it's because they already have access to info from glasto of what will be announced in the future.
  12. Email me, will sort anything owed
  13. Its not embargod info. Press man reaction wouldn't have been a shrug
  14. Nailed.
  15. I've no idea. And neither do the Beeb. They'll get info, but not weeks in advance