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  1. it's an absolutely indisputable statement of UKIP's position, just as your statement was the same for the SNP. We both know that plenty of supporters of both parties have the same issues with those party policies.
  2. true, tho YOU say other countries should help Scotland polish its refugee halo by paying Scotland's NATO contribution so Scotland can spend a bit of money on refugees and a lot more of it on rich Scottish people. Is that a bit too joined up for you? Sorry about that. I'm quoting your glorious leader ads it'#s her who claims it for scotland. Along with more money from the parts of the UK that are not as rich as Scoltland. official SNP policy is: putting Scotland first at the expense of others in the UK You do know that, yes? that's merely about playing politics. If Scotland is the carey-sharey you claim and not introspective, it would be happy to share and you wouldn't be saying that poorer countries should pay Scotland's NATO dues. It's a slogan. It's a slogan Sturgeon acts to. Otherwise, she wouldn't have demanded that the most-preferential formula was used for the new Barnett calculations while also claiming Scoltand as the richest part of the UK. She does it, and you back it. It's a slogan you act to too.
  3. If that were all it was, you'd be able to wave your flag of morality with honesty. do you not think that lowering Scottish demands would reverse that "stealing"? Indy isn't necessary for Scotland to do the right thing. I've not said differently. But ... UKIP says immigration is good too, yet your glorious leader is probably lumping them in with the others. In fact I suspect it was UKIP at the forefront of her mind. if you want to Increase tax revenues all scotland needs to do is use the powers it has. That you voted to not use. Tho you're quite happy to demand more from the UK while Scotland claims itself as the richest part of that UK.
  4. Yep, in effect it does. It says "stop spending money on refugees in the UK and give that money to Scotland instead because Scotland demands more" - and the more is always at the expense of something else. Scotland already claims itself as the richest part of the UK, so perhaps you might tell me why Scotland deserves more at the expense of others...? The essence of SNP policy is without doubt isolationist. What don't you understand about how nationalism is *only* about "me first"? If Scotland didn't want to put itself first, there'd be no need for a party that stands on the platform of putting Scotland first. Putting yourself first is not carey-sharey, it's about the opposite of that. Putting yourself first is always about putting yourself first. FFS.
  5. as someone who follows politics closely - rather than posts morons from twitter - i know with certainty that the problem of racism and xenophobia within SNP supporters is hugely greater than any anti-semetism amongst Labour supporters. In case it's passing you by, I'm not particularly saying that the SNP has an over-representative collection of morons compared to what you might find in other places. My comment was in reply to what you posted about Sturgeon calling out racism elsewhere - while pretending none of it surrounds and supports her as it does those others.
  6. Trump puts America first, at the expense of others in the world. Sturgeon puts Scotland first, at the expense of others in the world. Care to tell me what I've nissed there? They're both about local privileges for local people. just last week we had LJS posting to say that other members of NATO should pay Scotland's share, so that Scotland can spend it's money on Scotland instead ... while we have Trump saying that all NATO members should pay their fair share so the USA can spebnd its money on Americans. Of those two, Trump is the more honest - cos at least he's not saying the USA won't pay its share. meanwhile, what about what I actually said - and not what you've just made up....? Is there any reason you've thrown in squirrels to hide stuff with....?
  7. The Labour Party has anti-racism procedures in place and as a policy, are pro semites. I guess Corbyn shouldn't have called out the anti-Semites after all....?
  8. I didn't compare her with Trump - tho there's plenty of similarities there too ("Make America great agains" vs "putting Scotland first". Spot the difference? There's no difference to be spotted) - but pointed out the problem of racism and xenophobia that exists within a not-insignificant minority of both of their supporters. Trump has called his out and disassociated himself with them. Even Corbyn has called out the anti-semites within Labour. While Sturgeon goes around pointing out the racism elsewhere but never at home - and there's no SNP supporter who's not well aware of it. Racism is racism is racism. It's only the likes of you who thinks there's good racism and bad racism, and constantly show your double standards each time you do. (just to be clear, I'm not claiming the SNP is a racist party, but I am claiming its party that's very deliberately shutting its eyes to the racists within it).
  9. Perhaps she could start at home, by calling out the not insignificant element within her own party? It's a subject she has NEVER touched on. How come you say, zahidf, that Trump has to do it (tho then said it was meaningless when he did), yet you don't say the same for others with no less* of a problem? (* a same problem with xenophobia and racism, not in how it's displayed). The only bad racists are those on 'the other side' ...?
  10. it happened about a decade ago
  11. Someone passed me info on both acts. If everything he told me is kosher then it's absolutely certain that Ed is playing, while he's also heard via other directions that Foos are too (so is less certain cos it's more gossipy). There's reasons why I've not marked them as TBC's in the line-ups, tho I hugely doubt there's anything wrong with what I was told.
  12. without getting into the wrongs of it, paying someone off to make a problem like this - the last sort of problem anyone wants - go away is an obvious solution. And in the case of Chelsea I believe its the case that the abuser had already died, so there's no possible prosecution if they'd taken it to the police. I suspect paying people off has gone on at a lot of clubs, perhaps even the majority of them.
  13. thanks to the people who've ordered mugs already, all orders made before now have been posted.
  14. is that dave grohl or Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen?
  15. yep, it's probably that - the glasto pages go into overload-mode when there's other big sales happening on their system.