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  1. if the English media don't hold the English game to account, no one else will. C'mon, don't shoot the messenger. We all know there's dodgy dealings in the game, and presumably we'd all like to see them stamped out...? At the end of the day it's robbing all of us, because we all contribute to the game in some way (even if only via the TV licence or advertising spends), and it's not like the robbers need the money cos they're starving. If this is the time it finally gets cleaned up, good, tho it's pretty clear the FA would rather deflect things into stories about their naughty manager than have the focus turned on them.
  2. yep, apart from about 5 minutes where people thought she was hugely interesting.
  3. I'm not particularly put-off by anything of that announcement, in stil in the same place of thinking they might be at Glasto. My info is independent of stuff like that, and I'll repeat: it comes from an excellent source. (but i'll also repeat that sources like that have been known to be wrong all the same, so there's no way I'm guaranteeing it's correct).
  4. If she wants an election, just about every MP will vote to have it. Labour (Corbyn!) has already committed to supporting a vote for an election, because no democratic party can sensibly vote against democracy being exercised. (rather amusingly, only the SNP voted against holding the EUref, which I reckon allows the same back at them in the future if Westminster were so inclined ). If I were May, I'd have it too. It would remove all the issues of having a small majority and give her legitimacy - cos it's worth noting that 'installed' PMs tend not to do too well at the following election if there's a few years before it happens. The way I see it, the upsides outweigh the downside by quite a lot, but I guess some tories will be worried about a local brexit backlash like you mention.
  5. if they're that in-demand, surely someone is likely to be waving big wonga at them for an exclusive...?
  6. In which case, surely it makes sense to do it sooner than next year? After all, an election now would be a guaranteed win. If they waited for a bit, there's the possibility - however big or small - that Corbyn (or even another party) might gain some momentum with the general public and put that guaranteed win in doubt. Waiting will also look opportunistic, because if May needs a public mandate then she needs it before doing anything, not after having done X, Y, & Z. Much as May has been handling it so far. That 'brexit means brexit, now fuck off and stop asking questions'. We might not like her "I'm not telling you anything" approach, but even if she said what she was aiming for she couldn't guarantee it anyway, so saying nothing or saying something end up as much the same. - that we wouldn't know what we'd really get. She can bat all the problems around that back on the public, because even a sizeable chunk of remainers (me included) think the govt should pursue brexit in light of the result. If the public's vote in the referendum means fuck all, then so will all general election votes. (note: I said 'pursue', which doesn't mean I think they should definitely conclude with an EU exit)
  7. i reckon the time of gaga has gone, and she exists now only as a mildly interesting oddity. In which case headlining isn't going to be her thing.
  8. interesting that Corbyn is putting Labour on a 'war' footing, saying he thinks there might be a general election next year and Labour needs to be ready. I personally think that if an election is coming anytime soon, it's going to be called immediately after the tory conference, tho I can also see reasons - tho lesser reasons - for why next year could be right. The way I see the most likely options panning out is with either the tories wanting a mandate for May by having an election soon (in which case the sooner the better makes most sense), or they'll want the electorate to carry its own mandate for brexit, where the tories will attempt to claim that anything that goes wrong isn't their fault but a consequence of what the public asked for. An interesting side issue from the an-election-next-year idea is that it tells any members wanting to deselect their MPs to get on with it fast, so i reckon it'll be in full-flow before xmas.
  9. ah, that's Scott's doing not mine. We discussed adding her, but not where she might be added. I personally probably would have gone for unknown stage, tho Pyramid is a very reasonable assumption so I won't be asking him to move it; the only other sensible sounding option is Other Stage. And while she might end up appearing in Shangri-la again they certainly wouldn't have the budget to book her unless she was already on site via a major booking for a major stage .
  10. You missed out the more-important bit towards this particular topic... Combined with the wink bit, it sounds to me like he was told off the record that she's playing.
  11. Me, I'm firmly of the idea that two of them are Radiohead and Stone Roses. In the normal scheme of things I'd expect the 3rd act to be a younger one - Sheeran is the obvious guess - tho at the same time I don't think a younger act is a certainty, particularly if an act such as Daft Punk were available.
  12. yeah, but his default is to say nice things. I've never really taken those "I'm flattered to be linked with it" words as him really showing an interest, I think that's just him being respectful to the country where he works.
  13. it's from a tabloid story (I forget which), where the writer claims she gave him the wink - but which also makes clear she wouldn't be the headliner. There's stuff about how it's written that makes me think it's more likely true than not.
  14. Would Wenger want it? I'm under the impression that the only thing which might prise him away from Arsenal would be the French job.
  15. Yep, he's a dogmatist, and would continue down a clearly-failing path 'just because' his dogma tells him it's not a fail. Which pretty much sums him up with his whole political career to-date, as it happens.