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  1. But the pressure is growing all the same. Parking the bus at Liverpool and then rolling over at Chelsea - and it was rolling over, the players didn't look like they were trying too hard - plus a loss tonight to City are not what's expected of Utd manager, and going backwards after LvG had started to turn things around just adds further to that. So he's trying to take the pressure off.
  2. the rumour I heard - no idea if it's true, tho I've decent reason to think it is - is that Radiohead were lined-up to do R/L this year, but then pulled out at the very last moment (just about contract signing day). Everything I heard about GnR for this summer was that they very definitely were not coming this side of the pond, so I have a bit of difficulty believing they were the act that pulled out.
  3. PS: also saying to the Man Utd bigwigs... "You can't threaten me with the sack for being crap, cos i'm telling you I'm nearly gone already". But it's really Moaniho pleading to keep the job, and not him saying he's off.
  4. it's not weird at all. It's a sympathy story that he's planted. Feel sorry for him, and don't notice that the team is crap.
  5. No, cos it's Manchester's fault for not being based in London where he lives. The poor guy, he hadn't realised it was outside of London. As I suggested above, the timing of this 'sympathy' story - a story the Moan will have driven - suggests to me it's about covering his arse for the poor play.
  6. much less so. While the tickets are at the expensive end of things for small halls, it's small halls where there's much less revenue in the first place compared to the big shows that Santana do. But having just looked at those prices I'm thinking it's quite possible that they're outside of WH's budget, tho these things can depend on how much a band might be willing to bend on price.
  7. Yep ... and is it a surprise to see the stories this morning, about how it's Manchester's fault that Utd aren't performing well? He's getting his excuses in early for toinight's loss, and getting his defence in early for the shitstorm that's about to kick off about his skills as manager.
  8. There's a lot of fuss this morning around an anti-brexit speech May gave. She was against brexit, who knew...? But I'm rather amazed at some of the comments about it, that she's ignoring the economic impact, as tho her wants about that should over-ride all other things. Cos the simple fact is, people were aware they'd be an economic impact but voted out anyway. May is recognising the vote of the public above her own views, and as a simple matter of democracy there's fuck all wrong with any democratic leader doing that. Are there really so many people who think an economic argument should trump everything else? I don't like the decision and direction, but I do like democracy respected. Despite my views on Scottish indy and how i'd think them mad from an economic point of view to go for it, I certainly don't think all ideas of indy should be revoked on the basis of those economic arguments. If Scots wish to punch themselves in the face they're welcome to, and my view for the UK with brexit is no different. It's for 'the people' to decide the direction, and they suck up the consequences of their choice, either good or bad.
  9. You should have known as soon as he said he was plastering Eavis's house. Cos a house only a few years old isn't going to need plastering.
  10. based on the standard Santana UK ticket price, I just can't see WH having the budget to be able to book him. The only hope, I reckon, would be if Michael booked him from a different budget and 'gave' him to WH.
  11. I'm rightfully dismissing the proven arguing-against-themselves Cuthberts and that economics professer who knows less about one part than you or I. So your list of experts that I'm wrongfully dismissing are.....? Cos otherwise it's you proving my point.
  12. and the new matey at Liverpool is showing - or even De Gea with that first goal on Sunday - there's not really that much stiff competition. (I'll make clear to avoid the inevitable argument that I think DdG a better goalie - but not necessarily that much better. That mistake on Sunday wasn't too likely to be a Mignolet mistake, for example).
  13. that's just increased the vote against indy.
  14. I'll ignore the rest of your denialist untruthful guff - I'm well practised at it - and just comment on this piece.... ...where you don't have any independent experts on your side - not a single one - tho you do have the the indy-supporting arguing-against-what-they-used-to-say biased Cuthberts, who only have fame in the first place because of the need of snippers to grasp at absolutely anything. (Oh, you also have that Scottish economics professor who doesn't even understand what the oil revenues are as his fantastic letter to the FT made clear) While you support a woman who says that brexit would be an economic disaster - I don't disagree - but refuses to demonstrate that her own economic plans are less of an economic disaster. in fact, while she pronounces on the economic disaster of brexit, she doesn't have an alternative plan at all, she doesn't have an economic plan at all, and so is unable to suggest anything better. The only gun in her armoury is to shout loudly that Scotland was against brexit as tho it means something tangible, while the reality is that it only means something tangible to a sovereign entity - which Scotland is not because the people of Scotland decided to not be a sovereign entity. So you're left grasping ridiculousness.and a flag.
  15. One unified govt on a small island makes a lot of sense, from a number of very good angles. For the very same reasons I'm all for a united Ireland, should the people want it. What the structure of such a govt might be as perfection is a different argument, tho it's unlikely to a system where individuals in one group have ten times the power of individuals in another group as is often heard suggested these days. From one angle I agree with, and yet .... I have the facts on my side. You only have denial of those facts on yours. You're like Nigel's best mate. Agreed. You used to say the best outcome was a society that looked after its poor. Now you celebrate their increasing poverty as a step nearer to indy. You've forgotten what got you where you are, and swapped it for pure emotion. If you want admiration for your intelligence, you have to be worthy of it. Just as i'd be happy to express that admiration, I'm happy to point out flaws. Get over it or smarten up. It's much more laughter than intention to insult. If I hear something funny, I'll laugh. Just because my humour might operate on a different wavelength doesn't make it like you imagine it to be. Thing is, every time i try adult you end up doing the childish thing when you get an awkward question. Normally it involves a video. And having a adult debate on the facts is hard when you won't accept any facts, because they're all a bit too awkward. But if you've given up the kipper thing of rejecting the experts, we can always try again...?