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  1. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Surely you can remember a UK without bottled water? And that it's a luxury over other sources of water? Do you think the developing world was buying luxuries? death from drought has always been a relative rarity thank gawd, even in dry countries. Another method of storing and transporting water improves things in emergencies, of course, but ... It depends on the 'bottle'. Plastic is destroying the planet. Just as with climate change we're far far too late over something we've always known, but the sooner and stronger its addressed the better - and that should mean no disposable plastic, for anything.
  2. General News Discussion

    In completely different news, Amazon has announced it's quitting the ticketing business in the UK. YESSSSS!!!!! They were one of these companies who thought they had it made in one area so could clean up in others. It's just been proven that we're not the corporate-loving whores they thought we were. This msg is sponsored by eFestivals, 20 years online and still here.
  3. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    and yet less than 30 years ago the whole world managed without bottled water. - which suggests they've been scammed no less than anyone else. meanwhile, the wife said to me last night "we've just woken up to 'all plastic is bad', yet everyone has known that for the last 40+ years". Us humans, we're fucking stupid.
  4. General News Discussion

    And just on cue, the proof that Jez is dragging down labour support. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/blog/live/2018/feb/21/tory-mps-urge-theresa-may-to-ignore-demands-of-brexiter-unicorn-chasers-politics-live?page=with:block-5a8d4222e4b09ad4e4534cfc#block-5a8d4222e4b09ad4e4534cfc
  5. General News Discussion

    Green was being doorstepped on a Sunday, by press including the BBC. Cox had his late wife's family make a supportive statement, and has been left alone. Spot the difference? is your squirrel your admission of Corbyn's guilt? Coordination between strikers' and in-Govt Labour? You're not old enough, but google 'beer and sandwiches', and then apply your own (lack of) thinking. But hey, you'll be alt-right on the night. Oh, too late.
  6. General News Discussion

    only because he proved himself a dick beyond the original allegations.
  7. General News Discussion

    he's not being hung out to dry either, or pursued endlessly - in the way Green was. if that's your definition of guilt, you make Trump look smart.
  8. General News Discussion

    Yep, it might be the same bullshit thing (except there is a basis in fact for the Jez story, there never was for birtherism). But whatever, it's got to be dealt with in some manner, either by full ignoral or by making a comment about it. I don't think jez's comments have helped, i think they've made it a bigger thing. Do you disagree? If so, why? His words haven't shut it down, they've given it new life. Was I? Or is that another thing you've made up? I don't doubt politicians try and prompt papers into action, and i don't doubt that papers sometimes go with it, but co-ordinated attacks? I reckon you don't understand the press. Do they? First he has to sue, and he's been a bit shy of that so far (apart from going for the easiest of targets, which looks dodgy in itself). it'll go viral in the echo chambers where it won't make a blind bit of difference. There's not a jot of evidence (yet) against Trump of collusion, and he's not (as far as we know) named in official spying documents. On top of the damage caused by the story, there's also the damage caused by people like you going the full Trumper in how you're responding. Think about it!
  9. General News Discussion

    Brendan Cox - quietly filed away with suggestions of very decent man who once did something minor he regrets, and hoped it's forgotten. Comment piece on the Guardian today: Damian Green is back after just two months. Are memories so short? I'll remind you that of the two it's Cox who has admitted to bad behaviour (with suggestions that worse has been brushed under the carpet), while everything (sexual) against Green is unproven (and even if true is lesser than any sexual assault). I think your 'exaggeration' claim is put to bed.
  10. General News Discussion

    Longer than that, isn't it? It started the day after BoJo's brexit speech. And it had been dying away, with everything already said. Jez has given it fresh life. But it's not the tories, it's the papers. You might think them the same thing (and they often are), but it gives a clear line of separation between the tories and the story, and (experienced) tories commenting on it are likely to 'ask questions' rather than explicitly call Corbyn a spy. I'm rather stunned (or perhaps not ) that you cannot recognise that everything works in the same ways around it as you work towards Trump.
  11. General News Discussion

    It works on the people it'll work on. Chip, chip, chip. except of course it's not really the tories chosen attack line, it originated in the press. Has Corbyn's video helped the story go away, or has it given it fresh life?
  12. General News Discussion

    if 80s Labour MPs were being recruited, those would be at the top of the list for recruitment. If you don't understand that, you understand nothing of this story. Even today Corbyn hates 'the West' and loves the enemies of the west. Has that passed you by? and Corbyn is supposedly a principled socialist. Care to say why it would be impossible that he might help a socialist state?
  13. General News Discussion

    nope, not necessarily. There's all sorts of different reasons why they might not have, often based around what the spy was wanting to achieve for themselves (wonga, often). I think it's more-likely that it would be in the files, but the absence isn't beyond-doubt proof of no-wrongdoing by Jez. When Trump or sidekick meets someone suspect, that's proof of guilt to you. I'm sure the spy met lots of people. I'm less sure he'll have had 3 meetings with many MPs. As i've already said, there'll be a reason for the 3 meetings, because no one meets for a waste of time. You might well be right, but hey - that's how it might be with Trump too. I don't give a shit about the story either way, because it doesn't change my view of Jez. I understand the '80s socialist' thing, and this story (true or not) doesn't impact into my view of it. But i'm well aware that there's the prejudicals who think their enemy guilty by default. And I reckon Jez has stoked the fires, and not pissed on them.
  14. General News Discussion

    It's far from impossible. If you'd lived in the eighties you'd under why it might have happened. A tory MP was recruited as a spy for the soviet bloc. Do you think it's less likely a Labour MP might be?
  15. General News Discussion

    some MP/spies were definitely paid. That's MP/spies whose names appear in those same files. So yes, there's reason to think it might have happened, because it was the sort of thing that might happen when a politician met a spy. It's a valid question for people to ask.