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  1. General News Discussion

    care to say why any govt should give much of a shit about illegal immigrants? (I don't mean they're free to beat or kill them, I mean treat them in a way to match their status - to find them and deport them [with due process, of course]) ps: I notice you chose to drop the word 'illegal' from your comment, despite it being within what you quoted. Any reason why?
  2. General News Discussion

    Alternatively called "enforcing the immigration rules". Such an evil thing it's done by every other country in the world. The problem is not an enforcement regime, it's not even the immigration rules. It's the lack of support for those who are already known about who are not yet documented that have a right to remain. Jesus, how long till people get it?
  3. General News Discussion

    do you think it's best if some people have access to particular treatments while others don't get access to the same treatments? A fundamentally unfair system within something which is meant to be communal. Cos that's what localisation is about.
  4. General News Discussion

    and? It's a place for local laws for local people. Who then complain about the postcode lottery.
  5. General News Discussion

    It's the whole bleedin' reason for their existence - local things for local people. And for anyone confused about it, the 'row' over repatriated EU things proves it solidly. Common policy for the greater good is out of the window in favour of local things for local people.
  6. Football 17/18

    There's been no indication over the last few years that Wenger's time is about up for a whole host of reasons.
  7. Football 17/18

    Have you stopped saying that Moyes will be?
  8. Football 17/18

    ooo, good call. After 12 years he might be ready to move on.
  9. Football 17/18

    I reckon they might have the best regarded managers queuing up, much more so than Chelsea will. Utd have to get some respect for going off-piste in appointing Moyes, but Arsenal are a bit luckier as I don't think they have the same 'we'll try to repeat the last manager' pressures on them. It sort-of frees them up to take whatever decision they think is best to go forwards from now.
  10. Football 17/18

    he might not have the trophy haul of fergie, but his influence on the game in England could be considered about the same, I reckon. He was the guy who changed it from beer and fags.
  11. General News Discussion

    but not smart enough to back up what was claimed about me. Yeah, nothing about doing better for people inside the line. What parts of the self-declared nationalism of the SNP do you have difficulty understanding?
  12. General News Discussion

    It's because I don't give a shit where borders are drawn, to privilege those inside. What have you missed?
  13. General News Discussion

    I have a view on your reading skills. As shit as ever.
  14. General News Discussion

    I talk nationalism, and you have to pretend I'm talking something else. I simply used the best examples of nationalism to demonstrate that introspection is a nationalist trait, that LJS had queried. And now i've proven it's a nationalist trait, want to try and tell me it's not an SNP trait - with their local things for local people policies? Bingo, as you'd say.
  15. General News Discussion

    I'm aware of it. And surely you're smart enough from my previous comments to know I disagree with it? Which puts us on opposite sides, because I disagree with local versions for local people.

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