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  1. General News Discussion

    I see there's already 277,000 signatures to a "save Uber" petition - started by Uber themselves by the look of it - since the decision was announced this morning in that there lovely Labour supporting London. Richies don't get that active that quickly. The world is not as some imagine it to be.
  2. General News Discussion

    yep, tho the EU were baiting us to get on with it, and Corbyn wanted it the day after the vote. The tory line might be wrong but there's worse. And frankly, I don't think there could have been any strong agreement on it anyway, unless May had won her wanted big majority - so she's going to have to dither her way thru it, and go with opinion at the time to a large degree. Which, I think, can only really work out in one of the better ways of all the possibilities, as a hard brexit is definitely on the smallish side for support. It also means that the tory party position might move against brexit altogether eventually too - because that's where i think (or maybe just hope) public opinion is going. (I realise that during transition we're out, but if we're still on EU rules it's very easy to go back)
  3. General News Discussion

    just had time to catch up on May's speech. In the circumstances of everything (including May being May), it was about the best anyone could have hoped for. Not only has she basically kicked the can down the road for a while, but the tone towards the EU was very different to previously. Just seen some tweets reported by the Guardian of a senior EU parliament bod who's saying he's no clearer on what the UK wants, but I reckon he's being deliberately disingenuous. What part of "full free trade agreement" is he having difficulty understanding? It's of course ridiculous of the UK to expect to get it in the way the UK wants, but that doesn't mean it's beyond comprehension. Still, it's pretty clear that the last year of govt planning had led to no decisions, otherwise May wouldn't have needed a cabinet meeting yesterday to agree her speech. With the can being kicked down the road it gives even the tories the chance to change tack to staying fully in, with the transition period ending not too long before an election. Where public opinion is at that time - not now - is what's going to happen, I reckon.
  4. General News Discussion

    The "with registration" part is something already allowed by the EU - tho only if everyone has to do it. And realistically, registration doesn't work as an effective control unless everyone is registered (Brits as well). I strongly suspect we've got that coming somewhere down the line, tho I also reckon there might be a bit of wriggle-room in the short-term by off-the-record letting the EU know it's coming but that it needs rolling out to just non-nationals first. They'd probably go for it.
  5. General News Discussion

    Immigration creates more competition for resources. By lessening immigration a person might get better access to resources. Care to show me the nationalism in that? It's simply a method to remedy a problem, where nothing is about where the people have come from but just about the fact they've come and the person making that consideration would rather they didn't. They'd feel no different if the people had come from the other side of country or the other side of the world. It might be regarded a selfish motivation but it's not a nationalist one. It's not about "British jobs for British workers" it's just about "a job for me". I suppose I should call that progress, you having changed from "all objections to immigration are racist" to "all objects to immigration are nationalist", but being wrong is still being wrong and that's no progress.
  6. General News Discussion

    I'm sure the rallies weren't irrelevant but I'm also sure they played a very minor part. Almost all people who went to them were certain Labour voters anyway. I don't think they're a negative, but they're still not about trying to appeal to voters who didn't vote Labour last time (when they had the least reasons possible to vote for the tories). Without those extra voters at the next election he'll still be a loser. I don't want that, do you? when the leader is proclaiming it about himself, it's spin and something to ignore. And yes, i'm aware that Labour are leading in the polls at the mo, but between elections it's not unusual for the opposition to gain and perhaps be ahead (Miliband was), and between elections they're not 'hard views' (as shown by how Miliband's popularity fell back), and things can change when there's a real vote. Under the scrutiny of an imminent real vote people like Abbott and McD get some profile, and say what you like about how bad the tory cabinet is, but (unfairly or not) those two don't stand up any better across the country. I'm worried that Corbyn doing more of the same means more of the same at a next vote - and with a more-competent tory party that might not go well.
  7. General News Discussion

    And yet almost no one mentions an objection to it - almost-always nats like you, to try and stir up the objection that isn't there. There's been a fair amount of reaction by people in England to some of the words of Scottish nats, but driven by the vocally-ungrateful attitude of those nats (not because gratefulness is expected in exchange for the money, but because if they're so anti why send it that way when plenty in rUK would be grateful for more). Outside of that there's hardly a whisper about it. There is of course the English Democrats, but no one cares about them despite them being able to (really!) promise extra money to tens of millions by their policies. Meanwhile there's people like me, well aware that the Barnett formula exists as a sop to Scotland in the first place because they wouldn't allow Wales the extra it needed, and that 40 years later Scotland still refuses to bend and so continues to deny Wales the extra it should have - and that today the Scottish Govt proudly proclaims Scotland as the richest nation of the UK, happy to see Wales in the shit.
  8. General News Discussion

    Why the fuck do you think I'm sympathetic towards it? Recognising the reality of the world to work with it is better than punching yourself in the face. But again, you're talking bollocks to yourself anyway. For those objectors it's not necessarily about anything of nationalism (tho for some I'm sure it is). It's about impact on their lives (or not the improvement to their lives they were expecting) and how that impact might be addressed within the real world. That it's always about "Britain is for Britons" is your own invention. It's much more about "my life is for me".
  9. General News Discussion

    As did Jez himself and and clique. Every single person was surprised (apart from the delusionists). But it was also the worst tory campaign in history. Might it be the case, really, that it wasn't so much that he took those seats as the tories gave them to him? (I recognise that a lot of work also went in on the ground that made a difference too - as well as other factors such as brexit - but to claim it all as Jez's doing is into that delusion thing too). Did you notice the bit where even Jez and pals thought they were going to slaughtered? Which proves it wasn't because he knew what he was doing, else he'd have also known how it would come out from his doings. Look, I'm not trying to downplay what happened, I'm wanting to ensure that it really is a win next time - and sitting on your laurels thinking you've already got it won is not the surest way to achieve that win. There's work to do, but Jez is still happy preaching to the already-converted, when it's new converts that's needed. That's not a good thing.
  10. Football 17/18

    yep - which'll make it harder to sustain under kiddo, I reckon. I don't doubt he'll wield plenty of power as a 'media mogul' but I can't see him getting close to his old man.
  11. Old Music Thread

    no ideas, sorry. The only thing I can suggest is googling and following any trails - you can usually find out who it is if you keep at it long enough (and you can waste days at this sort of thing), as for acts of his level there's sometimes mentions of 'his people' within articles (tour announcements, interviews, etc).
  12. Football 17/18

    Daddy is still very much the boss. Kiddo doesn't have the same ruthlessness, so it'll be interesting to see him fuck it up to at least some extent.
  13. Bestival 2017

    the fact they've not made that public by other means strongly suggests to me that it's not the certainty the ad suggests (and the ad might be there just because they had a page to fill). I'm guessing they want a bit of time to properly evaluate this year before fully committing. Having said that I do (now) expect it to be back. This year's was very well received from what i've read, so I'm sure RDB will be encouraged by that.
  14. Football 17/18

    I agree that it's do or die for Sky but the days are gone when Murdoch had the deepest pockets and the biggest business incentive to be the winner. Sky might get some of the next packages but somewhere down the line they're going to lose out - and then, very likely, Sky's days are numbered (fingers crossed!). Because I've been aware for a while that others are likely to whip the rug from under Sky's business model, there's a part of me which is hoping Murdoch gets to buy Sky outright, cos I can see that being another MySpace for him, and the more that happens to bring Murdoch down the better. But i'm also aware that Murdoch isn't daft and will know this himself, so I've no doubt he has a plan - and that plan is likely to be about bringing the BBC down, or taking over some of its roles with licence fee money, or something like that. He'll want to get his hooks properly in somewhere.
  15. General News Discussion

    he can convince himself it's going very well, and helps him avoid the truth that he's utterly crap in Parliament. And it allows him to think that the 2017 manifesto was perfect and nothing further needs to be done until the electorate deliver him into Downing Street. After all, when he only meets adoring people how can't that be true? For me, it's maddening. It's no attempt to bridge the gap from loser to winner - and a loser against the worst tory campaign in history, don't forget.