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  1. august1

    BBC2 9pm

    pretty amazing his charitable work hasnt been recognised, I guess the wrong charities
  2. august1

    BBC2 9pm

    nah he's got a CBE 15 years ago
  3. august1

    BBC2 9pm

    i'm amazed the festival has survived, it could have fizzled out at several moments.
  4. Present yourself on the table in a sleeping bag
  5. depends where I want to go late night, i'll leave it at whichever lock up is closest. Hopefully won't be long before you can drop off at 1 lock up and collect at another.
  6. I take my tent down and hand it in to the locks up each morning
  7. it can't not open at 4 now, they probably like the confusion and a more even arrival spread
  8. Worth adding the origin is also completely different, giving it more credence
  9. would need to be dark as well?
  10. Would Abba hologram be possible in theory?
  11. time to do the confimed thread with the 3 'biggies'?
  12. just checked again, and not the gap I thought. You'd imagine Sunday Pyramid would be perfect for her.
  13. 'Matt & Mollie on Radio 1 played George Ezra today then said something along the lines of “how good is that going to sound at Glastonbury” '
  14. I seen Alicia Keys was keen to do Glasto in 2020 even as a secret slot and had a gap, decent gap this time as well, presumably no interest from the fest?
  15. its getting a bit muted response on twitter from what I can see, its more than this forum bubble
  16. i'd imagine they'd take a pic of it outside the tent Sunday am and leave it outside the tent
  17. if it was a slip up I feel sorry for her, its going to blow up on twitter, suprised it hasnt yet
  18. still showing for me
  19. When dojacat dropped out they could have him sub rather than Fender? He's got a big arena tour, and Finsbury Park to sell out so maybe why he's not announced
  20. I think he's headlined other festivals? He's a very very strong sub imo and will have difficulty breaking to the top of Glasto, nailed on other headliner next year
  21. https://t.co/zLSuFbX7YK spotify list with most their artists
  22. Is there a lift help thread? cant find it. lift needed fro Bristol on Tuesday
  23. Walking up to JP on Sunday morning
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