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  1. pretty much all of them have secret sets at Glasto before, not very fresh
  2. Don't think he'll do 2 secret sets but could imagine JW rocking up at strummerville with a guitar and doing half an hour.
  3. I think lots of tired Sunday legs will be giving this one a swerve
  4. Out of interest anyone going to attempt to see Bastille if it's them?
  5. With the burning lotus happening in the park on Sunday night. I was wondering if there is any interest in a group walk up to the Park from the Pyramid field on the Thursday setting off around 11am-1pm TBC. Walk up as group, write our messages and have a coffee/beer up on the hill afterwards. Could push it on some twitter socials to get a gang together. People can walk and talk, meet new people etc?
  6. the only reason why paper tickets exist is so they can see the picture of the person, if you had print at home tickets people could edit it. Mobile tickets and its relies on a massive system/loads of tech at gate and hoping it doesnt fall over
  7. Accuweather for Pilton looking pretty perfect at the mo
  8. the word is they are doinf a DJ set, but I reckon they'll play a couple of songs, sometime that intro slot is just 2 songs that they can use for youtube/bbc!
  9. @SecretGlastoDM's are open on here and twitter if anyone wants to pass on info in confidence
  10. the gap in their tour is pretty big, i'd imagine they'd be back home or whatever I could Kevin Parker turning up as punter and maybe doing a DJ slot/Diana Ross
  11. he done secret sets on bbc intro in 14 and 17
  12. Ezra done the Glasto live stream last year, BBC radio 1 friendly. I could see him doing the JP 2pm and headling other next year?
  13. he's in Denmark Friday, so assume he'd be more likely to be Sunday. Duno where he'd play on the Saturday
  14. just listened, sounds like a slip up or he doesnt know the line up!
  15. Do you think we'll get his preshow video/music on, or just the usual festival stuff in the break?
  16. I'd suggest the opposite imo. A quick half an hour set, blink and you've missed it. An hour gives everyone in the fest a chance to head there. I reckon it will be live radio1 dj mix.
  17. usually find the newer up and coming bands on these mega tours break off to do additional shows, green day don't need the aggro of 4 days on the spin
  18. wonder if he could be doing one of the Sunday slots? Wouldnt be suprsied if he's also a covid back up, staying in the fests good books
  19. I overheard Ian Rush and Gordon Burns in Pizza Express saying she's going to play Williams Green with Bastille on the Thursday, they also said £7 for a Perioni is scandolous
  20. might be a sound clash if they attempt to play the same time as Jack White
  21. I'd say a lot less tbh
  22. I'm thinking if he's announced early could be a lesser crowd than AM/1975/GD fans all going up on the off chance. Depends on how many casual fans go up for a couple of hits.
  23. How busy would Jack White be at the Park if announced early?
  24. When was the last time GD done 4 nights on the bounce
  25. Would Green Day be that big of a deal for general Glasto crowd?
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