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  1. It seems very obvious, the fact we are sitting on 11 million doses makes me think the government know something we don't know when it comes to future supply issues or are just very cautious. Wales going for it alone.
  2. I wonder if you need to book for the full 5 days? so many questions!
  3. so-called mask? my brain hurts processing that one. When is a mask not a mask but a so-called mask?
  4. Lots of the current stocks is pzifer so if JCVI decide under 40's are only getting that/new vaccines. Over 40's take the AZ/Oxford makes sense to open up to 35-44 so each get their vaccine of choice?
  5. not much incentive to work it or i'm I missing something?
  6. boomtown festival cancelling tomorrow apparently
  7. based on current covid rates in Liverpool, in a crowd of 3000 you'd expect less than 1 person to have the virus
  8. https://blog.gregwilson.co.uk/2016/06/why-no-glastonbury/
  9. as there been any warnings not to meet up over Easter? I don't seem to remember anything for mothers day either
  10. Hoping for Greece/Malta in September/October
  11. Place in Liverpool also doing a walk in for anyone today
  12. I think with the slow down in supply in April and there lack of rushing to do as many jabs as possible. Cherry picking and making efforts to vaccinate anyone at risk who hasn't come forward should be priority.
  13. 2 haircuts in over 12 months for me. My gf keeps asking if I'm booked in yet 😂
  14. how many first doses in March? I think in 3 weeks time we mustn't be far off some herd immunity and most of the vulnerable jabbed. Pretty amazing uptake.
  15. I was 99% sure I was going to go but not one massive pull there for me. Bit of a snooze fest at the top of the bill.
  16. Shame it doesn't cover the park hill
  17. I'm moving towards a quicker unlocking of outdoor activities. If the old tiers system was still in place most of country would be in tier 2 with shops open and indoor hospitality. Half the population has since been vaccinated and over 50's done soon. Massive lockdown fatigue for me personally.
  18. looks like you can book vaccine if over 50 now
  19. People are confusing the FA cup trial is purely to show UEFA we can host the Euros properly at Wembley regardless of the virus, we can get a decent percentage in the ground safely which the rest of Europe can't. Lashing everyone in a full Wembley and it causing issues is counter productive to that. Nothing to do with the roadmap.
  20. 1,374,579 tests carried out today. Insane numbers (also very sad)
  21. pretty much had 14 days of good news only rather than the usual high/lows of good and bad days. Finally getting there aren't we?
  22. looking at countries allowing vaccinated travellers you need to have had both doses and 1-2 weeks since second dose before you go. No summer holidays for the under 40's. (Bigger problems in the world I know)
  23. still no sign on j&J coming online?
  24. Would it be possible if the UK has a surplus come June that we send some of it to Ireland first? Makes senses given the land border and possibly try to smooth over recent tensions. Add in the recent talk of UK/Ireland World Cup bid.. Not sure whether that's allowed though?
  25. Looks like you need to need to be over 55 rather than 55.
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