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  1. good pacing is an essential skill, especially if you're going into the ground to not drink for 2 hours and end up hungover part way through the second half
  2. looks like tickets are all gone
  3. I still think there a few tickets left. I've got a page tracker set up and there was some released, 7.45-8.15 last night. Was out and missed the sale at 1 but I keep getting pinged to say tickets available, adding them to your basket and checking out is a different matter.
  4. Wembley is a terrible stadium for pubs. If you're getting off at Wembley park and really want to go the pub there is the torch just up road. Then a couple of corner shops selling cans you could get some drinks and hang around Wembley way. Personally i'd just get cans and go to Wembley way.
  5. I think keeping masks on public transport and maybe have them in supermarkets at certain hours, like when they had certain times for vulnerable people.
  6. my total guess is that she had the first one well in advance of when she due to have it due to being royal, then publicly got the second when the first was due.
  7. Kate Middleton isolating after coming into contact with someone. Its been stated she's had two jabs. The 'first' one very publicly 4 weeks ago? hmm
  8. You been to the Brown Cow beer garden yet? Looks decent
  9. poor uptake in cities, wondering whether its somewhat down to students being registered there for uni and subsequently leaving?!
  10. I think Paul Simon received bad advice before playing Glastonbury about what the crowd would want, I think he only twigged that it was wrong when Call me Al started to finish the set. 😂
  11. Any recommendations on places go to, where to eat etc? Thinking (well being told) we're going to do Stonehenge/Longleat one day, Cheddar Gorge/Glastonbury town/Tor in a day. Anywhere else?
  12. Re Jeremy Corbyn I'm surprised no one has attempted to book on his behalf using his DOB and address! Not exactly private info.
  13. When did the over 40's get their first jab? Heard they will be bringing forward those second ones forward from 8 weeks to 4 where possible. Which is probably pretty much now?
  14. my definition of on top of it is different to yours then until we can go living anywhere near to like we did before this, we aren't on top of it but living through it. 15 months of terrible living conditions isn't 'rushing' anything.
  15. The global vaccine production is scaling up so much of late, plus we'll soon have a surplus to spare. Would you risk a autumn/winter surge and all the impact on this country to make a very negligible dint in the global picture? Probably talking about giving 30-40 million doses away if that was the plan. Also the risk of a new variant happening here and causing greater issues globally if we took that course. If we were to do a cost benefit analysis it would be in our interest to sort ourselves first imo. Look at this government ( and country) view on foreign aid not as if they care too much, there are cheaper and better ways to save lives than give covid vaccines away whilst we are still not on top of it.
  16. really weird, unless there 4 am secret set in a Chinese restaurant after the manc date!
  17. No deaths in Liverpool since the test events 5 weeks ago, 11 hospitalisations. 'I am getting sick of the constant attempts to explain away any bad news. I get the desire to be optimistic (honestly) but minimising delays action and ultimately makes things worse.'
  18. Wasn't initial estimates for uptake of the jab around 70% before approval? Given we have far exceeded that especially in the most vulnerable groups and still yet to open up to under 30's, what would have happened if vaccine hesitancy was rife!? Permanent lockdown?
  19. my 15 minute wait post jab today, Muhammad Ali giving his opinion on the post vaccine side effects
  20. no sign of jabs being lowered to 20's this week?
  21. Surprised the over 65s are in the shouldn't. TBF they are probably least likely to benefit from a full reopening but given they've all had two jabs it would seem a lot of fear still lingers.
  22. I find it mad anyone would disagree. Masks on public transport/shops, WFH some times. Cut down on the amount of interactions you have people during a normal week but still have the ability to go the shops/pub/restaurant/gigs/matches.
  23. reckon they are 2 or 3 down?
  24. finally let me in to book my vaccine, 9 day wait though!
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