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  1. I'm surprised they never made this available on Sky PPV who have experience with the big volume events.
  2. august1

    Billie Eilish

    Has a headliner ever done so many UK shows just before the festival? Feels like its normally 1 or 2 max.
  3. looks like 32 and 33 can now book their jabs, probably be official tomorrow
  4. Also says It is understood some of those people were tested before events, meaning they were not able to attend. Others tested positive afterwards.
  5. Article is behind paywall so duno if it breaks down where those 15 infections come from. Indoor snooker/business event or outdoor event, did they catch it at the event or somewhere else before or after. Lots of questions!
  6. Don't think we'll be getting enough coverage in the right areas. Higher uptake in rural/wealthy areas and lower in poorer inner cities will be a problem.
  7. Peter Hitchens gave you tickets?
  8. Do you need a good credit score for a ticket?
  9. Looking at countries allowing tourists quite a few have the requirement of 2 jabs + time after second. Not sure how the J&J fits into that!
  10. maybe they've had to compromise with the council? A 1 day event brings a lot less problems with accommodation/potential anti social behaviour if people are in and out the area.
  11. Local vaccine uptake is now on the dashboard when you put your postcode in, not sure whether to be disappointed or if Wales is is skewing the overall average
  12. Once Bolton/Sefton cases find themselves in Manchester/Liverpool its a recipe for things to explode. Having 10,000 fans at all home games next week and people moving all over the country to attend them seems a bit mad. People should stay where they live within reason except for work/emergencies etc.
  13. Results from the Liverpool test events aren't due until June apparently. Surely they could have put it out some headline figures now at least. Edit After the 11th June
  14. They seem to think second dose protects against the variant better so better to get it done asap, more antibodies with a longer gap though
  15. So speeding up second doses and encouraging over 40's to come forward for their first, going to delay the rest even more
  16. I think outdoor gatherings will be allowed in any number, probable testing for large scale stuff. I think failing industry in summer is mainly outdoorsy stuff anyway? Clubs will be last on the list for opening and tbf summer seems to be a quite time for indoor bars/clubs until the students turn up in September in most places.
  17. IOW doesn't sell out does it? No chance are they allowing any of their main acts to play the mainland the same weekend. This event will definitely have the names before any ticket sales so less likely again imo. It will be interesting to see who they get, there doesn't seem to be incentive for a big act to get their machine up and running for an unprofitable September show.
  18. I'm not expecting a delay currently but if there is one I'd expect stage 4 to be split into two. Lot of reopening on the 21st June, and the most risky stuff in July once everyone has been jabbed.
  19. She mentions we easily met the first 3 tests, I disagree with her on the 4th tbh. The assessment of risk hasn't 'fundamentally changed' by new variants of concern. For me its cautious concern with the pockets of infection. Case numbers are still half the number when lockdown easing down and only creeping up, still low numbers of this variant in the country. Vast majority of the country is still in a good place to move forward, hopefully increased vaccination/testing/vigilance will be enough in those pockets to stamp it out and we can crack on with first doses generally.
  20. ultimate plot twist after a excruciating 8 hour meeting he puts on crazyfools pyramid hat to announce the license is approved
  21. I think its a nice option for the festival to have the license for such events even if they don't want to use it, saves him sitting through these meetings again if they wanted to reapply
  22. She mentioned earlier she actually goes the festival..
  23. is he going to audition with the piano in the background?
  24. not as far as confirmed but the plan is Fri-Sat that weekend, Sat-Sun seemed on the table.
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