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  1. can't read the article but the Premier League headline? They were always going to go above and beyond government guidelines to ensure full stadiums at all times due to the £££ involved. Outdoor summer festival next year is a different animal, I wouldn't put too much weight in it.
  2. Got the drinks license then..
  3. 99.99% will happen in some form. I'd say 95% chance of 'normal' festival
  4. potentially as long as there is not too much noise, no noise policy after 11 pm so if people get last orders at goose farm at 10, not much time to head over!
  5. as a spin off of the other thread to keep politics out of it, should this one be binned to or moved to discussion forum
  6. i've no idea why improving ventilation hasn't been a bigger concern, offering grants to businesses to install better systems
  7. with such a low key cancellation I'm sure there are few confused B&B owners when they checked their emails this morning!
  8. You could just not swab yourself and stick the solution on the LFT for a guaranteed negative test .. Not saying anyone should do this but not exactly fool proof for anyone trying to rig it. The test events you had could to go to a centre and do a supervised test, or take it via skype with someone watching.
  9. I just think the covid risks were too high and it not being the money spinner they initially thought possible in terms of getting people of the farm/laying coaches on etc, guaranteeing ticket sales.
  10. different colours and tents!
  11. think the colour just relates to field name, seems some fields have a couple of types of tents.
  12. think there is too many colours. From the pictures they've put up Willow (dark blue) has Bell tents but Jersey Ground is dark blue and scout tents. Avalon (light blue) has scout tents. No pattern!
  13. I can understand genuine local complaints living next to a beast like Glastonbury but the amount of time and effort looking for mad loopholes is a bit weird, must take them a load of time to research. Shame they couldn't their time to something useful..
  14. all the usual suspects on....
  15. Think it says on the website its first come first served. Would be interested to see a map with type/locations to see which parts of the site has my type of tent to start making preferences!
  16. yep that's fair, I assumed the heavy messaging earlier on was to avoid people wanting a rowdy weekend when they want it to be chilled. I think some acoustic music, talks etc isn't exactly rowdy though!
  17. Must say I'm somewhat disappointed by what's on offer, I thought more would be added nearer to the time . I knew amplified music was out the question but I would have thought each Friday/Saturday they'd have an talk/debate, spoken word, acoustic music, silent disco. Could be outdoors or a tent with the sides open. Could have programmed from 4 -10 pm and had some of the Glastonbury vibe and even a kids silent disco in the morning. Given its not sold well, probably would entice a few more in as well.
  18. top of my head, group of Kathy Burke, Frank Skinner, Craig Charles, Damon Albarn, Klopp, Emily Eavis. Think we'd end stuck at a green tea tent in the greenfields tbh.
  19. 70,000 seemed to be the scenario based on the current rates a couple of weeks back, cases were going up slower so was always going to be too high
  20. Got my second dose at a walk in centre, 6 week gap. No questions asked.
  21. Well that's one way to bring case numbers down
  22. Surprised the spacing between doses still is 8 weeks, talk of it coming down to 4 didn't materialise due to stocks, so why not 5/6/7 weeks? no great urgency in the roll out anymore
  23. He was 6th and it looks like Southgate almost bumps him to 5th at the last minute
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