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  1. Managed to stitch together loads of zoomed-in images form the original GlastoMap from 2016. Here's a link to it in all its high res glory . . . https://i.ibb.co/bmwsBTj/High-Res-Map.jpg
  2. The site has just dodged some pretty biblical showers!!
  3. Co-op giving away 12 tickets... https://food.coop.co.uk/festivaldraw/glastonbury?linkId=66898479
  4. I'm looking at buying a trolley to help with lugging all our stuff from the car park - it's only our second time and our first year was up at Worthy View (on a side note i would never stay up there again!). Which one of the two trolleys would people recommend? The four wheeler would be a bit of a bugger to get into the car (or do people build these when they arrive in the car parks?). The two wheeler I'd imagine is a struggle to keep upright over rough terrain especially if its loaded up with crates of beer. Are we better carrying our stuff and doing a couple of trips? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. First time at Glastonbury and have read conflicting reports on what happens Wed/Thur... I'm sure I've read somewhere that there can be no amplified music on these days? does that mean only acoustic sets are played? Are all the bars and food stalls open for business or just a selection?
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