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  1. 504329lt

    Download 2019

    If you're flying wouldn't somewhere else be better. Berlin is a much better city than Milton Keynes!!
  2. 504329lt

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Ticket page for Hellfest this morning
  3. 504329lt

    Who should reform?

    My Chemical Romance
  4. 504329lt

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Yep was announced at end of Dead Kennedys set.
  5. 504329lt

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Played the Truth Stage after Dead Kennedys last night
  6. 504329lt


    Was hoping for a bit more punk on the line up. Seems a bit lame to me
  7. 504329lt

    Green Day

    Up as a rumour? Any ideas what this is based on.
  8. 504329lt

    Sziget 2016

    Yes Get a campervan / motorhome and drive there. Comfortable nights sleep; you get electric hook up so can have a fan and on site. I wouldn't do it any other way
  9. 504329lt

    Sziget 2016

    Budapest is driveable in under 2 days from any of the Channel ports with a night in Prague on the way. Alternatively make a tour / holiday of it. We have spent a week touring around Romania previously before heading to Budapest. Campervan fields have hook up so you can run electric fridge, take a fan etc and remain comfortable yet not having to drag backwards and forwards to hotels / apartments.
  10. 504329lt

    Sziget 2016

    Best way to get comfort is to get a camper and drive there.
  11. 504329lt

    Lock Up 2014

    Final punk show on R1 last night with Mike Davies. Shame to see the end of this and what appears to him being pushed out from Reading/Leeds.
  12. 504329lt

    Lock Up 2014

    Is the Lock Up definitely there this year? All this talk of Rock Stage / Pit is making me nervous. Mike D does not seem to be mentioning on his Facebook page. If it is gone, then Reading is surely the new V.
  13. 504329lt

    Lock Up 2014

    Only the Lock Up can save the festival now. Think we will see some of these http://www.punkrockholiday.com/Line_up
  14. 504329lt

    Sziget 2014

    Well, soemone on the Benicassim forum seems to think they've got the Stones and Oasis!!!!!!!!
  15. 504329lt

    Sziget 2014

    Maybe. But numbers were down this year and the orgaisers will need to ask theirselves why.