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  1. 504329lt

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Got to be Slayer next year. Farewell tour this autumn and already announced for Hellfest the week before Glastonbury. Other Stage headliners................
  2. 504329lt

    Guest Camping

    I'd be very surprised if this was the case.
  3. 504329lt

    Guest Camping

    looks like the 'silent area' has encroached upon what was Guest. Been up to tonight and looked at Purple Gate and looks like you have to drive over a bog!
  4. 504329lt

    Resurrection Fest

    Anyone else going to this next week?
  5. 504329lt

    Who should reform?

    My Chemical Romance
  6. 504329lt

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Yep was announced at end of Dead Kennedys set.
  7. 504329lt

    Corbyn appearing on Pyramid!

    Wish I'd gone to Busted
  8. 504329lt

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Played the Truth Stage after Dead Kennedys last night
  9. 504329lt


    Well whoever it is will be following Frank Carter. On that basis, it shouldn't be bedwetters!
  10. 504329lt


    Was hoping for a bit more punk on the line up. Seems a bit lame to me
  11. 504329lt

    Napalm Death - Truth Stage?!?

    Thanks. Looks like DK should be there then. Shame we cant have a few more on the list though. SOAD would have been great, not in an old tube carriage though!
  12. 504329lt

    Napalm Death - Truth Stage?!?

    What playlist are they on?
  13. 504329lt

    Green Day

    Up as a rumour? Any ideas what this is based on.
  14. 504329lt

    Resurrection Fest

    Has anyone been to this in Spain? https://www.resurrectionfest.es/
  15. 504329lt

    Download 2017

    I thought that last year was the first ever DL France? Not sure a pattern can be gauged yet. Anyway; given Blink's comments I think they will headline Donington