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  1. Bad Religion? Touring in June. 40th anniversary and new album out in May.
  2. 504329lt

    Jera on Air

    Same weekend as Glastonbury. Would be good to get some of these. https://www.jeraonair.nl/en/line-up/
  3. With the exception of Diana Ross I think I'll steer clear. Suggestions just look boring. If they put Bikini Kill on it would be a different matter.
  4. They should bring Mike Davies back
  5. If you're flying wouldn't somewhere else be better. Berlin is a much better city than Milton Keynes!!
  6. Ticket page for Hellfest this morning
  7. I'd be very surprised if this was the case.
  8. looks like the 'silent area' has encroached upon what was Guest. Been up to tonight and looked at Purple Gate and looks like you have to drive over a bog!
  9. 504329lt

    Green Day

    Up as a rumour? Any ideas what this is based on.
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