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  1. donshakey

    The Park

    What does this mean for set times?? Really keen to see Orbital. Not fussed with PG
  2. My 2 mates did this for Elton last year. Funny thing is they were nowhere near the front and only a short walk to the toilets but think they just fancied it.
  3. donshakey

    2024 Headliners

    Are they likely to stick to their current tour set list do we think? They could do something really special and just play stuff from the first 2-4 albums. Unlikely but would go down well I think.
  4. donshakey


    Are they not saying they’re headlining the pyramid on the Thursday?
  5. Why exactly is she ruled out again?
  6. Hi all. Can activity recommend a gift Campsite for the Monday night pre festival? Ideally with a bar/offering food.
  7. donshakey

    2024 Headliners

    Not sure I said it was a bad booking?
  8. donshakey

    2024 Headliners

    https://www.instagram.com/reel/C0h5dciNcHS/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== oh dear
  9. So it’s not a settings thing you can adjust accordingly then?
  10. 👍🏻 How do you control it though?
  11. What’s the benefit of this?
  12. For Firefox what is the best auto-refresh extension?
  13. I'm still getting the auto refresh holding page??
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