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  1. Is there a seperate registration/buying process for people who live outside of the UK?
  2. Seems less grime more hip hop?
  3. Is the general consensus that the erlier you get there on the Tuesday morning the better? I'm sure i've arrived by 10am before and have been let in?
  4. Then let's not call it horrible !
  5. What if I can't wait that long. I'm running out of nervous energy.
  6. Any clues who the Live Bands will be at Williams Green on the Thursday evening?
  7. Ashcroft? He was amazing last night in London.
  8. I think the Chems have smashed it with this album. Genuinely excited to see them again after leaving the set early in 2016.
  9. donshakey

    Campervan question

    75 days until the campervan fields open ?
  10. donshakey

    Sober times

    But you're called drunk pumpkin?!
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