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  1. You get hospitality parking then you walk straight through a separate queue on the left of gate a. Now queue no fuss. 20+ extra bars that you can access across the site.
  2. donshakey


    What time is the burning of the Phoenix?
  3. They are very slack. I reckon if you had a fifty in your hand they’d let you through.
  4. donshakey

    Kendrick Lamar

    Wish I didn’t love Bicep so much.
  5. How much are you looking for? I’m bringing a family of 5 so this could be perfect.
  6. It pissed it down hard the last time they played the Pyramid stage!
  7. Watch Bicep at Printworks on YouTube then decide if you still need to ask this question.
  8. donshakey


    Where are you camping?!
  9. Glass half empty kind of guy?
  10. According to the bbc there’s 4 days of light showers in the next 14 days with the probability of rain never above 42%. I don’t think that’s horrendous.
  11. Does anybody know about taking other peoples kids (as if my 3 wasn't enough!)? My 12 year old really doesn't want to go so might be able to soften the blow if she has a friend with her.
  12. Does this actually happen?
  13. Thanks everyone. I've booked the tickets and am now going to Glastonbury!! Bring on the sunshine!
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