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  1. Yeah there is approximately zero chance of Bruce doing Glasto with those dates. Anyway yeah - very excited for this. It'll be expensive but happy to break the bank for the Boss.
  2. Caught Steps at Mighty Hoopla and they absolutely still have it - still producing decent new material too (can't comment much on albums but some of their more recent tracks are bangers). Fully agree on that final part - acts like this should 100% be opening (or second on) the Pyramid – Bjorn Again the other year were fantastic. Perfect way to start the day/weekend.
  3. If so... interesting. In previous years, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Springsteen etc have all done stadium tours, which has then prompted loads of Glasto speculation, and then they've not done any festivals. Taylor Swift herself has plenty of form for picking massive stadium gigs over festivals. Current stadium tour folk – Harry styles... no festivals (I'm not counting R1 Big Weekend). Sheeran... no festivals. Coldplay.. one festival. I do wonder if 'doing a fuckload of stadium tours' tends to rule people out of doing festivals.
  4. 'It's not to my tastes therefore it is objectively bad'
  5. Assuming Fleetwood Mac are on... could Styles sub them? I imagine he'd want to headline, but he's not bigger than Fleetwood Mac and it might be a sort of 'strike while the iron is hot' type situation.
  6. Given how popular these 2000s nostalgiafests have been on the Avalon, acts like this should absolutely be opening the Pyramid. I saw Steps at Mighty Hoopla and there's no way it wouldn't be a good time. Perfect way to wake people up on a Sunday morning when energy levels are flagging.
  7. Brings new meaning to the term 'The Pilton Hilton'. Luxurious, spacious, fresh on the inside and outside. Well-ventilated. Beaucoup porch. Had some of the best sleeps I've had at a festival. 11/10 would sleep in again.
  8. OK so as someone considering Worthy View-ing in 2023... what does this mean? Do you have to get a shuttle to get into the site at Gate A every day?
  9. Who's on your wish list for the farm in 2023? No serious speculation, no rumours or anything along those lines - just pure, unadulterated wishful thinking for acts you'd like to see on any stage at any point in the festival. I'll chuck a few names out there: Taylor Swift Lana Del Rey Tears for Fears (hoped they'd be there this year) LCD Soundsystem (as above) The Smile Rina Sawayama (literally thought she'd be there this year until the final line-up came out) Jenny Lewis My Chemical Romance (I must have seen about a dozen MCR t-shirts on the farm and it got me thinking... Other Stage headline option?)
  10. I think they know the deal when they headline festivals these days. I'd expect a big chunk in the middle for the Tranquility Base/upcoming Tranquility Base 2.0 (allegedly) stuff, but there's no way we're not getting the hits. Even on the TBH&C tour (which I loved) they still found room for a lot of AM, FWN and all that.
  11. This is ridiculous - they could just put a 'this contains strong language' notification as they usually do. Not censor the whole thing.
  12. Watching it back as I left half-way through because of crowd/sound issues. Dave Grohl looks like a shell of his normal self. I know he can't do his usual Foos schtick, but he's so much more subdued than he usually is, even as a guest (I saw him with Macca at the O2).
  13. They rarely play the first acts on the main stages. Usually only start coverage from about the third band on (which seems pointless, given that all the performances are clearly filmed)
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