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  1. Mine were alright. Weren't my best one, but who cares!
  2. Indeed! Got my Merry Cribsmas jumper (red) at those incredible residency shows they did a couple of years ago, love wearing it this time of year. I also got the Glaston book, I didn't think I would!!! Dead happy. God bless the Jarmans. xx
  3. Simpo

    Alternative Xmas

    Also, according to James Brown, what is 'the word', at Christmas time? Go to 20:20 of this podcast to find out! I was in stitched laughing the first time I heard this: https://luminarypodcasts.com/listen/daacast/dancing-about-architecture/issue-9-starter-for-x-mas/8fef0e20-d0c0-4469-b4a9-3514220a24cf
  4. 4 sets this time please, gotta one-up 2017. Other, William's Green Thursday, Shangri La, Crows Nest.
  5. I know about Nutri from ads while watching Vancouver Canucks games. "Enter the Neutral zone" every five minutes, which is both a rubbish slogan, and a rubbish hockey analogy, as it just means going into the area in the middle of the rink where not much happens. So I guess I'm Team Nude. Ooh.
  6. Pretty much, but no vodka taste and very easy to drink. Not a revolutionary idea or anything, but I can see why they've caught on.
  7. Best place for this I suppose... There's a drink currently taking the US by storm, White Claw. It's flavoured alcoholic soda water, so it's very low calorie. Thought I'd try a UK equivalent (https://groceries.asda.com/product/ready-to-drink/balans-lime-aqua-spritz/1000115100494) and by crikey it's drinkable. So refreshing. I'm getting sick of just being a lager boi, so I'm well open to this kinds of thing making its way into bars. Apparently we should expect a flood of different versions of this from all the major drinks companies in the new year. It aint something I'd have as my main drink, but good to break up big drinking sessions, and heavy periods like christmas and festivals! I may well stock up for summer while it's only a quid a can at asda as well, seems perfect for Glaston.
  8. Like them or not, the Chili Peppers are all about expressing themselves freely. Frusciante is a very expressive guitar player, and they fit well together. His departure came at the end of 2 and half years of near constant touring, burning them out, and you get the sense he didn't like having his life dictated by being in a big band like that.
  9. There's a great warmth to them, the small venue shows are gonna be great. There's a few of us going to see them at the Brudenell, near my birthday, perfect! Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, indeed. That warm glow of Bombay also works very well at Glastonbury! Very blissful.
  10. 3 for the price of one. They also did a really haunting version of Love Ill Tear Us Apart to end their Manchester Castlefield Bowl show a few years ago. A newie cover of a relative newie. Better than it has any right to be.
  11. First time in Manc for 23 years Even longer for Birmingham I believe.
  12. It's sad that Faith No More have been ruled out of Glastonbury, but frankly, this is better: https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/faith-no-more-manchester-11-27-2020/event/3600577DC3B66F6A?fbclid=IwAR0Mxr_PW-_ywpIcdQJkA9nsAon-6x07I12zxyRcdwV84ALT6M1Q3qZETeA FNM in Manc, weeeeeee!!!! Friday November 27th, 2020.
  13. So, pop your champagne corks, Faith No More have hypothetically been announced, where do they play? I remember being surprised, and fucking delighted, after their initial reunion that they suddenly appeared on the Leeds Fest lineup about a week before they headlined Download. They only headlined the NME/Radio1 Stage as well. And played the Eastenders theme tune to us. Twice. It was glorious. I can picture them doing Download somewhere on the main stage, and then a couple of weeks later a similar position on the Other? Or maybe headlining the John Peel opposite Swifty?
  14. FNM2020, the campaign starts now!! ...We all know it's gonna be Download and a London gig isn't it.
  15. Simpo

    Kendrick Lamar

    I think a good way to introduce Kendrick's significance is to show the list of winners of the Pulitzer prize for music. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulitzer_Prize_for_Music
  16. I tried to help people from afar by mentioning the stand taps on twitter this year, and got a bit of gip for it! I suppose people were hot though.
  17. Real Lies, who made one of my favourite albums of all time, are finally properly back with this hauntingly beautiful one. 4am somewhere on the farm please.
  18. Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem or bust
  19. Simpo

    John peel 2020 acts

    Yep, veered pleasantly into some ace use of samples. They love the festival, played twice in 2014 before their hiatus, new album out in January. Got a text from SecretGlasto while recovering at our tents on Saturday morning/afternoon that they were doing the BBC Introducing slot, good memories of slip-sliding giddily through the paths down, and shed some good tears during this: But then they were great to bliss out to in their main daytime Other slot. I just hope they play really!
  20. Messy noisy post-punk. Friends of mine. One of those songs that changes into a different song part-way in. Cameo from 'Sykes' of Danny Baker's cult 1991 TV Show, 'The Game'. It's got it all.
  21. Simpo

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Crystal Fighters in 2014, Friday afternoon on John peel just before the heavens opened. I mentioned on here that it would be a ton of fun, and I think a few went along based on my recommendation. Bamber had uploaded the whole set to youtube but I can't find it now.
  22. Simpo

    50th Anniversary

    My guess is that there will be at least one act from every festival going back to 1970 playing at next year's festival. Is that a possibility?
  23. Simpo

    2020 headliners

    I think something we're starting to see now, is bands saying things like this in an attempt to force Glastonbury's hand. That if they put the seed into the public's minds, the festival will have to follow through and book them. See also: Mel B, Spice Girl.
  24. Simpo

    Calling it a day

    "The main thing to set straight is that Glastonbury festival ... will always be at Worthy Farm.”
  25. I reckon you're going to love the Park area!
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