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  1. Just got this pump and tried it on our air bed. It's worked brilliantly. Our airbed is a massive £50 one as well, as we use it when we have family over. The pump is compact and imo brilliant value for money. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/rechargeable-electric-pump-id_8336472.html
  2. K2SO

    day and stage

    Me too. Hozier > Miley > LG > Killers is a good run Just a shame I'll probably spend all day at one stage!
  3. K2SO

    day and stage

    Also, wouldn't it be the dumbest thing Glastonbury have done in a while booking Courteeners on the Other Stage as sub on Saturday against Liam Gallagher? Courteeners would be playing to people waiting for the Other headliner that night. The crowd crossover with those two is so ridiculous, it would be like booking Blur and Gorillaz to play at the same time.
  4. K2SO

    day and stage

    Miley just announced she is playing some festival on "27-29 June" Might narrow things down a little?
  5. Surely Courteeners wouldn't sub on Saturday, clashing with Liam Gallagher?
  6. I'm selfishly hoping that Tame Impala are on Sunday and Chems on Friday (though unlikely), as I wanna see Stormzy, and my girlfriend wants to see Tame Impala... But neither of us wanna see The Cure!
  7. To be fair, I think we probably have a big Other Stage headliner still to come. I'd have expected it was The Prodigy due to headline on the Saturday, so we now don't have one
  8. Looks okay, but the wheels seem very small. Would they not just break? Current one we have used since 2014 is a stand-up fishing trolley. Only problem with that is, I used to just take my stuff, but have been going with my girlfriend the last couple of years and it's too small for both of us
  9. We are looking for a good trolley that will survive Glasto (and other fests) for a few years. Big enough for 2 or 3 people. Anyone got any suggestions?
  10. Anyone think that they might do another secret set clashing with the Legend, like in 2017? It was a smart way to split the crowd
  11. Friday I'm In Love. I'm expecting them to play that last (though I don't know their setlists), and will try to make it back for the end to see it if I'm not watching anything else special
  12. K2SO

    "Moments" of 2019

    Where can you see the iconic "Glastonbury Moments" coming from in 2019, with the acts announced so far? I've been thinking all day about the party atmosphere that will kick in when The Killers burst into Mr Brightside (Personally, I think it would be incredible if they opened with it) I also think that if the sun is beating down, Miley playing Malibu could be very nice (Though would be overshadowed if she brings Dolly out) I also have a little hunch that Gorillaz may be doing a secret set.
  13. I couldn't disagree more, and would gladly fight you about it because I am that pleased with it 😂
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