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  1. I had the test on for the first time on Friday, for my new job which I'm starting tomorrow (came back negative, so form a queue for a kiss) I found the throat swab fine. It seemed to touch that part of your throat where bits of popcorn get stuck! I found the nose part to be quite uncomfortable, but I don't think it goes in as deep as people make out. I was told it feels like your eyeball is being poked, but in reality, it goes just past the main hole of your nose, and just inside the bit where your hole starts to close up, kind of where you'd grab to stop a nosebleed.
  2. They also had only 2 weeks notice to pull it off. It's like judging Hayden Mullins' ability as a manager based on the two games he just had with Watford.
  3. I think you've all been quite harsh on Gorillaz in the last few pages. I'm not gonna sit here and argue that their set was any good in 2010. I'm a fan, and even I have never managed to get through the whole thing. However, I don't think it's fair to judge their live performances off a single performance. I saw them four times on the Humanz/Now Now tour, in four different sized venues; The Alban Arena, Brixton Academy, The O2 and Lollapalooza Paris. Not a single time did they disappoint. Do I think they are obvious Glastonbury headline contenders? No. Do I think if they ended up there, that they would absolutely smash it? Not a doubt in my mind. Damon has really had the setlists nailed to make sure the shows are a party, rather than an appeal to save the whales. If they were on, you wouldn't catch me anywhere else
  4. My personal choice is Charli XCX. I didn't love the album, as it's not my cup of tea, but it's a good album. On top of that, she announced that she was going to write and record the entire album in a 4 week period of lockdown. She did the whole thing and gave her fans near daily updates on it, and gave them previews via Zoom and stuff. I think it's a brilliant musical project and deserves to be given some real credit.
  5. K2SO

    Kanye west confirmed

    I was scrolling down this thread and was about to post the exact same thing.
  6. Probably eating mud or breaking a relative's furniture, as I was 3 at the time. However, you could ask me what I did yesterday and get the same answer.
  7. K2SO

    Kanye west confirmed

    His first Zane Lowe interview is something else. I think there's some sort of a genius in there, outside of his music, but he seems to be such a troubled man that the good and intelligent things he has to say are massively outweighed by the amount of utter fucking nonsense he says. My favourite part of that Zane Lowe interview is when he is talking about how Lady Gaga is the Creative Director of Polaroid; "I like some of the Gaga songs.... What the fuck does she know about cameras?" Fuck it, it's 3:18 am and I'm this far gone already. I am going to watch the whole interview.
  8. I did a bad one by missing someone I already knew. In 2015, Skepta played the WOW stage... My sister had told me he was really good and about to blow up. Me, being ignorant went "nah, I'm gonna go see Pharrell instead" Pharrell was shit. Few months later, Skepta was leading the mainstream breakout of grime.
  9. Also, that website has some funny stuff... Karayoko is a good one: https://www.monkeon.co.uk/karayoko/
  10. I just got one of those lineup generators as Metallica, Nirvana, The Kinks, Iggy Pop. I'd take that as an actual lineup 😂
  11. Why not look at the British scene again. Has Skepta's stock dropped a bit, or is he a viable headliner? He's got somewhat of a wide appeal, and could bring in a lot of guest spots from other members of BBK to Slaves to even Kanye West or Pharrell. I'd happily see Skepta up there, just not sure whether he'd be in the festival's mind at all for it?
  12. It was the suggestions of Baby Shark playing the Pyramid is what confirmed it for me 😂 Yeah, I totally agree. There's very few things worth taking into consideration IMO; 2020 headliners, acts touring the UK/Europe in June/July '21, festival headliners around the world that have been announced so far. Even taking all of those into consideration, it's still all a stab in the dark
  13. I only check in here once or twice a week. Having gone through the last few pages, I think it's all safe to say that you've all gone well and truly insane.
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