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  1. If it's selling badly, I'd hold out. Worst case you might get one on the chesp from Twickets. Yeah they just opened the gates for Christine and the Queens the other year
  2. No, but if he's asking for donations at Glastonbury of all places, it should be for supplies such as food, shelter, clothes, etc... Not weapons.
  3. In my first couple of Glastos, 2014/15, I would go out and enjoy the night life. I've since been in 2017, 2019 and 2022 and I haven't done any of the night life stuff because I find it way too crowded and it just makes it shit for me. This year I never once stepped foot in the SE corner because I just couldn't bear it. I nearly did on Saturday night, but as I walked along the crowded railway line and the signs saying Shangri La was closed started flashing, I started hating the idea of going there. I got to the entrance around Bella's Field and saw just how many people there were. I decided to turn around and go to bed.
  4. Interesting, that's cool to know! Definitely give it a go next year! It's obviously not 5* food, but I'd argue it's probably the best breakfast food I've had at the festival since The Growler!
  5. That's the one!! Great staff, decent food, reasonably priced.
  6. It was a white tent, and I've gotta be honest I can't remember the colour schemes for the tent stages. That red and blue one, which I assume is John Peel, was possibly the Acoustic in my brain!
  7. Possibly controversial, but I didn't enjoy Paul McCartney. As somebody who just likes The Beatles and knows the few big Wings songs, I thought the setlist choice for the first hour or so was absolutely dreadful. I was camped in Kidney Mead, so went to sit back at the tent and just listen from there until he started playing songs I knew. I came back during Something and enjoyed that up to Hey Jude, at which point I (and a lot of the crowd!) thought he was done, when I left. For me, that 45 minutes salvaged what will probably be my only experience of ever seeing a Beatle play live. Maybe it was the fact that I hyped myself up to see an actual Beatle but it feels more of a "well at least I've seen him now" experience rather than a life-affirming moment like it was for many, which is a bit sad.
  8. Possibly. It was here on the map
  9. Not so much a hack, but in the family campsite, there was a place serving all-day breakfast. When I say all-day, I'm talking 24 hours. They had actual chairs and tables to sit at whilst you eat, and the food was decent. They served bacon, sausage, egg, hash browns and beans for £9 as well as some more afternoon/evening food such as burgers. Their milk was also only £1.50, compared to the £2 everywhere else. The name of the actual place escapes me now, but I stopped in there on Saturday after a shower at Kidz Field on the way back up to my tent. It was possibly the best thing I'd eaten all week. Felt like having an actual meal.
  10. Go to Cornwall for a few days with some friends. We can watch some of the sets in a pub/wherever we're staying and still have a good time together
  11. K2SO


    Yeah we had a mare. Bought all our stuff up in my car, but transferred everything over to the car we were borrowing as it was much bigger and we were car-sharing with friends. Turns out that the tent got missed when we moved everything over to the big car. Had a right stinker.
  12. K2SO


    Tuesday. Somehow, I forgot my tent. Had to drive home to get it, and it set a bad tone for the start of my festival. Ended up not really getting into the spirit of the festival until Sunday because every inconvenience ended up feeling like "give me a bloody break"
  13. That explains it, I went to watch Halloweens on WG at that point. Very odd indeed though, seeing as how anti-war the festival is supposed to be... You'd get it if it was an appeal for supplies to help displaced families, etc... But for weapons!?
  14. K2SO

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Just watching NGHFB back... They cut out Dead In The Water for some reason. Edit: And his joke about kids in bucket hats
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