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  1. K2SO


    We came in today at Leeds, and didn't even have our tickets checked!
  2. K2SO

    Where To Camp?

    Cool, we'll head for one of those two. Thanks guys!
  3. K2SO

    Where To Camp?

    I have somehow bagged myself a pair of Leeds tickets for me and the girlfriend. We're looking for an area where the camping is more chilled. I remember going to Reading in 2012 and camping in white, which was considered "family camping" What is the equivalent at Leeds?
  4. K2SO

    Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    1- Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers: The Killers used to be my absolute favourite band, and then I had a falling out with them when they played the final of X Factor a few years ago... But it all came back to me in that set, and I even ended up sat outside Hyde Park last night listening to them! This song in particular, as it always reminds me of my dad. We went to see them at Hyde Park in 2009, as my first gig since I saw Busted in 2003. Unfortunately, we had to leave before The Kooks, who were supporting, even finished their set, as we'd had some awful news back home and had to go right away. We, along with my mum and sister, went to V Festival that year to see them (and Oasis, who never showed up!) to make up for it. On the way there, in the car, we had this song on, and for some reason, my dad started singing along "Smiiiile like a penissss"... During the set at V, he actually started shouting it at the top of his voice while they played it as an acoustic version! To this day, he still sings along with that lyric, so this song was a very emotional one for me! 2- The 17th by Courteeners: Bit weird, as I'm not a massive Courteeners fan, and especially of this song. However, they were the 2nd to last act we saw over the weekend, and it was kinda poignant to hear the lyrics "Because we're having such a good time, we're having such a good time" at that point. I still think it would have made a great song for a montage of the weekend. Strange that Courteeners have been 2 of my most emotional moments at a gig, not just this year, but ever. Took my girlfriend to see them in Manchester, and seeing Liam Fray read 'The Bees Still Buzz' before they took to the stage really hit me. It made the attack on the MEN Arena much more real to me. 3- Rock 'n' Roll Star by Liam Gallagher: As I mentioned before, the only chance I ever had to see Oasis, they never turned up. I saw Beady Eye twice, and they were disappointing. I've seen Noel a few times, but it's not quite as I'd want an Oasis gig to feel. I saw Liam on his mini tour, but had to leave due to nearly fainting, so this was almost like the moment I waited for my whole life. All my friends that I knew at the festival came and we were at the barrier for about 4 hours, watching British Sea Power, Wild Beasts and Kaiser Chiefs. When Liam came on, he said "Rock'n'Roll Star!" and went straight into it. I haven't even watched it back in case it was total shit in reality, but it was one of the greatest live moments I've ever experienced for myself in my head, and I'm going to keep it just as a precious memory.
  5. K2SO

    Glastonbury Conspiracy theories

    I genuinely believe that one! Did you see what was there instead of The Growler? Fucking benches that nobody sat on! I reckon the festival thought it was too cheap, and they didn't earn enough money from it, so they gave them the boot. I also noticed that a lot of the stalls were the same, just with different names on the top. The food they were selling was exactly the same as others, the menus on the side of the vans were the same, with the same fonts, pricing and everything. Seemed very fishy to me. I also noticed at the archway at The Park that there were CCTV cameras, and I reckon they have them all over the site, ready to get some clips to make a cheeky quid off You've Been Framed!
  6. K2SO

    Did anyone gain entry without their own ticket?

    Can't say I'd ever bother driving from London down to Somerset to give it a go, unless there was a once-in-a-lifetime act on that I was desperate to see. I guess I'd go with a hi-vis, a bunch of wristwear, a jumper, and a random lanyard... Maybe chuck a Wateraid top on for good measure? haha! I'll stick to smashing it in the sales!
  7. K2SO

    Ban Grime at Glastonbury

    Fuck off you colossal twat.
  8. K2SO

    Clash regrets...I've got a few

    I regret leaving Stormzy early to get a "good spot" for Foo Fighters... Ended up leaving halfway through Foos due to boredom!
  9. K2SO

    Places you never made it to

    I have never been to Arcadia while it is on.
  10. K2SO

    Glastonbury flu

    I've felt rough since last Thursday (actually during the fest)... My throat is scratchy, my nose is bunged most of the time. When it's not bunged, I am getting full-on nosebleeds. Pretty sure I am gonna die.
  11. K2SO

    Glasto 2020: Passing the torch?

    Can't believe I didn't think of that one!
  12. K2SO

    Overheard funnies

    Not an overheard funny, but still an amusing all the same... My girlfriend managed to get lost going from the BBC Introducing Stage to Silver Hayes toilets and back again... She somehow ended up in the Saxon Market.
  13. K2SO

    Glasto 2020: Passing the torch?

    I reckon they should (provided that the acts are big enough yet/still), get 3 headliners that all made their name most-millennium, and all who have never headlined before. The two that immediately spring to my mind are Royal Blood and Stormzy. I'd say probably someone like The 1975 (despite the fact I hate them) should fill the 3rd spot. Not to say this should be the case EVERY year, but maybe 2020 or 2021 could be the time for it. I also think they should ditch the legends slot, and have a "legend" on each day, headlining West Holts or The Park. Spreading all the nightlife and stages around the site could be a shout too. You could put the dance areas together, rock areas, theatre and spoken word, etc... And on top of that, have 'attraction' acts, like you'd have throughout the day as it is, on all through the night, mixed with some more unknowns, etc. Imagine having to get up/stay up until 4am to watch Blossoms! I dunno. Just some ideas that came out of me after reading your post, but I do thoroughly agree with the headliner thing.
  14. K2SO

    Who should reform?

    Oasis for me. Probably wouldn't be as much of a surprise for people as The Smiths or Led Zep, but it would be one hell of a party seeing them live!
  15. K2SO

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    The Pilton Palais had these shitty carpets on the floor. It was itchy as hell. I bet they were from Poundland. Surely even tarpaulin would have been better?