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  1. Just had an e-mail off the producer to say that they plan on still doing this show, but for the 2021 festival, and they would like to keep my story on file to be used.
  2. I reckon we should all turn up to the farm anyway
  4. If the football season starts up again, and runs through July as they are hoping, I won't miss any games EDIT: Though on a side note, I'm starting to get symptoms of the virus so I could be in for a fun week.
  5. If the festival doesn't go ahead, do we see it as a postponement or outright cancellation?
  6. K2SO

    The poster 2020

    I reckon swap Dua and Fatboy. Half in blind hope, half because I think Fatboy makes more sense up against Macca. I really hope Dua is on Friday because I've got no interest in the slightest in Kendrick, and I wanna see Dua... Also don't want to miss Macca. Honestly, I'm already stressed about this festival and somehow this poster has made me less excited, even though I don't think it's shit 😂
  7. K2SO

    The poster 2020

    I'm in the same boat mate. Everyone on the lineup I'd want to see, I've seen before or am seeing before the festival anyway, bar Macca and Taylor.. And even then, it looks like my girlfriend and I will be split up when they're on due to clashes!
  8. K2SO

    The poster 2020

    Yeah now I'm getting a picture for clashes and stuff, my girlfriend and I are talking about sending our tickets back and going on holiday instead. It looks like there's only going to be about 6 we'll get to see all weekend. Not going to act in the heat of the moment though!
  9. K2SO

    2020 Must Sees

    Wow that is a right c**t. It better be Friday, but if Dua is Other Saturday they won't clash. Defo won't be Taylor, which leaves Friday. There's about a dozen acts between my girlfriend and myself that we wanna see, and it's looking like we're gonna clash with everything!!
  10. K2SO

    2020 Must Sees

    Confidence Man are the only must see for me
  11. K2SO

    2020 Must Sees

    With who??
  12. K2SO

    The poster 2020

    This is such a weird lineup for me. There's a nice handful of names I like, but I feel a bit disappointed. I think the 2019 poster was so strong that this one is kinda pale in comparison. Remember last year when Miley was on there? It was MASSIVE... Now the biggest pop for me is Confidence Man. I don't know if I expected too much or what, but I feel like that lineup is kinda weak for a Glasto lineup. I hope everyone else is happy though!
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