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  1. A shame but very little they could do and the H & S chief would be having a stressful time. There has been precedents with this for festivals in Europe and the USA where the organisers have been accused of not acting on weather reports. Reminds me of Glasto 2015 I think it was when all power got shut down for an hour so due to thunderstorms. I was in John Peel waiting for Wild Beasts and the crew on stage just downed tools and ran off and we were told all the power and lights were going off until further notice.
  2. Can’t say that my mate who is nearly deaf had any issue with the mixing. But he does love dancing in a field with flames going off and I’m sure he feels the beats. I can’t say I did and would have put it down to artistic interpretation . Anyone who has seen Jarvis Cocker DJ will agree with that although I am not sure if it’s an act with Jarvis ?
  3. I wonder if the Pirate Ship are a bit peeved about that ?
  4. Anybody any ideas or input about the line up for next year ? Placebo would be nice one for me and I do think the festival and the band are getting nearer each year. Just seen Pigsx7 and they would not be out of place .
  5. Music aside I wanted to say how nice the staff where. You read many threads of " staff could not care ", but I left the CV field about 6.00 am this morning and despite my best efforts got stuck in the mud. Straight away a guy who had seen my predicament came up to me and said he had reported the incident to HQ , but the Tractors would not be on site until 7.30 was I ok to wait ? but I would be first in the Q for recovery. 7.20 knock on the van door " The tractor is on its way to you can you be ready ?" a few minutes later and a muddy van was heading to the A1
  6. I saw all of Akala and yes he was brilliant , I think having a drummer ( who was excellent ) really made a difference to the sound . Highlight for me were Rolling Blackout who I thought gave us the perfect headline set - I managed to chat to the band afterward which was really nice. But other highlights were The Wedding Present ( I was not so sure at first but then they really clicked for me and was good to see blokes in the fifties having a right indie dance. ), watching BC Camplight all drinking a bottle of white wine each on stage , Pigs , Sunflower Bean - the guitarist reminded me of Nicky Wire in his headscarf, She Drew The Gun . I never got to see Pom Poko but I saw em the other year at Leeds Live and thought they were mad !
  7. ivan

    YNOT 2019

    I was at Deer Shed , left this morning at 6.00 am and camper straight away got stuck in the mud. Instead of the usual " Staff take no interest " a chap walked up to me said he had seen me struggle and had radioed my predicament in to HQ , but tractor drivers did not come on shift till 7.30 but I would be first in Q , would I just mind waiting a bit ? 7.20 they knocked on my van to say " tractor was on its way and could I be ready ? "
  8. Well my first Deer Shed and I loved it. Sticking solely with the " WILL I ENJOY THE BANDS DUE TO TOO MANY CHILDREN " theme. I have to say yes there were a lot of children but they in no way made the festival any less special for an adult male going on their own to watch bands. The main stage is prob the best main stage I have come across since going to festivals in the 80's but obviously discounting ones I have not been to. The viewing , sound , lights were all spot on and at the front you were not 40 foot from the performers. Always easy to get to the front and get a good spot. The smaller tents were good to although "In The Dock " could do to lose the pole front of stage. I really wanted to see Pip Blom , Rolling Blackout CF but the surprises were the bands I new little about - She Drew The Gun being one of them. So for 2020 if the line up interests you then I would definitely recommend it and don't be put off with a few little ones.
  9. History shows plenty of acts have become the big thing after being booked for a gig. Their management were happy to book em and in Deer Sheds case I think they were headlining a stage. Accidents , illness etc excepted I just think it’s unprofessional and surely for all concerned including festival organisers and fans that they could not just have got on with it. I remember years ago seeing Groove Armada ( Live ) in Leeds and they apologised but they had only landed in Heathrow that morning from Australia and drove straight upto Yorkshire to sound check then play.
  10. You would have thought for probably a 40 mins to an hour set they would have taken it easy and had a few early nights when not playing a gig and then rolled their sleeves up and got on with it for the 3 or 4 they have cancelled ?
  11. Not long now , so i will give my opinion on my return.
  12. I enjoyed Lunar last year , first time we had been , not sure I would go back now that I have been and we were there from opening on Friday morning right to the end of The Stranglers on Sunday so we did see it all and more. People seemed surprised we had come all the way from Yorkshire and I did get the impression it was a festival established for the residents of the Birmingham area. But there was some great highlights that we had not had at other festivals - the secret club , where you could only get for or five people in with the House DJ in his 60's was certainly one. My other half enjoyed the crafty things up the top end of the site , whereas I was happy with a beer watching the bands.
  13. I am going on my own ain’t got kids but want to see the bands. i went to Lunar last year which is very child friendly with friends who brought two little ones. But yes there were lots of kids in the areas were kids hang out and round main stage early doors , but not many kids about for The Stranglers etc on main stage and those that were in the tents at night seemed to be fast asleep round the sides . And I doubt they will be hogging the real ale tents
  14. But now down one with Fontaine’s DC cancelling. Oh f***k !
  15. Just got myself a ticket. A nice little trip into North York’s for myself and the camper. Going as i really like the line up - Fontaine’s DC for a start , then Pip Blom and Rolling Blackout Not taking kids but then again can’t see them wanting to watch Fontaine’s DC . May set a record for the number of bands seen at a festival !
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