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  1. ivan

    2019 Headliners

    The Stone Roses not headlining is a strange one - had they wanted they could have squeezed it in between their stadium gigs , they had a number of years to do it not just one tiny window of opportunity. Would have been nice for them to have their first show back at Glasto. So either the offer was not there from Glastonbury or the band did not fancy it .
  2. ivan

    2019 Headliners

    Promotors are there to promote and would big up any reunion .
  3. ivan

    2019 Headliners

    Take away Oasis as a possible and ABBA who have made some new music but won’t tour I think , you are left with 6 acts that you can be sure won’t reform .
  4. ivan

    Beer Prices

    The Beer Defender on the way to main stage was only ever £4.00 a pint. Different ales and decent lagers every time I visited ( which was quite often ) and I thought a great festival addition. I hope they are back next year . before the festival I picked up some Brew Dog IPA tinnies for £1 a tin which came in handy
  5. ivan

    Bearded Theory 2018

    I did drag my lazy ass out and saw all of October Drifts set. I thought they were excellent , a proper indie band. Will certainly keep a look out for them to see them again.
  6. ivan

    Bearded Theory 2018

    My friend said in the car parks the stewards had a stick to show you where to park exactly , so in frustration she tried to run over their stick when it kept getting moved 1mm to the left 1mm to the right. But in their defence a steward in the cv fields on parking duty said he was only supposed to be litter picking not parking camper vans and cars up , but had been told to help out.
  7. ivan

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Shambles getting into the CV fields was the stewards getting vehicles to move 1mm to the left then 1mm to the right . If they were worried about space they should enforce the no tents or cars rule in the cv fields .
  8. ivan

    How hard is it to get tickets?

    I was speaking to someone at the weekend that managed to obtain a locals ticket by confidence / bravado and the ability to use software such as photo shop to convince GFL that he lived in the catchment area . Forging utility bills being one of them !
  9. ivan

    Bearded Theory 2018

    On another matter I am staying with my brother in Wiltshire at the mo. Told him Robert Plant was headlining BT To be told. ”My mate Adam was stood behind him at the HSBC cash machine last week in Devizes”
  10. ivan

    Bearded Theory 2018

    They will do for me , love Editors but never heard of Nirvana or Ian Curtis 😉
  11. ivan

    Bearded Theory 2018

    I have not been to Bearded for a few years , but with 20 or so Glasto regulars going we are treating this as a replacement. I did feel that in the past Bearded did let itself down a bit with the early closing . I remember my late night entertainment on the Sunday night being sat outside a stall drinking a coffee at midnight chatting cos everywhere else had shut down. Unless things have changed you will not find the late night / early morning hours naughtiness of the Stone Circle but hopefully the dance areas will go on into the early hours . Hopefully some BT attendees from the last few years can give us some help ?
  12. ivan

    Live at Leeds 2018

    Ash on around 3.30 pm will be fab !
  13. ivan

    Live at Leeds 2018

    Or get a driver I won’t possibly get to The Wardrobe or Bru Social Club but a lot are close by
  14. ivan

    Bearded Theory 2018

    That is a help , normally when there is reggae on I leave my mates and head back to the tent to give it a tidy up , check the pegs possibly adjust the rope tension , read the safety instructions and then tidy the tent bag up !
  15. ivan

    Live at Leeds 2018

    Aye I am up for a meet ! I am getting excited and for some reason have to see Ash !