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  1. The virus was possibly in the UK in the autumn of 2019 so unless all flights and ferries etc were grounded in late August 2019 you would not have been able to stop it coming in .
  2. Just been announced that the 2021 Isle of Man TT held at the end of May has been cancelled due to uncertainty.
  3. What about the Q ing to get to the Late Night areas around the railway track , that in the past have been somewhat crowded ? The socially distanced Q will now start at my tent in Big Ground !
  4. My friend runs a church and singing is the main issue there
  5. No more powerful than that. If a Government want to suppress the people they can do it remotely . If millions of Americans fail to vote at the next election because they felt unwell and stopped in bed and the conspiracy theorists would have a field day. ”Mr President you will lose Ohio if you do not activate STAY IN BED mode to this list of people “ Personally I don’t think the Goverments of the world have put a device in the vaccine , but plenty will especially now the technology maybe here and it could be the one chance bearing in mind it will be the biggest single vaccination
  6. My partner who works for the Ambulance Service is convinced the vaccine contains a miniature 5 G tracking device that the Government , Amazon & Google etc will have access to. I am more worried i will grow boobs and get a huge Ed Sheeran tattoo !
  7. At first I thought that was a Clashfinder - and The Vaccines were playing most stages and most days
  8. There is an interesting view that: The UK would quite happily give up Northern Ireland ( despite what it said ) - They are a costly nuisance The Republic of Ireland don't want a united Ireland ( despite what is said ) - Getting Northern Ireland would be a big costly nuisance for them
  9. I once had a great chat years ago camping on Mull. Basically the two Scottish lads i shared beers with did not want an independent Scotland. In their eyes, years down the line Edinburgh & Aberdeen would decide that Glasgow was a financial drain and burden on Scotland and would want to a form a new state that Glasgow was not part of. All parts of Scotland - The Highlands and Islands and border country were welcome to join - just not them.
  10. I deal with a lot of contractors in the construction industry through work and the extended Furlough may cause far more problems for the economy. Speaking to one recently and they said they were purposefully telling clients they were booked up until April for jobs ( April start dates agreed ) and they were going to wind down their current commitments so that they could take a few months of work starting December and claim Furlough
  11. It just might be out of their hands. If the council are jittery about granting the licence and them not wanting possible aggro or repercussions then Glasto won’t happen in 2021.
  12. My partner works for the Ambulance Service and is pretty low when her friends contact her to say that they are now going to be having a full year off work . Some of whom are financially better off on Furlough as they have had no commuting costs.
  13. I had a few days away by myself in the camper recently The evenings I was bunkered down in the van were spent listening to early Talking Heads. I now cannot get "New Feeling " out of my head !!!
  14. Ski Mask The Slump God - I must see that !
  15. My friends get married this weekend so the move date meant they would have missed out.
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