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  1. ivan

    Neil Young 2020

    We saw him at Newcastle Arena quite a few years ago. He started playing some Jazz Fusion stuff and during a quiet bit i presume a huge Neil Young fan, stood up from his seat waving his arms shouting " This is rubbish , what is this rubbish ?"
  2. I remember staying with my mates to watch RHCP when they headlined Leeds years back. I stayed on the proviso they rocked and did not come up with some free flowing jamming shit. Tossers walked on staged did exactly that so - improvised jamming shite as their first song - within 5 mins i stomped off to the dance tent. I read later that Melvin regretted booking the lazy Californians
  3. I will be sat with Roy Keane and he is bringing the sandwiches. Any ideas on fillings ?
  4. ivan

    First Gig Back

    I was at Underneath The Stars Festival near Barnsley yesterday. I was worried line up would be a bit folky for me , but i loved all the acts. "This sounds like Massive Attack " was mentioned a few times. Lovely festival , everyone seems to plonk camping chairs down for the day , but it was not an issue for me , i just stood or sat on the grass. £4 for a pint of Citra ( no paying for glasses ) and there was a converted horse trailer selling Bandido's IPA at £4.50 which was moreish. Other than for a late night coffee there was no q's for the bar or the loo's , and the food stalls looked amazing. Mr Plant cancelled on the Sat for some reason , but they managed to get The Staves at 24 hr notice - which was not bad going. Lanterns on the Lake also cancelled which proper pissed me off as i was so looking forward to seeing em on a outdoor stage. If anyone from the band or their management reads this then an explanation would be nice.
  5. Why would they ? All the aggro they got over taxes , similar to Metallica and the hunting issue and the metal @ Glasto debate. What i did find funny at the time with Metallica was the NME went to Denmark or somewhere to interview the band prior to Glasto and their manager Peter Mensch asked the NME reporter for all the Metallica backlash quotes from likes of Mogwai and Artic Monkeys - which ended up being on some Metallica merchandise i think. I can just image the NMe reporter quaking as Peter Mensch shouted "Give me it ! "
  6. I wondered if someone would mention that. I was there but can't remember anything of it having hit the Rum Bar that was at the side of the Other Stage for quite a few Mojito''s beforehand. Myself and a mate had secured a comfy sofa and to preserve said sofa we just kept ordering. "Order another I cant be arsed to move " was said a number of times. All those years ago but i can still remember the lime , ginger, mint and rum tipple
  7. Happy Mondays in 1999 or 2000 i think. They were rubbish and what made it worse was Shaun was dressed as if he was going off on safari and Rowena nicked his elephant gun hat , which pissed him off loads. I seem to remember Blondie being pretty rubbish about that time as well.
  8. Sorry - hide in the back then leg it. I thought asking for passes and company uniform was stretching it a bit . But when the festival is over a lift back to their company site where i parked my car would be handy also. Find out tmw if Lemmy can be repaired and hopefully return to the East CV fields.
  9. My friend occasionally sees Mr Eavis in the local supermarket. He will not reveal what he has in his basket , that is a private matter.
  10. Our camper got taken out by a 18 ton lorry near Frome the other day. I found out that the owners of the lorry provide services for Glastonbury every year. So i rung the owners , they were so apologetic about the chaos his driver has caused ( our camper could be a write off and has to come back to Yorkshire on a recovery vehicle ) Anyway chatting to the owner I asked that to make things better, myself and one other should be allowed to travel in the back of a lorry onto the festival site. I knew there would be some good come from it.
  11. ivan

    Camping at Worthy Farm

    You cannot blame the kids bless em at a Family Festival If they are waking you at 6.00 am have some Wet Playtime to tire you out, that should get you to 9.00am
  12. Clinton Baptiste did not see it coming .
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