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  1. Sit tight on that - If it gets worse and hotels etc are forced to close then Premier Inn will refund you. Or Bookings may fall off the cliff and they may consider its not worth them financially keeping the hotel open so they will cancel and refund you.
  2. ivan

    My first ever gig.....

    I was there and there seemed to be a total lack of connection between the band and fans. Not helped by Alex T saying " I'm not really feeling it tonight " So if you cannot be arsed why should we ? And yes you are right first gig i think i have ever been to where it was just pointless trying for a beer.
  3. ivan

    My first ever gig.....

    Saxon - Bradford St George's Hall in Sept 1982 on their The Eagle has Landed Tour followed by AC/DC a few days later on the For Those tour at Leeds Queens Hall And thats why i am still doing gigs and on this bloody forum now !!!!!!
  4. My camper has the reg 2112 . No prizes for guessing why i chose that. Last year camped at Deer Shed Festival chap next to me asked if I was a Rush fan. Regarding albums i will go with The Lost Riots by Hope of the States. Very appropriate in these challenging times Really sad but they played John Peel in 2004 after a certain band from Las Vegas took on the world. I walked into the tent and saw last few songs by The Killers , but wanted to get a spot for HOTS - how things work out eh !
  5. I think the rule of thumb is if you postpone you carry all tickets over unless those individual person wants a refund.Cancel and you have to refund everyone
  6. The comment about him protecting insurance companies , implying it would help him.
  7. Its OK to say “ Heed the advice of the Government “ When plenty of people seem to think that’s it an excuse for the Prime Minister to line his pockets FFS !
  8. I thought Aaron Banks backed Mr Farage and gave his party £1m ? Regarding insurance possibly the biggest insurers in the UK are Allianz - German Axa - French Zurich - Swiss So I can’t see Boris being a puppet to European insurers ? My mum lives in Spain and they have shut the beach , bars , restaturants etc are in lockdown . I presume that is a Boris plan as he has shares in European Insurers ? Or he is an Everton fan and all this is to stop Liverpool winning the league ?
  9. What’s that to do with Banksy ? Who in insurance is about the football equivalent of Ian Holloway @ Grimsby Town. No offence to Ian Holloway but no one is going to say the Governments actions are all because Boris Wants to protect Ian Holloway
  10. Utter rubbish , would you care to explain your thoughts behind that ?
  11. No , he does not know and is prob sick of being asked
  12. ivan

    The National

    Cant see why they weren’t in the new announcements !
  13. ivan

    The National

    It won't be cheap keeping them on the road in Europe so i have no complaints about any band putting dates on the calendar to keep the money coming in . I won't name the English band , but one of their members wrote an interesting piece about the cost of touring the US , paying for the crew , fuel , the bus and no gig evenings were a drain on their finances .
  14. ivan

    The National

    I have a ticket for Limerick and sorted out accommodation there. Prob gonna take my motor bike and have a pootle round Ireland for a few days before and treat it as a mini holiday. Taking a bike means ferries from Scotland and back to Wales is less than £100 return.
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