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  1. ivan

    Other Stage 2020

    Watching a bit of Twenty One Pilots from Reading I feel they could certainly headline The Other stage now that i see they are playing European festivals again next summer , certainly as popular if not more than Skrillex a few years back. Regarding The Prodigy it came to me that Chris Martin could be the new vocalist 😉
  2. ivan

    Drop the deposit.

    Well they should pull the likes of Worthy View and just allow people with tents and in the CV fields. £1000 for a yurt ?
  3. ivan

    Drop the deposit.

    No I think people desperate to go would somehow beg , borrow or steal
  4. I see Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons are playing a festival in Lincolnshire that weekend and they would be a Beardy fit.
  5. ivan

    2020 headliners

    Im away in my camper this weekend , around 9pm ish Foxtrot and Nursery Crime will start flowing thru the vans speakers !
  6. The quick sell out of Coach Tickets last night even made the news on Talksport this morning ! "
  7. Jenny was a friend of mine But not now !
  8. ivan

    2020 headliners

    As Cliff Williams has retired they would need a new bass player for starters . Plus DC are not one for festivals , not trusting the sound etc , yes Coachella got em to play but i guess a big fat appearance fee swayed it , which they are unlikely to get from Mr Eavis
  9. ivan

    2020 headliners

    Good job AC/DC took the advice of Bon Scott's dad " you have to carry on lads "
  10. Festivals like pubs don’t want aggro from your parents, the authorities etc for a 16 year old getting ill or worse on their premises. I think the chances of you getting served are very slim as individual staff can get fined and Organisers can lose their licence. I know at V Fest years back the council sent kids in the bars to buy alcohol and the supervisor in that bar was in deep trouble as they had sold it. I would get someone to get the alcohol in for you , but be very careful where you drink it. Once it gets dark with thousands of people about you should be ok , but look out for security and don’t be a twat or you will get clocked . A lot harder to get alcohol in now since they reduced the size of bags you can take in.
  11. A shame but very little they could do and the H & S chief would be having a stressful time. There has been precedents with this for festivals in Europe and the USA where the organisers have been accused of not acting on weather reports. Reminds me of Glasto 2015 I think it was when all power got shut down for an hour so due to thunderstorms. I was in John Peel waiting for Wild Beasts and the crew on stage just downed tools and ran off and we were told all the power and lights were going off until further notice.
  12. Can’t say that my mate who is nearly deaf had any issue with the mixing. But he does love dancing in a field with flames going off and I’m sure he feels the beats. I can’t say I did and would have put it down to artistic interpretation . Anyone who has seen Jarvis Cocker DJ will agree with that although I am not sure if it’s an act with Jarvis ?
  13. I wonder if the Pirate Ship are a bit peeved about that ?
  14. Anybody any ideas or input about the line up for next year ? Placebo would be nice one for me and I do think the festival and the band are getting nearer each year. Just seen Pigsx7 and they would not be out of place .
  15. Music aside I wanted to say how nice the staff where. You read many threads of " staff could not care ", but I left the CV field about 6.00 am this morning and despite my best efforts got stuck in the mud. Straight away a guy who had seen my predicament came up to me and said he had reported the incident to HQ , but the Tractors would not be on site until 7.30 was I ok to wait ? but I would be first in the Q for recovery. 7.20 knock on the van door " The tractor is on its way to you can you be ready ?" a few minutes later and a muddy van was heading to the A1
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