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  1. Quite possibly - Winning the Mercury Music Prize for Visions of A Life and the sell out shows they finished with at the end of the year has put their value up. Wolf Alice would not be cheap tho . The other one I thought of was White Lies ( who I love ) who I think are headlining the Thurs at Y Not , but I would not have thought they were a Beardy Band , but then neither I thought are Editors so what do I know !
  2. 10 times in Big Ground I reckon , quite often inches from where we were before according to my mate Mainly for the view of the site as you can see virtually all of it and its always amazing to sit by the tent on the first night just as the sun goes down and see all the lights come on. And when we finish the night at the Stone Circle we get to walk back through most of the site having a bimble on our way back home , which can take us hours due to unplanned stop offs to just watch something interesting ! Even in the bad mud years it never gets too bad where we are as there is not much foot traffic and the water just goes past us down to Pyramid Stage
  3. I never got passed the brilliant Land Rover Defender Bar on the way in.
  4. I think they said no acts on the Thurs to cut down on the travel chaos and just have the bars open But then again something Thursday evening would be nice to dance to .
  5. Glastonbury Official Facebook page have commented on Interpol's page " See you there "
  6. I don’t think there can be many not happy with The Cult as a headliner ?
  7. My brothers Mother In Law lives in Tetbury I never thought I would see Tetbury mentioned on e festivals. So there's a first !
  8. ivan

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Surely a democracy allows the individual the freedom / right not to vote ?
  9. ivan

    The Strokes

    For a band that have been going since 2001/2002 and I have seen a few times at Leeds Festival Why it has never come off for them to appear at Glastonbury ?
  10. I am the other way - I just don't get reggae it is far too laid back for me and the same goes for Ska and Dub. But hey no one understands my love of The Fall (God bless him) So the announcement of The Cult and seeing some f****g big speakers on stage and some killer riffs will please me no end. And being a huge indie fan Suede , Editors and Doves have tipped me over the excitement edge.
  11. An excellent reply / post. Can't say I am familiar with Little Steven , but I am really looking forward to him . Suede and The Cult I am and I am both surprised and well chuffed that they will be playing. I would have loved Beardy to have booked RUSH , but I ain't gonna moan that they have not. My friends , Beardy regulars who have with the exception of Coachella and Banaroo have done every major festival and plenty more smaller ones since the early 80 's are really pleased with the line up. Some of our group can't stand Editors , but for some (me included ) that will be a highlight of the festival . So for some that's a shit booking but others a brilliant one !
  12. Certainly fits the US , Rock , Solo Artist
  13. Just listen to AC/DC and that will get you acquainted with The Cult. “Love “is a good album to start with.
  14. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is a good start , we named our cat Yoshi after it
  15. I thought act they were referring to was American ?
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