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  1. RichardWaller

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Gonna aim for Manchester and Leeds, maybe Blackburn.. in Cardiff two days later anyway, do I extend that?
  2. RichardWaller

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Ok, it’s hard not to read too much into this..
  3. RichardWaller

    An announcement by christmas

    Time Is Running Out... Nah, won't be Muse for a change.
  4. RichardWaller

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Hmm... free on the Friday, big ask for anyone to do gigs 5 days in a row but at least they’re in the south.. maybe with it being a farewell tour they might not mind, knowing they’re not gonna have to do it again.. would love it if they squeezed a gig in on the Friday, but big ask.. EDIT: oh no, it’d be 6 in a row, wasn’t counting Leeds... yeah, think that puts em from unlikely to very unlikely. Mind you, I’m at the end of a 7 day stretch at work and did an 8 day last time, so sod em.
  5. RichardWaller

    Timing of lineup

    I love and hate the slow lineup announcement, the anticipation and speculation are just another part of the overall experience for me. Can be tempting to put two and two together and suspect anyone who's doing a gig anywhere in the UK in late June is gonna be there.. Course some will, some won't.. Saw a fake poster a few weeks ago, quite liked the design of it actually.. at least some of it's bound to be true. Sure there'll be people turning up on the line up that won't have been speculated about at all by then. Echoing a few others, suppose there's no need for them to put out the announcement so early on when it's selling out regardless. I've read a few times them saying stuff like they had next year's headliner booked last year. Course there are over 100 stages, the Other stage area is bigger than most other festivals' main stage, even some decent sized festivals where West Holts area is bigger than their main stage. I'd expect that the bulk of the main stages is sorted, maybe with a few irons in the fire. Maybe there are acts they're looking at who aren't even sure of their own availability yet. Generally looking at 10-12 weeks between announcement and festival, @Brave Sir Robin does a Spotify playlist of the lineup that I've enjoyed before. Didn't go last year, but time before there were a couple who stood out to me who I'd not heard until then. Floating Points, Daughter.. didn't get to see either of em though, not actually listened to em since. Gonna change that immediately... But yeah, so much easier to do a bit of homework now. Couldn't fill the gaps like that in 2002, 2003, 2004 when there was no YouTube or Spotify... Anyway, short answer is it's Glastonbury, they can do what the fuck they like when the fuck they like and we'll love it anyway.
  6. RichardWaller

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Good morning
  7. RichardWaller

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    I met Michael in 2003, was stood in the lost property queue, he seemed a bit upset about the size of the queue so stopped for a little chat with a couple of people. I was a bit starstruck so didn't say owt, but woman in front thanked him for the festival and they were both quite moved... Actually got the phone I lost back in the post a couple of weeks later. It was buggered mind, but how amazing that someone actually found it and posted it..
  8. RichardWaller


    Only been the once and was up in the heavens anyway. Just checked and it's not got that much higher capacity than Brixton Academy, surprised me anyway thought it seemed bigger but like I say, was in the heavens. Still, there's a certain prestige attached to performing there, not the biggest in terms of capacity but certainly one of the grandest. Checking Setlist.fm, they've done a few big capacity gigs I totally forgot about. Can't imagine em doing an arena outside of Manchester though.
  9. RichardWaller

    Has anyone here ever met Bernard Sumner and New Order?

    I'm a Hull City fan 😞 Only autographs I've had in person are Manic Street Preachers. Met Joe Hart and James Milner within a couple of days of eachother, found it funny how different both were. Joe Hart seemed to be desperate not to be noticed which is gonna be hard for anyone his size.. So he was running about frantically with sunglasses and a cap, right crap disguise. James Milner comes in a couple of days later. No nonsense, no attempt to disguise or not be seen, just being James Milner.
  10. RichardWaller


    Love em. I saw the announcement announcement the other day so knew summat was coming today, quite surprised about it being Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall though. Did they do anywhere that big before their hiatus? Didn't think they were big enough, but saying that breaks have boosted popularity for loads of bands eh. Hope they're at the farm again, one of my favourite performances from anyone ever when I saw em in 2002.
  11. RichardWaller

    Has anyone here ever met Bernard Sumner and New Order?

    Probably, but any old activity on here should help us through it, any reminder of the light at the end of the tunnel will do. Looking forward to the next has anyone met so-and-so thread, had a couple of tenuous encounters. Unfortunately I'd do better with Man City/ex-Man City players than musicians, met a load through work.
  12. RichardWaller

    Has anyone here ever met Bernard Sumner and New Order?

    I swear I met Peter Hook at Isle of Wight 2011, but the bloke denied it. Looked and sounded like him, claimed to be mates with Clint Boon and Mani, but was quite adamant he wasn't Peter Hook.. Can imagine Bernard Sumner being quite awkward. Got that New Order dvd with a couple of gigs on, New York in 81 or summat and Reading headlining 97ish. It's not the same lad, can barely bring himself to look at the crowd in first un, looks like he's shitting himself but sounds great. Course he's a showman these days, but think it seems a bit awkward. Seen em a couple of times, first time was at Manchester Apollo in 2012. They ended with Love Will Tear Us Apart in the encore, and half way through Bernard does this big "wooooooo" and I'm stood there thinking what the fuck are you doing... Good though. Oh yeah, I haven't met Bernard Sumner but I have met a bloke who looks and sounds like Peter Hook.
  13. RichardWaller

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Will be surprised if there aren't a couple of warm up gigs beforehand. Like when Suede got together for TCT, saw them at Manchester Ritz before that and they were fucking incredible. First time I saw them was Glastonbury 2003 and it was awful, was actually hesitant to see them again but so glad I did. Oh yeah, Doves. I'm hoping this isn't a one off and that they've been working on new material on the quiet. Would love to see them at Glastonbury again, their mid-afternoon Pyramid set in 2002 was bloody special.
  14. RichardWaller

    The Cure

    Oh, that small matter...oops Still, 24 years for them if they do it, that’s impressive.
  15. RichardWaller

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Bit pre-emptive, but excited to see what’s coming