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  1. RichardWaller

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Absolutely fucking gutted but gotta accept defeat, can’t afford to go. Here’s hoping it’s a dry one for everyone else and there goes a few more tickets in the hat for the resale. Maybe see you next year...
  2. RichardWaller

    Are all of the festival line ups this year a bit rubbish?

    This thread's got me reading about em a bit more. They're new stuff is actually good! But loving the quotes here https://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/mar/29/daphne-and-celeste-you-and-i-alone “Our biggest fear at the time was that we would get on the stage and no one would come. We thought everyone would protest and go off and see bands they actually liked. DiConcetto found the whole thing surreal: “Backstage, Slipknot and Rage Against the Machine were coming up to us and telling us how hardcore we were – how they wouldn’t have stayed out there. It was definitely the best thing we did, our crowning achievement.” “I’ve gotten messages from people saying it was the most fun they’d ever had a a festival,” adds Cruz. After a bit of discussion, the duo agree there was “something beautiful” about the way so many people came together, united in their hatred of the band. “Although maybe we’d feel differently if we’d got hit,” laughs Cruz."
  3. RichardWaller

    Are all of the festival line ups this year a bit rubbish?

    I wouldn't feel too sorry for em, singing "U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi, you ugly" to that crowd was some top drawer trolling. They had a great time.
  4. RichardWaller

    Are all of the festival line ups this year a bit rubbish?

    Aye, can be torturous going through old festivals you were at to see what you missed... Seen em a few times since but kin hell that'd have been summat. Yeah, sure they were wearing tops with summat about Eminem on em. Fair play to em going through with it.
  5. RichardWaller

    Are all of the festival line ups this year a bit rubbish?

    They looked like they were loving it at Leeds to be fair to em. I think they were sandwiched between Blink 182 and Slipknot. What the fuck, they had an album out last year?! Edit: I actually like this
  6. RichardWaller

    Are all of the festival line ups this year a bit rubbish?

    Oh no doubt about it there have been a lot of changes. Couldn't even start to count how many festivals have been and gone since my first one in 2000, never mind before then. Does feels like festivals have become less messing about in the mud running from stage to stage and more keeping up appearances for want of a better way of putting it. Glastonbury's still Glastonbury, it's a chameleon of a festival, summat for everyone. Course across the board festivals have got more expensive and coupled with austerity they're a lot less accessible than they used to be. I've got my deposit down but been having doubts whether I can actually afford to go, ticket, travel and food and drink I'm probably looking at three and a bit weeks wages. I've always had a no frills festival experience, but now you get all the glamping and premium packages and all the rest of it. Ah, I'm just rambling incoherently now, but wondering if crudely, the posher side of festivals is going to have a bit more of a backlash since Fyre. Like you say, the winds are changing, who knows what it will bring.
  7. RichardWaller

    Are all of the festival line ups this year a bit rubbish?

    Maybe we're just getting older. Here's my first festival, well the Leeds leg Kinda feel like it was a bit wasted on the 17 year old me, missed so much stuff that evne the 20 year old me would've loved to have seen.
  8. RichardWaller

    Fitness for Glasto 2019 Thread

    On an exercise bike right now. Technology’s great. Sat on it at home alone in me shorts with 6 Music playing and twatting about online. Been really struggling with confidence and motivation so this is progress and it’s good to know that there’s nobody here to laugh at me when I start hyperventilating.
  9. RichardWaller

    Toughest clash choices

    2003 Saturday headline was the worst one for me... Radiohead, Super Furry Animals, John Cale, Lamb, Chemical Brothers and The Damned all on at the same time. Would've loved to have seen em all but went with Radiohead. Was alright, I suppose.
  10. RichardWaller

    The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

    Fair point. I can't name more than two ZZ Top songs and don't think I know anyone who can, but our group loved their set on the Pyramid in 2016. Suppose there are only so many almost novelty rock acts where everyone knows two songs by if that's what they're going for for this slot. Europe, Journey?
  11. RichardWaller

    The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

    They're not my chips really, me wife loves em though. Ah, they've been doing some decent sized venues, didn't they headline Park a couple of years ago? Don't think 5pm on a Friday is out of the question. Would love Alice In Chains but are they even as popular as Enter Shikari? Not sure..
  12. RichardWaller

    The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

    I keep meaning to catch them live but it's just been bad timing so far. Ooh, I didn't even check their dates but that's promising. I'd take Iggy too. Didn't even know htis slot was a "thing" till this thread. Enter Shikari had a couple of mentions, think they could fit..
  13. RichardWaller

    Acts That Will Never Play Glastonbury

    Aye, go on then.. Not many at all though eh?
  14. RichardWaller

    What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    Drank and ate shit.
  15. RichardWaller

    The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

    Wow, missed this one. Alice In Chains, anyone?